Link2SD guide – never worry about internal memory limits again

by XB on 12th December 2011

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Link2SD XperiaOne of the most common gripes we hear from Sony Ericsson Xperia owners is that it doesn’t take too long before you fill up the phone’s internal memory. Whilst most of the 2011 Xperia range has a 1GB ROM, only around 380MB can be used for apps or games. Obviously manually moving your apps to the SD card is one answer to this problem, but this can be a pain to manage and sometimes part of the app will remain in internal memory.

To get round this problem, we’ve written the following guide on Link2SD. In layman terms, Link2SD uses a secondary partition on your SD card and uses it as another segment of internal memory. Link2SD moves and links apk files, dalvik-cache (.dex) files and lib files onto this partition, which the OS mounts on boot. The great thing is that these linked apps remain available when your phone is connected in mass storage mode as Android only unmounts the first partition. Also, you don’t need to worry about linking something you weren’t meant to as Link2SD doesn’t allow you to link certain system applications.

Link2SD allows you to cherry-pick which apps/games to move to the SD card, you can auto-link new installs and the whole thing is wrapped in a user-friendly user interface. We’ve been using Link2SD for a while now and it’s a godsend, especially for the Xperia PLAY where we tend to download a lot of games. If you’re constantly managing your internal memory we highly recommend you give Link2SD a try, see the full guide below.

Guide to using Link2SD on your Xperia smartphone

This guide may seem lengthy, but trust us when we say it is straightforward. All steps have been documented which makes it look daunting. Read each section carefully and follow the steps outlined to install Link2SD.

Please make sure you have completed all of the following before starting the tutorial.

On your PC:
– Install the necessary drivers for your Xperia smartphone onto your PC/laptop. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that Sony Ericsson PC Companion is installed on your PC. Once installed, connect your phone to complete the process.
– Download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard onto your PC or laptop.

On your Xperia:
– Enable USB de-bugging mode: Setting –> Applications –> Development –> Tick ‘USB debugging’
– Enable the ability to install unknown apps: Setting –> Applications –> Tick ‘Unknown sources’
– Install Link2SD from Android Market onto your Xperia smartphone. It is a free download.

Rooting your handset gives you the permissions necessary to install custom software on your handset.

a) First, download the ‘Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit’ from here.

b) Extract the RAR file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

c) Connect your Xperia to your PC.

d) Click on ‘RUNME.bat’ from the extracted RAR file, which should give you the following screen. Just press any button to let the program do its work.

Xperia Root

e) When finished you should see the output as per the picture below. The phone should now be rooted, make sure you restart your handset before the next step.

Xperia Root

As we will be creating a partition on your microSD memory card, make sure you create a backup just in case anything goes wrong.

a) Create a new folder on your PC and name it anything you want, such as ‘SD_Backup’

b) Connect your phone to the PC, navigate to your memory card and copy the contents to the backup folder.

You now need to create a secondary partition on your microSD memory card that will enable you to use Link2SD.

Note: We will use MiniTool Partition Wizard to create a secondary partition on your microSD card. This partition can be ext2, ext3, ext4 or FAT32. We will use FAT32 as it is supported on all phones and should lead to less troubleshooting later. You can use any partition manager of your choosing, but the steps below guide you through MiniTool Partition Wizard.

There is no need to wipe your memory card when going through this process, just ensure you have at least 0.5GB to 1.0GB of free space to make it worthwhile. You also do not need to use a microSD card adaptor as the process below creates the partition whilst the phone is connected to your PC.

a) Connect your handset to the PC via USB and then launch MiniTool. You should see the details pop up under ‘Disk 2’.

MiniTool Xperia

b) Click on the memory card under Disk 2 in MiniTool and then in the left pane, press ‘Move/Resize Partition’. On the blue bar under ‘Size and Location’, move the right arrow towards the left to create the size of the secondary partition desired. In the example below we created a secondary partition with 1018.63MB of space. This value can also be typed in manually in ‘Unallocate Space After’.

