New promo videos for the Sony Ericsson LiveSound and LiveDock

by XB on 26th September 2011

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Sony Ericsson LiveSoundSony Ericsson released a couple of new promotional videos for the LiveSound headset and LiveDock docking station. Unlike other promotional videos, these vids do a great job of actually telling you why you should buy these products.

We have been waiting to test both products, but we’re especially looking forward to the LiveSound headset given that tangled wires are a pain we have to deal with daily. Both products are still yet to hit the market in any real volume, supposedly has stock of the LiveSound with a 1-2 week dispatch time.

  • nice…if only i culd get it in nigeria

  • mountain

    And they are not even promoting the live key on the livesound.

  • i’m a GAMER

    xperia play + live sound + sony exclosive games = #1

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia plahy

  • Xperiaplay

    So its official that the xperia play cannot be used via hdmi to a big screen (because the livedock has no hdmi output)?
    I think thats one of the most disappointing news. it would have been great to play games on tv.

    any comments on that?

  • yes u can. didnt u notice 0:26 that a cable is plugged in to arc’s HDMI port?

  • Xperiaplay

    yeah but not the xperia play….

  • Rnortje

    the dock has no HDMI output put the phone does. if the play doesnt then shame on the play. the ARC has so no problem. the play has other features the ARC does not so stop cryin. if u wanna use the dock for music and stuff great but if u only buy the dock for the TV thing and ur phone doesnt support HDMI then look for another phone. If gamin is you thing with enjoy it. If multimedia is your thing use the dock with ur phones HDMI port. 

  • Cool video, both are very good. The best way to optimize your video content is to think about the user and who you want to engage with your video. Thanks.

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