SE changes internal Xperia mini pro hardware due to electrostatic noise issue

by XB on 23rd November 2011

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Xperia mini pro internalBack in September we reported on an electrostatic noise problem that many Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro owners were facing. When recording video, electrostatic crackling could be heard in the background when played at loud volumes. We confirmed the same issue when we tested the Xperia mini pro.

Sony Ericsson acknowledged the problem and said that the issue would be solved with the roll out of the 4.0.2.A.X.X firmware in October. However, a Sony Ericsson representative also said that a “new hardware solution has been implemented for all units produced starting end of September“.

If you’re wondering why new hardware was required if a software fix is available, it comes down to the fact that the latter reduces the electrostatic sound on video recordings “below audible level on those early phones with a certain hardware.” So it seems like the problem will still exist but not in a way to detract the user experience according to SE. To eliminate the problem entirely they needed a hardware fix, which is why a change was made for newly manufactured Xperia mini pro phones.

Are there any Xperia mini pro users out there still suffering from this problem (even after applying the Android 2.3.4 firmware update)? Sound off in the comments below.

  • cocky

    Please investigate some of xperia mini, I have sort of bad impression report on this model about heat issue cause of back key touch- capacitive get malfunction.

  • Ashvar9

    What is this … How can we existing users be left to suffer … Please recall for fix Sony

  • Yup i also have the problem even after the updating my phone to 4.0.2.A.X.X . I bought it From an Online Store in India. My Manufacturing week is 11w34. Can anybody have any idea about the the Manufacturing week of the New phone which does not have the problem.

  • Genuday

    Yes we all have…We need replacement for sure

  • Anonymous

    Manufacturing week 11w34. Firmware 4.0.2.A.0.58. The crackling is still there, although on video recording it was masked. In adition 2.3.4 update ruined possibility pairing to PC by wi-fi. 

  • Anonymous

    This issue also affects Xperia Pro. Have they mentioned anything about it?

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  • Nasos_sklias

    my phone manufactured 11W42  (midle of octomber ) and i have the same problems !!

  • Ravjotsinghbhatia

    Yes even i have the problem even after the update.

  • khaled

    i got the problem also here’s my comment on XDA forum 

    Sony Ericsson Mini Pro
    Sk17i ( Kuwait )
    SI 1251-0667

    Sound while Video Recording 
    Sound while am not doing nothing to the phone 
    when i put the phone near my speaks my speakers starts giving the same sound!!!
    it’s Annoying and Annoying like Hell

    i bought this phone a Week Ago! it also came with 2Years Warranty… A Fix or should i go and replace or take my money back or what ? 

    i also think that sound would also effect the battery life also ?

    cant post on SE an error :3

    in Airplane Mode the sound is gone and doesn’t effect any speakers by making the speaker make the electric static sound 
    also in airplane mode no sound while recording a video!
    but i can hear a small from the phone speak when i put next to my ear like really really low but it’s there only when the cam on 

    and when not in airplane mode i can hear the sound even when the screen if off and next to the speak like it moves the virus-bug-flaw what ever u may call it to my speakers

    So i Guess Airplane Mode = no Static electric sound
    No Airplane Mode = Static Sound so i guess the Flaw is in this Antenna or mic thing ?

  • metalhead2985

    This phone is really a beauty. And after lot of research i finally decided to go for this phone. Actually i am dying to get my hands on this machine.Now while googling about this phone reviews across the net , i came through a few forums like this one and others  , in which this phone has face major criticsm regarding a electrostatic noise it generates while video recording . OK acceptable to me , but i have read it even produces this noise when not doing video recording and when the phone is still  . I don’t want to spend 15,000 and then spend my day praying that my cell doesn’t produces some kind of noises.So i am confused like hell.

    Out of so many options available in the market, i found this one the best and now reading all this , i am getting confused.Please someone share whether the newly manufactured phones do have the same issue. Shall i buy this ?

  • Fran

    Is the MFG date visible on the box (before purchasing the phone)?Thanks

  • Anonymous

    What do you suggest in regard to buying Xperia Mini Pro and its electrostatic issue?

    The phone looks as the best one in its price range considering features…There are different reports about the new  ‘series’ which is supposed to provide hardware fix…

  • Amol khedkar

    my handset’s static noise is gone after recent 2.3.4 software update please check this link –

  • Xx

    Same here, want to buy this phone..but this issue has really made me to wait…will possibly buy after couple of weeks having 12WXX or 13XXX version.

  • metalhead2985

    After this issue mini pro was out of my mind. And then live got launched . I thought that may be this is my machine. But again lot of discussions regarding reboot/restart are catching up for live. What is this? Now any new cellphone  by SE is going to have some issues i think.
    I think i need to compleatly erase SE from my mind and start thinking for a htc or samsung.

  • Hi guys.I updated my phone.But there is a tap-tap noise still present.Also,is there a way for me to get this hardware fix in my phone?I bought it on 1 or 2 september?

  • Rohan

    I cant hear through ear speaker. I got it back from service station today itself for getting fixed for the same problem and now its again there. They changed the speaker and also the touchscreen for some reason and now its again the same problem. What do I do… I dont trust these service people even whn they work for tSony ericsson

  • Thedrawer

    Hallo, I have the Same Problem, but I figured out, that the noise of my Phone comes possibly from the gsm section of the device. If I switch my Phone in the airplaine mode, the clicking Sound disappears completely while recording a Video. Does anybody of you has Made the same expereance?



  • Yes im suffering from this issue after applying the update specially from the bad recording device in the phone, because always the other part hears me very bad when i talk to them, so I love this one, but know i super hate it and i want to sell it, and i don’t want to buy any sony ericsson phones anymore. :(

  • rooster

    I have the same issue about the static noise with my Mini Pro. I had all my software upgrades, which may have solved the issue for native software, but when I downloaded an audio-only recorder to use, the problem was very obvious. The issue is that the motherboard or something is buzzing. You can hear it if you put your phone against your ear when the phone’s screen is on and not in sleep-mode. The microphone picks up the hardware noise when it is recording.

    I looked around the Sony Ericsson website help area, and a representative there said that you should call Sony for a repair. One customer in India sent his and received completely new hardware in return. The sticker inside his phone changed, and identifies another date of manufacture, so it was not just a swapping out of a chip or something.

    I got a RMA number from calling the Sony Help center without a problem, and just shipped my phone for a repair to the Sony Laredo Customer Service Center in Texas. I read some numbers from my phone’s sticker, and the help rep didn’t even put up a fight. It was as if her screen told her there should be automatic approval for my numbers.

    If any of you have a phone with the production date of 11W25 to 11W42 (look on your sticker — mine was 11W32), you should call Sony for a repair.

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