Sony Ericsson LiveView on sale for £18 in UK

by XB on 28th November 2011

in Accessories

LiveViewThe Sony Ericsson LiveView remote Bluetooth micro-display has had a big price cut in the UK. It is now on sale for just £17.99 delivered from popular retailer It was previously retailing for over £40 on most sites. Stock probably won’t last long at that price, so you’d better be quick.

LiveView is a Bluetooth remote with a 1.3-inch OLED screen that is able to show incoming calls, calendar events, facebook and twitter feeds amongst other things from your Android phone. It also comes with a watch strap if you want to wear it as a watch.

  • £29.99 

  • Anonymous must of made a mistake, its now £29.99 :( they do that sometimes, but even if you’re quick they still cancel your order

  • Asad Mulla

    I placed the order today  28/11/11 at around 1pm and it currently says “Processing in warehouse”. will let you know what happens. I saw it for £25 + £6 delivery direct form SE but I though its not something I need so didn’t bother but if I get it for £18 well……………

  • Anonymous

    Even £17.99 wouldn’t be such a special price. Amazon Germany is selling it for 
    £20 regulary.

  • Kabisan29


  • Nixy

    It was part of it’s “Monday Madness” promotion so it’s back up to its usual price of £29.99 now.

  • Asad Mulla

    Received  it today for 17.99 from play

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