Root your Xperia without unlocking the bootloader [zergRush exploit]

by XB on 24th November 2011

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Android RootDooMLoRD over at xda-developers has created the Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit that allows users to root their device even if they haven’t unlocked the bootloader. The program takes advantage of the zergRush binary root exploit created by Revolutionary.

You have been able to gain root without unlocking the bootloader in the past, but this method only worked for a short period. The ‘Easy Rooting Toolkit’ involves downloading a file, extracting it using WinRAR and then clicking on ‘RUNME.bat’. You then just follow the instructions on screen, easy peasy. Sounds like a wonderful solution for those unwilling to unlock the bootloader. It should also work on all 2011 Xperia devices. Click here for the full details.

  • root your phone within a few seconds!

  • joe

    just another ray user. just discovered this blog. cool!

  • Ppmanguin

    Thanks. Painless and easy. Did it in 5 minutes

  • Dominic

    Cool i am new to rooting but want to root my play will i still be able to do future updates :D 

  • Dominic

    Wow that was easy all done now finally remove some of those stupid apps that i can’t normally remove :)

  • Ppmanguin

    After rooting and uninstalling bloatware free ram increaed 100MB+.
    Homescreen animations noticeably smoother and browser starts up a little faster. :)

  • Great to see the Blog back !!

  • Hi,

    I am all new to this, just have few questions they may also sound Dumb but i don’t know that y i thought I should ask:
    1: what exactly is rooting & how it help, will that void my warranty 
    2: are there any extra feature from non rooted devices & more over y rooted devices is required from same roms or applications like themes, or change in notification bar  

    Ripu (Xperia Play Official 2.3.4)

  • Anonymous

    I admit, I normally get nervous doing stuff like this, but honestly it takes less then 30 second you just plug the phone in and it does the rest. There are tons of advantages to rooting, this thread explains everything well

  • Anonymous
  • Ppmanguin

    I originally wanted to overclock with rooting.
    Have anyone overclocked to ~1.8 and noticed browsing improvement?
    Will it give me iPhone/GS2 like smoothness when scrolling through long webpages? Eg. Engadget?
    Or is there some sort of hack for the browser?

  • Kumbangdesa

    Thanks..I have root my xperia arc smoothly but how to remove unwanted app?

  • Anonymous
  • rec

    Works a treat on my new Arc S – now I can remove all the crapware!

  • install titaniumbackup apps.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t need to overclock to get that smoothness in web browsing. Just install the Dolphin HD browser.

    The stock Android browser should also be smoother with ICS. (hopefully)

  • Anonymous

    I am new to Android rooting. Could someone let me know I run as root user only when I want to make tweaks? I’d then like to be able to switch back to being a normal user once have implemented tweaks, and be able to quickly switch to be root user again if I want to tweak again.

    The reason being that this is a basic security principle of Unix/Linux – you aren’t supposed to run normally as root for security reasons as you are more vulnerable to malware exploits.

  • Kumbangdesa


  • Kumbangdesa


  • You generally run as normal user. When an app requires root permission, you are asked. Similar to using sudo, perhaps.

  • Bisun
  • Sam Park

    Hey, I’m new to this Android stuff, and I was wondering how to download the correct drivers for the rooting process. Please tell :D

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  • And again. Don’t be a chicken, Rain. Nerds don’t chicken out. Crap. 

  • michiss08

    do not work for me……

  • Guest

    doesnt work on pro with 0.62 firmware???
    any news if it will be able to in future???


  • astrochiller

    Can i root it from my phone or have i to use a pc?

  • Sidmar Sousa

    in my mobile don’t exit “WAITING FOR DEVICE” –‘

  • xRAY

    Xperia Ray A 4.0.4 : the same still around Root hack didnt work….

  • sahil

    can u help me…recently i got a update for xperia e{11.2.a.2.23}….in d supported device of srs it shows it can b rooted with ur software but when i installed it, and tried rooting i was unlable to do it ……….it said exploit not found

  • you can read the guide How to Unlock Bootloader Sony Xperia E5 install Twrp Recovery and Root F3311

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