Android 2.3.5 heading to Xperia devices in November?

by XB on 14th October 2011

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SFR AndroidNow that the Android 2.3.4 firmware update has been released to the 2011 range of Sony Ericsson Xperia devices, the attention turns to future updates. The next release could come sooner than expected. French mobile phone company, SFR, released an Android firmware roadmap earlier on today showing that four Xperia handsets (Xperia arc, Xperia PLAY, Xperia ray and Xperia mini pro) will receive the Android 2.3.5 update in November 2011.

Now this certainly would be a surprise as there’s been no official communication as to which Xperia update we’ll see next. Checking the PTCRB site shows that new Xperia arc firmware (4.0.2.A.0.42) was certified as recently as 7 October. This could be Android 2.3.5 firmware or updated Android 2.3.4 firmware that has yet to be released in most regions outside of the Nordics.

Thinking about it, Sony Ericsson has already said this v2.3.4 update won’t be released until the end of October/early November for the rest of the world. Could it be that Sony Ericsson are just moving straight to Android 2.3.5 instead? It’s all speculation for now, but we’ll come back to you when we have something concrete. See the roadmap below.

Android 2.3.5 heading to Xperia devices in November

Via SFR.

Thanks @baptistepaz!

  • Hisham

    We’re still waiting for 2.3.4

  • keriel

    yes,it’s true.someone INSIDE said this a few days ago.

  • Fery

    txt pro?! android 2.3.5?!!

    txt pro not smartphone!!

  • If you’d actually read the article you’d see THIS glaring statement in which they already acknowledged what you just said there:

    “Sony Ericsson has already said this v2.3.4 update won’t be released until the end of October/early November for the rest of the world. Could it be that Sony Ericsson are just moving straight to Android 2.3.5 instead?”

    Don’t just look at the pictures next time. Articles are for reading.

  • Karan Thakur

    BTW Where is XPERIA NEO??

  • Anonymous

    I hope the CRT turn off animation will be present!

  • dat will b really awesome …..been on 2.3.4 for almost 2weeks now am lovin it
    in addition to the 2.3.5.i hope they’ll add the auto backlite feature on the arc

  • Anonymous

    had 2.3.4 for 2 weeks….

  • Anon

    Yes. Seems like copy and paste. Its not even a smartphone. Hehe.

  • V

    NO X10

  • Lauweihiong

    X10 only stuck at 2.3.3…… I already sold my x10 change to neo……

  • Lauweihiong

    Ya…. Where neo??????

  • i’m a GAMER

    very good  news and we all hope so .

    now, Se find the way to keep customers happy…

    we all waiting for ICS on xperia play , and know that ICS looks very good on xperia play.

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • Anonymous

    how about release 3.3.4 for all countries, its quite annoying to hear about 3.3.5 when you dont have 3.3.4 yet.

    currently moved to china from usa.

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  • damnse!

    and you still stuck with 2.3.3 not wise decision to move on already died model, that’s why Neo V had anoounced.

  • Suhaib Haidar

    txt pro from SonyEricsson isn’t use android OS !
    You must replace it with Xperia neo 

  • Suhaib Haidar

    BTW, my Xperia arc is working on Android 2.3.4 from more than 10days ago
    every Xperia users can update devices with Wotan Server app and upgrade his phone easily

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  • Lauweihiong

    now my neo used 2.3.4. hopefully coming still can update for x.x.x ………..

  • Mujahid

    4.0.2.A.0.42 is available for the Arc S on xda, a user flashed it on lt15i, it is still 2.3.4, there are 2 new apps (bloatware) present now, McAfee and Slide ME Marketplace ( A Market Alternative maybe )

  • Mujahid

    Link for user acknowledgement :

    Link for download :

  • Yohaness2886

    DAmn! F**k you sony!! in INDONESIA im still in 2.3.3 and still dont get the xloud feature, then you roll out 2.3.4 in october that im still dont get it, and now you are gonna roll 2.3.5 in november, just closed your company. only rolling out update 2.3.4 need time until 1 month. hey every people who not in nordic, dont buy SONY ERICSON ever again, because they only give “special treatment” only in nordic!!!! and for sony F**kING ericson, just sale your thing in the nordic, dont sale in other country!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Daryl

    What??? 2.3.5? I’m still like waiting forever for 2.3.4 here in the philippines!!! grrrr!!!!

  • Yujiyona

    and xperia neo?

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  • boosook

    Oh, come on… almost everyone is still with versione 2.3.3, do you think that your phone will be completely different with version 2.3.4 from the one you have now? Can’t you just wait for a month? Of course they start with a subset of countries, because they have to test the update and in case something goes wrong there will be only a limited number of phones that have been updated. In fact, they first made the 4.0.1 software which has been released only in nordic contries and then the 4.0.2 which will be released for everyone. Why nordic conutries first? Obvious: Ericsson is from Sweden.
    Get a Nexus phone, so you’ll have every new version of Android as soon as it comes out.

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  • Heyosama

    I’m in Uganda (Africa) and my Arc S is running 2.3.4 and it HAS the xLoud feature. I wonder why you do not.

  • Jeffrey

    I got 2.3.4 for Xplay. Tons of bloatwares. And funny thing is, I uninstall some bloatwares which are able to uninstall. When I reboot, the bloatwares came back again. Haunted firmware update.

  • Ngxiankai286

    im also in indonesia, i just got the upgrade today, jgn napsu bro

  • Ngxiankai286

    lol, it’s february 11 1980 after the update and restart, dammit, gotta go to settings again….

  • Andresn95

     use sony ericsson pc companion 2.0 to update your phone its works try it…!!

  • Andresn95

     use sony ericsson pc companion 2.0 to update your phone its works try it…!!

  • Teru9567

    buddy hw will november last?????????????????????????

  • Jigar007

    2.3.4…. Worst update ever… Many faults… Just eats up a pot battery…

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  • Cra Aireox

    this post is false and cannot be trusted

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  • Rom Spartacus

    dowabload Android 2.3 arc s

  • sss

    What about xperia x10???

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