Sony Ericsson Sync closing, suggests using Google Sync instead

by XB on 26th November 2011

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Google SyncIt has been a long time since we used the Sony Ericsson Sync service. However, the contact/calendar syncing tool is still around albeit for not too much longer. Sony Ericsson has confirmed that Sony Ericsson Sync will close on 29 December 2012.

Sony Ericsson says that SE Sync was “meant for old generation phones” and to create a more integrated experience for the end user it suggests moving to “Google Sync service for a more integrated experience in line with the favourite range of Google Mobile Services like Google Voice Search, Google Maps and YouTube.” It has provided full instructions here on how to go about this. Of course, you can use whatever sync service you like and SE also recommends Plaxo and UNYK.

  • RussiianOne

    This is all nice, but  they forgot to explain how to transfer Calendar entries to Google. So far  i was not  able to figure out any way. Now imagine you have to transfer 200 entries…

  • send sony ericsson an email and they will respond to you within the hour when open and you will have your answer :)

  • Pajhdsfkah

    The evil Google empire needs to get its mitts off MY data.

    It is disgraceful that SE are now suggesting to give your data to Google. That must be the Sony influence :(

  • recursive

     I would suggest you see a Shrink asap. Ironically, Google can help you find a good one close to you.

  • RussianOne

    i asked them a coupe of months ago and they responded that there is no way to transfer Calendar.

  • Google or Sony. Doesn’t really make a difference. Yes Google Maps and Places are quite great. Remember it is a Google based phone so owning one shouldn’t irritate anyone whether Google has your data or not. Its what you get part of the package :)

  • You’re not forced to use google…

    i’m Hotmail user and everything is there and synced with Hotmail Exchange support… the only annoying is, that it does not support HTML mails on Android -.- so everything is just plain text >.<

  • Anonymous

    I think you are extremely foolish to trust Google wholeheartedly with your data. I’d like the phone vendors to curtail Google’s power, not encouage you to give them more. Yes, Sony is bad too, but at least have the power to be able to challenge Google and keep them in check?

    Can anyone recommend a roll-your-own cloud service that I can install on my own web server? Was looking at ownCloud, but it seems quite immature.

  • lastword112

    i suggest you use a nokia 3310.

  • Anonymous

    your a fool to not take data privacy seriously. I shouldn’t need outdated technology to do that.

  • Sync your calendar with SE, then sync your calendar with Google from your device. 

  • lastword112

    rofl data privacy you say.. look up carrier IQ vs treve smart a**

  • Anonymous

    Two wrongs don’t make a right mate.

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