SE North America President confirms CES presence; further iterations of Xperia PLAY

by XB on 5th December 2011

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BGR interviewed Sony Ericsson’s North American President, Paul Hamnett, covering a wide number of areas including Sony’s future four-screen strategy, the US market and more. However, what caught our ear was some teasing comments on SE’s future smartphone plans.

Hamnett talked about the Xperia PLAY, confirming that it had delivered “pretty good” sales since it hit Verizon and saw another uptick when it appeared on AT&T. However, SE expects the phone to be heavily promoted by its partners for the all-important Christmas period. He also said that he didn’t want the Xperia PLAY to be just “one phone that we tried in a gaming franchise” and said “further iterations” are planned going forward.

This is the first confirmation we have heard from Sony Ericsson that there will be an Xperia PLAY 2 of some guise in the future. Hamnett also confirmed that most future smartphones from Sony Ericsson will be PlayStation Certified in the future.

Hamnett also talked about CES 2012 being a big stage for both Sony and Sony Ericsson. He said that by CES, they would show how the integrated business will excite consumers. He didn’t explicitly mention that this would include new models, but the evidence points to that being the case (i.e. the Xperia arc was announced at CES 2011). So by the sounds of it, we only have around a month to wait to see the first signs of the great integration between Sony’s content/technology with Sony Ericsson devices.

Via BGR.

  • Anonymous

    This is great to see, they clearly have a plan and they know what they have to do to achieve the goals. What he says makes sense in the way they should go forward. Previously we have seen SE being quite unsure in terms of its decision making, developing itself into a smartphone company was done to allow them to continue having a marketshare of mobile phones, and practically followed the crowd. They didn’t opt into this out of choice, it was either do it or cease to exist. They now have settled down into the market producing decent smartphones, and can now focus on its strategy; the four screens approach and so they are in control of what the future lends itself to and have the opportunity to become the market leader in this area and not be like sheep. After all Sony has a history of being the leader in technology.

  • Anonymous

    So he is giving hint that something big is coming at CES?

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, I might have gotten the Play over my Pro, but it just seemed like it was slightly lacking in a few areas compared to most of the other 2011 Xperia’s (camera, no HDMI, etc).  Maybe I will end up getting a future iteration.

    Now if only they could find some way to combine a gamepad and QWERTY on the same phone :)

  • i’m GAMER

    oh god , please ,
    i wish that will not announce xperia play2 ! cause i have to change my xperia play with new one :(
    SE promised to new exclusive games on xperia play , but it just run android global games like other phone ! not any sony’s exclusive game !
    we really hope that it will be new games (( god of war – little big planet – uncharted … )) and new feature (( 3D camera , bravia engine , new version of playstation pocket for runing PS2 game , as sony promised before … )) on xperia play , cause xperia play is NEW COMER and it’s too soon to change it .

    totaly thank you Sony for respecting to gamers :)

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • i hope SONY in future didnt make too many phone. 

    For example for 2011 title, only Mini Pro , Active + Walkman feature, Neo with Ray design, Play, Pro, and Arc , it will do better IMO

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  • Anonymous

    This is really cool. When could we get an announcement for the Xperia Play 2? Would it be before E3?

  • what? you mean you DO NOT want a better Xperia Play phone? you’re hopeless

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