MiniTool Xperia

c) Once this is done you should see that your memory card is now split into two partitions under Disk 2 of MiniTool. Right click this new partition and then press ‘Create’.

MiniTool Xperia

If you see this pop-up below, just press ‘Yes’ to continue.

MiniTool Xperia

d) You should then see this ‘Create New Partition’ window. Under ‘Create As’ click Primary and then under ‘File System’ click FAT32. Leave the cluster size as default and you can assign whichever drive letter you want. Once finished press OK.

MiniTool Xperia

e) This should bring you back to the main MiniTool screen. Now hit the ‘Apply’ button on the top-left of the screen, denoted by a tick symbol.

MiniTool Xperia

This will bring up another pop-up window and will take several minutes to both resize and create the secondary partition.

MiniTool Xperia

If successful, you should see message below. Congratulations your card is ready to use in conjunction with Link2SD. Restart your handset before moving to the next step.

MiniTool Xperia

This application makes it easy for users with root privileges on their phone to move applications to the SD card.

a) Open the Link2SD app on your phone. You should be greeted with the following menu, check the FAT32 option and click OK.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

You will then see the Superuser Request, click ‘Allow’.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

Once you see the following message, restart your phone. The app should now be ready to use.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

b) To make sure everything is installed correctly. Click the Menu button and go to ‘Storage Info’. This will show you the internal memory and your two partitions on the memory card. In our case, you can see that the second partition has 1GB free.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

c) Now you need to move the apps of your choice to the memory card. Click the Menu button and press ‘Multi-select’.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

Choose which apps you want to move by clicking the tick box next to the app. System apps are greyed out and cannot be selected. Link2SD can only move apps that are already on the internal memory. If you have apps already on your SD card, you will need to move them back to the internal memory before you can link them with Link2SD.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

If you want to move all of your apps, pressing the menu button will bring up another menu allowing you to do this.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

d) Once you have chosen which apps you want to move, you then need to hit the menu button and press ‘Actions’, which will bring up the following menu. Press ‘Create Link’.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

Leave all three check boxes ticked and press OK. Link2SD will now do its work and move/link the selected apps to your memory card.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

Once finished, you should see that the apps you have moved have ‘Linked -> SD Card’ in red font in the Link2SD app list. Reboot your phone.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

e) Congratulations your phone is now using Link2SD! You should now go to Settings by pressing the menu button and configure how you would like Link2SD to work. The main decision here is whether you want to Auto Link newly installed apps to the memory card. Given that you’ve gone through the hassle of installing Link2SD we suggest you enable Auto Link and make worrying about your internal memory a thing of the past.

Link2SD Guide for Xperia

  • bassie112

    How about speed? Are the linked apps just as fast to load and work with as unlinked apps?

  • Anonymous

    We use a Class 4 microSD memory card and have noticed no discernable difference in app performance.

  • Jenge

    There ain’t much difference in speed but when you get over 200apps your phone might glitch from time to time. I’ve used it on my X10 mini and only difference is if background apps are on sd they consume 5% more battery life… Do not remove memory card!!! First put apps back onto phone before doing so because it will give you constant force close messages for all apps on sd.

    Otherwise it is a great app

  • bassie112

    I noticed that indeed. I have a class 10 card and did not notice any difference but I was not sure. Regarding power consumption, I don’t think you can say it needs 5% as it doesn’t read/write all the time.

  • Damien Crowley

    Thank You, thank You and thank you.

    After some trial and error it works perfectly!

    Great that you guys are back

  • Andrew McDonald

    I can’t wait to load this app over the X-mas break… I just wish that they would think about this before selling the phone!

  • Awesome work guys! I was thinking of trying app2sd on my x10 mini pro but this guide was much simpler for me so Link2sd it is! :). And it seems to work fine so far (phone was already rooted, that was the only step I didn’t need to do).

    So I can say it works fine with X10 Mini Pro on stock 2.1 firmware + root.

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    i wanna say you are the ONe :)

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  • Afzal Lokhandwala

    hey please tell me how can i undo this partition??

