FIFA 12 for Xperia PLAY released early, it’s FREE right now!

by XB on 30th November 2011

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FIFA12 Xperia PLAYElectronic Arts biggest mobile game for this Christmas is undoubtedly FIFA 12. The game is due to launch imminently on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY and will be an Xperia PLAY exclusive on Android until 21 February 2012.

The game must be coming soon as it is listed in the Xperia PLAY launcher, not only that, but the game is FREE! We don’t imagine it will last long so you’d better download it quickly. Go to the Xperia PLAY games launcher and click on ‘Free EA Games’, this should take you to the download. It’s worth noting that the game requires a hefty 1.5GB download, so make sure you’re on a strong wireless network.

FIFA12 Xperia PLAY

Thanks RagingRambo!

  • bonnie

    any way to get it on ARC?? :(

  • Damian

    It just force closes on my xperia play….

  • Mehdi Moha


    waiting for another good news from sony on xperia play (( god of war – silent hill – little big planet… ))
    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • nfs2010

    Wow!! So this is the 5th free EA game and it’s arguably the best one for me. My AT&T xperia play came pre-loaded with seven other games. And there are some free exclusive games on market (like dead on arrival). Xperia play rules.

  • Damian

    Had to redownload it and works like a charm ..1.5 gb in size though….

  • guest

    try to restar your play after download….have fun!

  • Tonyyeb

    Errr you are joking right?!

  • Tonyyeb

    The best FIFA on Android by miles! Great gameplay, full commentary, decent visuals. Similar to PSP IMO.

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  • Sean

    Astonishing improvement from FIFA 10 which came with the phone. Great Graphics, great sound and realistic animations. Only downside is the increase in size from <50mb to 1.5gig

  • Scottrpriester

    I have a Verizon Wireless Xperia Play and can’t find the game. Anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Joerush84

    anyone know why i cant seem to use the D-Pad on Fifa 12 on my play?

  • give me link pleaseĀ 

  • Moin Shaikh001

    even i am unable to use D-pad for Fifa 12

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