Xperia pro finally shipping in the UK

by XB on 7th October 2011

in Xperia Pro

Xperia proThe Sony Ericsson Xperia pro is finally available to order in the UK, following months of delays. The phone was originally due to be released in June, before continually being pushed back – mainly due to component shortages following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Clove currently has the handset in stock for £306.00, which seems a reasonable price for the QWERTY-clad Android handset. Interestingly, this is cheaper than the Xperia neo that is currently selling for £322.80, despite the fact that it has identical specs to the neo plus the slide-out keyboard.

  • Pchawla

    Woo hoo – been waiting for this one. Any reviews yet?

  • It’s too expensive, has the price at 309 Euro which is a lot less. But they do not have stock yet.

  • Chewbatty

    If you do a Google shopping search for the Neo it’s like £240- are you retarded?

  • Lordriddick

    waitinig for it here in Greece,but it seems that here its price will be 340euro .so my question is ,does the difference in price with xperia mini pro is worthy?i mean ok it has better camera and bigger screen but exept this its the same.

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