  • Afzal Lokhandwala

    i wanna undo ot coz i forgot to do debugging . i tried deleting and creaating partition but when i opn link2sd it doesnt show the dialog box

  • Anonymous

    You can delete the partition by right clicking it in MiniTool and pressing delete. However, if you’ve already created the partition, why are you deleting it? It shouldn’t impact the fact that you didn’t enable debugging (mostly relevant for root). As long as you have root and you’ve created a partition you should be able to get it to work.

  • I wanna know is it ok to change the partition only to ext4 while my SD card is FAT32 ? cause i wanna use ext4 for my Arc instead of Fat32 ???

  • Kanwar

    Just reboot the phone then open the app I had the same issue

  • Does anyone know if using this method keeps Titanium Backup making backups of the apps on the sdcard? 

  • Malibuzz

    Applicable also for xperia acro the japanese vertion?… sorry because i am new about this but to root your phone it mean that you are modifying the phone internal code, it mean that we can be able to damage the phone right? Thank you for your support.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I need some help I followed the instructions, but at part 5 a) when I open Link2sd it just lists the apps and does not pop up with the option of choosing the file system? I moved the apps to the SD card anyway, but I’m pretty sure I did not do it correctly…

    any help appreciated

  • sony_nazomi

     did follow the same steps mentioned above, but after restarting, I see only the 2nd partition

  • My arc refuses to detect my card after making the new partition. :(

  • Floyd Barrientos

    thanks a lots.. worked properly on my arc..

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    i cant use link2sd…………………superuser didint working properly…………………cant you help me?????????

  • Omarpetr

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  • Omarpetr

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    After linking apps on the internal memory, can I move them back to SD card via Manage Applications?
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    Worked a treat for me, followed instructions to the letter and now have a speedy Arc once more. Thanks a bundle, and Season’s Greetings :)

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    Thank you a lot – this worked on my ACER Liquid Metal. It seems this guidew applies to most Android phones!

  • Suleyman Eker

    Can we also move the system applications to the SD card?

  • Thanks a ton, now i can install hundreds of apps without worrying the internal space of my Xperia arc.
    @XperiaBlog:disqus if you can, please add a line after the partition step and before the link2SD step; “A restart is must”. Link2SD was not able to see the partition until i restarted the phone after partitioning.
    I just used the multi-select, selected all apps and clicked on link to SD card. Now i have 94 apps including heavy games like asphalt, where is my water etc. and more than 50% of internal memory is still free!
    Thanks again!!!

  • Inifur

    Excellent guide. One tip: to have root privileges j used, under Windows 7, this other program:

  • natz

    after i made a partition this app doesn’t recognized my 2nd ext. So I
    went to ClockworkMod Recovery then clear partition cache and format the
    second partition. After restart, it works as it should be. thanks for

  • Spice

    Thnx Bro… i have linked almost all my apps to second partition but d prob is when i go to “storage info” it shows “SD card 2nd part (100% free)”… Lil confused as to why this partition is showing 100% when all my apps are moved to this partition… Help!!!

  • Blacklisard

    As a noob … to this method i am totally .. amazed that i actually got this to work – really impressed with your clear instructional guide on how to do this – a total success on my Sony Erricson Xperia Play . 10 thumbs up for real!! i recomend this to anyone ( who knows how to follow instructions of course ). This is awsome! Thanks a Million!

  • Hang on a minute. This will invalidate the warranty surely? Is there any other way to get extra memory than rooting?

  • xP

    If you restore your phone, the root is lost, so if you do take it in for warranty, I don’t think it would be detected as rooted.

