Cancelled Sony Ericsson SK19i QWERTY prototype appears in the flesh

by XB on 22nd November 2011

in Rumours

Back in August we came across details of an unannounced Sony Ericsson SK19i smartphone. It was a QWERTY Xperia phone being developed for AT&T in the US and would have sat in between the Xperia mini pro and Xperia pro. Well the phone was cancelled and now we’ve come across the first images of the device.

It appears that someone on xda-developers managed to get hold of a dev unit and was trying to flash alternate firmware on it. Hence, the pictures below show that the phone has the model number as ST18i (Xperia ray). It seems like he didn’t really know what he had, but judging from the pictures it looks like we didn’t miss out on too much. Both the Xperia mini pro and Xperia pro have a much nicer design in our opinion. See the pictures below.

Sony Ericsson SK19

Sony Ericsson SK19

Sony Ericsson SK19

Thanks tipster!

  • i don’t care much for the looks, but if it has a decent keyboard… the xperia mini Pro one is too slow (keys too tough to press, it’s almost like made for one finger typing…). didn’t have a chance to try out the Xperia Pro

  • Felipe Pimenta

    This thing is so ugly.

  • nasty…..

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  • By just merely looking at it, it seems it’s hard to use the virtual keyboard of it. The screen is like just an ordinary phone (not a touch type kind of phone) and if you’re using a qwerty layout platform. Not much of what it’s features to see how would it be different from any other smartphones.

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