Five more ‘Challenge Xperia’ videos for your viewing pleasure

by XB on 13th October 2011

in Imaging, Videos, Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro, Xperia Neo

Challange XperiaIt has been a few months since we saw the last ‘Challenge Xperia’ video. As a recap, the three videos we’ve seen so far involved driving a car only using the Xperia arc display, making flowers bloom with the Xperia arc and using the Xperia neo display to skateboard.

Since then, five more videos have been released. Our favourite is called “One-Hand-Band” and involves shooting a music video with a Xperia mini. You then get to see the video by BON MOD performing “Mama said go”. All very arty. The other videos involve making a rapper rap to your texts using the Xperia mini pro, shooting a video on the Xperia mini whilst bull riding and trying to capture a shooting star using the Xperia neo. See them all below.

Via Challenge Xperia.

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