  • does it root on the new FW .62! i really want to have this done! but i updated the firmware! please help me:(

  • Umerkhan

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  • Hazel Lyn Mallare

    THANK YOU!!! I have an HTC ChaCha but I got the bootloader unlocked today via and acquired root access via following the instructions listed here: (the zergrush exploit is null now— fixed by some firmware updates). Anyway, I did the whole thing just because I wanted to get Link2SD to work on my ChaCha and after I did the steps above, I followed your guide regarding the creation of the secondary partition on the memory and all… I love you! Hahahaha, I got it to work. 150 MB user available is just not enough for me. Thanks to the wonderful, smart people out here including you, worrying about the small internal memory for me is a thing of the past. Thank you! :D

  • Milo Milo

    I would like to start my rooting. But there is just one thing  am not too sure, and that is the adb drivers. Is there an extra step so that the adb devices is enabled on my phone?

    Thanks so much

  • Avi

    I tried to do this and now thr phone is not recongnize my SD card.
    Help please!

  • Avi


  • Giridha

    After choosing fat32 option i dont get the superuser
    access… so pls say me what to do now.. my mobile is
    lg gt540…… pls hlp A

  • Wesam Alkoko

    In case I want unroot my experia…. what is the procedure regsrdless to restore the device to default factory .Meaning what is the other way to unroot?

  • Eshgh_b68

    hi  i did but i have problem my phone dont show my data in sd card in fact thera are data in my sd card but my phone dont show them  and link2sd software on my phone says you dont have  second partition while i get successfully massage in  minitool partition and in the computer i can see 2 partition in my sd card….plz help me

  • Great instructions! Thanks alot for the work ya put into this. You have the only clear instructions for expanding internal memory on Android phones.
    is invaluable!


  • Forgot to add I have a Samsung Intercept
    Rooted using this ROM. Works very well!

  • Tysm!!! super easy to follow (even for a noob like me ^_^ ) and worked great . no problems at all, i didnt even get lost.

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    really helpful guide… i’ve done successfully..

    thank u.

  • Gumbaaa

    Thanks alot for the guide, followed it and it was easy as hell! only problem I have, if someone could answer it, how do you use the second partition to store your data on? like for instance, how do I move my songs to Partition 2 so I free up space on the first partition? if someone could answer it would be much appreciated, i’m running out of space on the first half because in only have a 2gb memory card!

  • Ashish

    i am unable to mount my 8gb sd card in pc after partitioning it ..everything works fine on m andriod phone but the first partition doesnt mount in pc via mass storage.. what mistake have i done?..any solutions?..reply as soon as possible..

  • sam

    i am unable to mount my 8gb sd card in pc after partitioning it
    ..everything works fine on my andriod phone but the first partition
    doesnt mount in pc via mass storage.. what mistake have i done?..any
    solutions?..reply as soon as possible..

  • Millie

    Thanku Xperia Blog Guys for a standout guide! 
    I successfully rooted, increased internal memory and link2sd’d my samsung galaxy mini :) …. I did use the appropriate samsung root process first after that guide was easy and clear to follow  ;) 

  • tony

    awesome!!! Thank you!

  • Quest

    how do i uninstall Link2SD abd then get back my SD GB back to 8?

  • Faizsaleem118

    First move back all of your apps (unlink them).
    Once everything’s unlinked, uninstall Link2SD as you would a normal app.
    Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to delete the Link2SD partition. Backup your SD card and delete that partition.
    In the new unallocated space, make a new FAT32 partition and apply.
    When done, copy your files back.

  • Nina

    I have an xperia ray .69 and i do this,but it said to me that i am not root and if I am,I have to inform superuser..
    please help me.. :)

  • Faceless_void99

    can i transfer my adobe flash player to sd card? because it say it failed to transfer something like that
    i wish im not the only one experiencing this. . . did i do something wrong? please help me ASAP please

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    Xperia Neo

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    It wont works at  my xperia arch. do u mind to chek. I suspect it is due to this error.

  • as as what u did now?

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    Enjoying ICS on my Arc with 57 apps installed and still 320 MB free space left in internal memory. Thanks alot for the elaborated guide.  

