Who plans on waiting for Sony Ericsson’s next flagship? [Poll]

by XB on 12th October 2011

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Android Sony EricssonThese are interesting times in the smartphone world. Apple is set to launch the iPhone 4S on Friday 14 October and Google/Samsung will probably announce the next Nexus Android smartphone by the end of the month. We have already brought you rumours on Sony Ericsson’s next flagship (4.3-inch 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core) and potential launch date (March 2012). The question is how many of you plan to wait that long when there are some very good smartphones being released right now?

Our view is that Android remains unoptimised for multi-threaded applications and that by the time SE’s next flagship is rumoured to be released, we should be able to benefit much more from dual-core smartphones. Also, SE’s design work remains unsurpassed and this is enough of a reason to wait – especially if the company can marry an exquisite design with some solid specs. What’s your view? If the March 2012 rumours are correct, can you wait that long? Do you feel Sony Ericsson will be behind the curve once again? Does it matter? We’d love to hear your views below.

Do you plan on waiting for Sony Ericsson's next flagship Xperia device?

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  • Josephcarminenero

    iam waiting for nozomi2 lol

  • Janusvm

    I like Sony Ericsson for their very aestheticly pleasing devices.
    I bought the X10 over a year ago and recently rejuvenated it by rooting it and flashing a custom rom. I think this will give it a long enough lifespan for the next flagship from SE to arrive.

  • Josephcarminenero

    but seriously iam waiting for next Flagship.i have x10 and i like my brothers ARC but i guess its not enough

  • Josephcarminenero

    exactly.just like my point 

  • i voted yes, but its gettin so much harder to wait when i hear about the rumoured specs of the samsung nexus prime… specs like 1.8GHZ dual core, 2GB RAM, NFC etc.. and the curved design loooks really nice aswell… only thing that would turn away from the prime is that i find the vanilla android a little boring, but who knows ice cream sandwich looks amazing with the adaptions of the TRON like animations form honeycomb…

    i really wish sony ericsson would bring out this phone before x mas or january atleast, fingers crossed that Sony buys SE out so maybe they can push product launches a little quicker..

    to sum it all up, i will probably end up waiting because im a sucker for SE and love the hardware, but I hope i dont end up being a apple fanboy waiting for the iphone 5…. sorry i mean iphone 4s..(LOL).. i reeally want to be wowed buy this supposed superphone!!

  • Awayagher

    SE wants to compete with the big players, but they can’t even catch them up. They have to show their muscles. At least a 2.0 dualcore (a quadcore would be even better) a 12 MP camera, 1.5 GB RAM, stronger materials, strong battery etc. 

    Sony has enough potential to do so.

  • Gordon Shumway

    I’m at least going to wait until I see what Sony Ericsson are offering before I consider a non-SE device.

    My Neo has really kept me happy this year, and the updates have been frequent and gave provided useful.upgrades.

    I’m sure this month’s Android update will keep me happy until Christmas, and I’m really hoping that we’ll get a chance to sample Sony Ericsson’s take on Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of the year.

    If SE’s Ice Cream Sandwich impresses, and if the next flagship launches with 720p screen and has more internal memory, there’s a good chance I’ll stick around

  • Cockles

    I’m going to wait to see if we get an Xperia refresh.  I have the Arc at the moment, love it.  But I’ve really got into playing games on my Android and can really see the benefits of having that slide out pad.  So basically I’m looking for:-

    Arc screen size and slicker design.
    With a pad.
    More RAM & beefy processor and the Arc photo specs.

    Couldn’t give a flying f**k about front facing camera tho.  Don’t know why everyone moans about the Arc not having one.

  • Farhan

    Naah.. I already jumped ship & got myself a Galaxy S2  ( former X10 owner )

  • Cockles

    *Xperia Play refresh!

  • Nop, I’m waiting long enoygh for the Pro to arrive. Its release is near. I’m buying it.

  • Anonymous

    Give me those same spec in Xperia Play 2 form factor.
    and some physical analog nubs would be better.

    I don’t care much about the 720p resolution, current resolutions is good enough. increasing it means more compromises in FPS.

  • Gonna sell X10 and want to buy ray :)

  • Anonymous

    yes, please!

  • Ihaynes

    Interesting that most people are happy to wait for the next SE flagship.  I have the X10i but stuck on a contract until early next year.  I’ll be interested to see what SE has come up with by then – I’ve had SE phones for years and years and like the build quality (the S2 feels so light, like its a flimsy childs toy!) but with all the other players stepping up their game, how long will it be before the next big thing fro SE is overtaken by a competitor.  I got mislead into buying the X10i originally by Vodaphone, as the new flagship SE smart phone, but as long as it does what it needs to I’mnot too bothered!  Slightly off topic, but friends with iphones seem to get a much better reception and service in my location than I do, and even though they like the design of the X10i I’d prefer the quicker and smoother operation!  

  • Adam

    Well I can upgrade my X10 in March 2012, so I don’t have much choice anyway.

