PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY now working for non-Japanese accounts [Update]

by XB on 24th November 2011

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PlayStation StoreJust yesterday we brought you news about the ‘PS Store’ being fully functional on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, despite not being formally launched on the handset. All you need to do is download this PSStore.apk and simply install it onto your phone. It works straight out of the box, with no modifications required. We ran it using 4.0.2.A.0.42 firmware on the Xperia PLAY.

Whilst most recently it was only working for Japanese PSN accounts, it appears to now accept European accounts too (we imagine it would work for US accounts as well, but we didn’t have one to test). Only nine games are available, all priced at £3.99 and includes Xperia exclusive G-Police.

If you’ve purchased games on the PSN through other devices such as the PSP, they will not work here unfortunately. All games will need to be re-purchased. There also seems to be no knowledge of previous PSOne classics bought on the Xperia PLAY.

As you can see in our pictures below, games could easily be purchased and installed without any problem. When you open the game that you’ve installed you will need to re-enter your PSN details, but this only needs to be done once – we imagine this is some form of DRM.

Overall, we’re very excited to see this PSN functionality on the Xperia PLAY. We imagine the PSN on the Xperia PLAY will work much the same as the PS3 and PSP once Sony is ready to release it i.e. remembering you purchases across devices and maybe even social features too with other PSN users.

Update: XperiaGamer has a video of the PS Store in action. See the video below.

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

PlayStation Store on Xperia PLAY

Games available on PS Store

Cool Borders 2
G-Police (Xperia PLAY exclusive)
Jet Rider
Jumping Flash
Kurushi Final
Syphon Filter
Syphon Filter 3
Twisted Metal

Via XperiaGamer.

  • I wonder if it will work on the ARC since it does in Japan or will do at a later stage. I’ll be sure to try it out. I have a question XB but not related to this news. I have an ARC and after updating to .42, I am having severe issues with my microphone. When I make a call, unless I speak directly into the mic, the other party can’t hear me. Have there been any other reports of this?

  • Just noticed this article. I got really excited at reading I may be able to purchase things for my Verizon Xperia Play. I’m in the US but I’m not able to install the apk. I’m able to start the installation but everytime it then says “application not installed”. So I guess it may still be in a beta mode or not available for the US market yet. Although it could be Verizon being the issue since they haven’t released the 2.3.4 update for us yet even though I know other people from other carriers have that update. Hoping to hear more about this very soon and if it’s just something Sony is trying out or if it’s something they actually are finally releasing. It only makes sense for a Playstation Certified phone to be able to buy things for it from PSN.

  • Anonymous

    We think that you need to be on Android 2.3.4 before installing this app. However, we can confirm that US PSN accounts are not yet live on this app. It simply states “This service is not available in your country/region”.

    Only Japanese and European accounts are working right now. However, up until yesterday European accounts were not working, so US support is likely to be added shortly.

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  • Okijuh1234

    how i install the apk?

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  • Jack Simmons

    This doesn’t wok for me. I have the xperia play with latest firmware. But when I sign in with my PSN. It says that this is not available in your region. Iam in the UK though :(?

  • Jav

    It works but it doesn’t have any games

  • adam

    I really want twisted metal but cant find it on my xperia play phone

  • axelow18

    Can I play ps1 games on my xperia miro?

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