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    i have all the above process…bt when im starting to use LINK2SD for first time it does not ask for any superuser..i.e. allow or any

    nd it says unable to gain root access

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    After completing the steps properly for rooting (DooMLoRD_v3_ROOT-zergRush-busybox-su) and  partition, i rebooted my xperia neo and opened the Link2sd. there I selected FAT32/FAT16 and then I got a message as in attachment. In my phone it shows only 380 MB internal memory but in mini partition wizard it is showing another partition of 1GB. pls help urgently…

  • Fee Stitch

    Hi, I just partitioned my SD card.  When I open the Link2SD app, it did prompt me to select the file system of the SD card’s second partion, however, after I select FAT32/FAT16, Link2SD could not gain root access, there’s no pop-up of indicating me to select “Allow” on the Superuser Request. Now wot do I do. Please help, thank you…

  • samd

    Finally .. I never imagined I could see 50 mb free on my galaxy ace .. awesome .. Great instructions !

  • Fee Stitch

    How about galaxy ace? mine doesnt work :(

  • Finnaly done for my X8! thank for share!

  • Art535

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  • Sadeq

    Hi, I tried rooting my Xperia x10 mini, but I get the message “The system cannot find the path specified”. Could you please help me out

  • nguyen2011

    How would you restore these “linked -> sd card” apps after a ROM flash using titanium backup. I re-flash my phone once and restore, some app is automatically linked as before, some don’t and go to internal. Some app break and crash, I have to wipe. Thanks

  • MrNoHelp

    after I downgraded my Xperia Ray to .42 in order to make it rootable, the third part apps got installed on my phone. But for some reason I dont see my phone in that Minitool Partition Wizard. I tried doing the same thing over again with the DooMLoRD tool, but same result. Can you tell me what went wrong? The funny thing is that in my computer, I see the Xperia Ray icon and can access it, but its not visible on the Minitool. If I set the USB mode in my Phone to Mass Storage, the SD card appears, but when I create a partition, the phone doesnt recognize my SD card.

    Can you help me out with my problem?

  • Iaaw

    Thank you very much for the description but, does anybody knows if this app will work for a tablet? In my case a samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 running with ice cream sandwich

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  • Dear XB i want to know that after rooting the phone can update to new android OS like ICS 4 thru

    official website with the sony pc companion plz help me out (Sony ARC )

  • Dhashil

    How much time it takes to configure?
    For me, it has stopped at the step *daemon started successfully*

  • Dhashil

    was ur problem solved?? i also got the same problem..

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  • Im Trying to move some game data, but cant find my second partition can some body help me? I already checked and is there. but cant find the physical location

  • NEGA

    I cant see my memory card under disk 2 in minitool partition…..because my memory card is read as (Portable Media Player)……in (my computer)…..its suppose to be read as (Device With Removable Storage)……please help me to solve this problem……Thanx.

  • arunastan

    Is this method works with ICS (New update) for SE ARC, i hv just updated to ICE 4.0.4. is the rooting works? guys please help.

  • arunastan

    Is this method works in SE ARC ICE 4.0.4. I hv resently updated to ICE 4.0.4. Will this rooting method work..? Guys please confirm.

  • arunastan

    Will this rooting work with ICS 4.0.4 for Xperia arc, ? could you please help..

  • mtweg12

    Yes I also have 4.0.4 which was rooted as in this link from XDA developers

  • It worked absolutely perfectly for me. Fantastic guide!

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  • arunastan

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  • Percy Jacksons

    You need to root your phone…


    Okay, I’ve rooted my phone (LG L55C) a while ago and have since been installing apps using an apps2sd type program. I have about 190 apps on the 32GB SD but my dalvik cache is over 100mb and I only have about 20mb internal left. I have now made a 4GB ext4 partition and am using Link2SD and my partition works properly and I can move / link apps into it with the Link2SD, the problem I’m having is that even though the apps are going into the ext4 partition and I’ve linked the dalvik to the ext4… I have less internal memory than before using the Link2SD with no additional new apps… If I put the apps back into the SD card like when I was using apps2sd I get a little more internal memory but I still have over 100mb dalvik cache. Iv’e tried just linking the dalvik cache to the ext4 partition with the application files left in the SD card and same thing. Have also tried clearing the dalvik between each step. Anyone have this issue? / Solution?