    I may, however, wait another few months if Sony do buy out Ericsson soon, as I think the more Sony the better

  • Ocean12

    voted by YES, but its too hard to wait, all that we want is a COMPLETE smartphone, without LACKS!
    1) 1.5Ghz 2-core are enough, hate those guys who talks about 2Ghz quadro-core!! come on guys this is at the end a smartphone not an airplane or Helicopter!
    2) Arc design is great, or x10 but slimmer..
    3) cameras pixels are the same, i feel that HTC 5MP camera is the same of SE 8MP!.. so 8Mp or 12MP is enough..
    4) 2MP front facing camera like the one in NEO is great!
    5) More RAMs and internal memory for users.
    6) to win this race SE have to work on some special specs, like virtual keyboard, slide projector
    Finally we trust SE and they can beat them, make.beleive

  • xperia_x10_lover_in_bdsm_style

    i dont think that it will be any soon  because sony i planing to buy ericsson since then dont finish their transaction the wont release any thing new.  I still have x10 i am happy with him as long as is xda-developers.com are some developers, because many leave x10 but it still make fun. I am not sure whether my old x10 will keep up until march becasue I flashed with new soft or bootloader or kernel almost every day. I killing x10 at work using wifi and camera  Moreover my brother have this stinky arc where he struggle to keep up with a wifi or lack of it because the very bad reception. I will not buy arc s beacuse it is so last year.  As awayagher I am also waiting for something like that kind of spec other way sony ericsson kiss my ass. Probably  galaxy s 2  but definately not iphone because i like to have custom software so  this is the biggest disadvantage of iphone . 

  • Wael Faddah

    i can’t wait tell Sony buys Ericsson and start flexing some muscle 

  • eu!

    i need a good phone,now !.. and arc s is not at orange romania :(, i think i`ll wait 6 more months

  • ludwig

    i bough one xperia x10 ( really dissapoint for capacity, great desing) my bro has galaxy s great phone better that xpera x10( but terribl design) after sony realesed xperia arc nice desing poor capacity my galaxy 2 es very much better, i’m waiting for xperia duo but olny was fake o rumor, now maybe buy galaxy nexus or galaxy note i don´t know, all we know this phone have dual proccesor, decent camera, good ram, nice display, etc.

    and… wait for sony nozomi for mach???? is a joke, for this time galaxy 3, or iphone 5, or news htc. i´m sure that will are very much better. sony ericsson go  slow.

  • Vijay

    Absolutely WAITING for dual core SE Flagship!!

  • chris

    Needed a new phone so I didn’t wait, and got an Arc from craigslist for half the normal price, just so I won’t feel guilty next year when I know for sure I’ll buy the new one. :)

  • Anders

    It’s interesting everyone wants Sony to buy out Ericsson when all this custom rom, bootloader opening and stuff is due to Ericssons way of thinking.

    Remember also Ericsson open sourced their own language, erlang.

  • Anonymous

    great minds think alike!

  • Nope, just bought a Mini.. I think the designs of SE’s current phones is unsurpassed(I especially love that the Mini’s screen almost fills the whole front) and I like my phone to primarily be a.. phone, which you can comfortably have in your pocket. And with the Mini you get all that, and a phone that can mostly the same all the big ones can.

    If I ever change my mind, it should have the best display (SE 4.3-inch 720p display), the awesome SE design and be perfectly smooth in all things(no freaking lag with browsing, changing screens, menu’s, ANYTHING).

    Oh and don’t cost a barn ;)

  • Amos

    Interested in seeing an Xperia Play refresh, maybe with a bit more RAM and some real analogue control pads (like the PSP/Vita). Mine isn’t exactly sluggish at the moment tho.
    I voted yes, but I think the Poll should be rephrased; “If you do not yet own any of the current range Xperias, or are eligible to renew your contract now, will you hold out until the next SE flagship is announced?”
    I would hold out, but at the moment I have an Arc, Play, and Arc S arriving soon. Even if I wanted to I would be able to hold out as I am ineligible!

  • nimrod_united

    I love the specs of Xperia DUO how i wosh it will be true. I’m not buying any Smart and will wait until SE releases their next flagship.

  • nimrod_united

    I love the specs of Xperia DUO how i wish it will be true. I’m not buying any Smartphone and will wait until SE releases their next flagship. I’m SE big fan…

  • SEfan

    Xperia Pro 2 with 1GB RAM, dual-core chip, NFC, and qHD resolution…Done.

  • wyrmeth

    I’ve just gone from x10I to a play this week when the price dropped online so I’m happy stepping up to this for now I wish sony would just properly pump out a full playstation phone imagine having psp PS1 and ps2 games on your phone it would be a license for sony to print money with that existing catalogue of games available it would kill all the competition instantly

  • Anonymous

    well iv just got the arc s after i had the xperia play, i love it soo im happy to wait until then for that seeing as i only buy se phones anyway lol 

  • Anonymous

    get xperia play then… theres no way se willl release another slide out pad to damage the sales of the xperia play so you will be waiting in vain for that phone

  • hopefully they get it right now and stop missing out features , we need duo core, big bat, hdmi out, front and rear camera (atleast 8), live dock compatible,  … it’s not difficult Sony !

  • Widz

    A top of the line Walkman phone would be good. The Live with Walkman doesnt have the features the Active has, let alone the Arc has.
      Im still using my W995….Will wait for an all singing tick all the boxes Walkman phone

    Side note-havent both the W810i and W995 been SE’s best sellers… They should do another.

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  • Xerox8908

    Its a phone . Even our pc mostly running dual core so i don think quad core is a good idea (the $ to build such phone will make the phone hard to sell ).
    Dual core 1.5ghz is more than enough even for 2012 . now all we nid is software optimize .

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