  • Arttemis

    Ensure USB debugging is enabled on your phone. If your phone doesn’t recognize the SD card, it sounds like your partitions weren’t made to be Primary in Minitool.

  • When I go to the Mini Tool, it doesn’t show me Disc 2, just 1. It’s plugged in and my computer recognizes it but the MT doesn’t. HELP!

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    Great tutorial , really helpful! It even worked on my Samsung Galaxy Ace.. :D

  • Vicky

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    in preparation, you are installing pccompanion. it’s also install the adb drivers….
    if necessary, you search app called “PDAnet” from google search…then you should go to install them manually, ;)

  • First of all, did you have your phone rooted? It only works when rooted.

  • jeena ashok

    Hi, I just partitioned my SD card. When I open the Link2SD app, it did
    prompt me to select the file system of the SD card’s second partion,
    however, after I select FAT32/FAT16, Link2SD could not gain root access,
    there’s no pop-up of indicating me to select “Allow” on the Superuser
    Request. Now wot do I do. Please help, thank you…

  • popi

    Hi, I just partitioned my SD card. When I open the Link2SD app, it did
    prompt me to select the file system of the SD card’s second partion,
    however, after I select FAT32/FAT16, Link2SD could not gain root access,
    there’s no pop-up of indicating me to select “Allow” on the Superuser
    Request. Now wot do I do. Please help, thank you…

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  • whalesplaho

    dis method is damn simple… works like a charm!!!

    using mini pro.

  • whalesplaho

    am on ICS 4.0.4

  • Hi! I have a Xperia X8, which wasn’t on the list of phones supported by the 
    Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit. Sooooo, I used SuperOneClickv1.7-ShortFuse which worked just fine! But, I have one question. Now that everything works, do I have to keep the usb debugging on all the time? Can I turn it off? Thanks a million! You saved my phone from being tossed trough a wall XDDD

  • sir can you help me about link2SD problem or im just confused, because in this sample above its shows red color letters “linked–>Sd Card” but on my phone xperia arc S ICS its shows yellow color and when i make actions to move to SD card its shows “segmentation fault”, what should i do? pls help me. thank you 

  • RamonV

    for everybody having the problem that youre phone doesn’t find youre sd card, open up your partitun program and set the  ext partition too primary. that solved it for me


    ENSURE   FAT   on first partition. Will NOT WORK with FAT32 as first partition.

  • Yoursromeo

    i made partition successfully. then i restarted my device. but my card is no more detected :s

    please help :s

  • Yoursromeo

    same here :s

  • Sedoco

    Brilliant – Samsung Galaxy Ace was being a pain – always saying not enough internal memory – followed your instruction and now have 100 MB free on internal storage. It is like having a new phone. Genius. Thankyou very much.

  • Rehanmalik14

    Can it support xperia x10 mini ??? I tried alot but but rooting problem still remains ..

  • Prakash Kesavan

    Hi I’m getting Error Code 4 > Disc I/O Error. What does this mean? It’s not creating the partition, I tried another memory card and it’s the same, please help.

  • Prakash Kesavan

    Hello, I could not partition my SD card. I keeps saying Error Code 4 > Disc I/O error. What am I doing wrong? I tried with another card and it’s the same. Just to add, I didn’t connect the phone directly to the laptop, because it wasn’t recognising it, so I used the card reader. Can someone help me please?

  • Ausgang

     In order to see the SD-Card in the partition programm, on your phone go to settings –> xperia –> connectivity –> USB-Mode –> Activate MSC. After this your SD will get a drive-letter and in conjunction will be visible in the partition program

  • Kesavanp77

    I left 2 comments but I don’t see them published. Anyway I’m getting a Error Code 4 while doing the partition, after full formatting the SD card it’s giving Error code 16. 

  • Anthonyyang

    thanks man! ur the best!!! :) im enjoying now my experia using sd card :) thanks! more power man! :) -jem

  • I followed all the steps but after selecting FAT32 on Link2SD I didn’t get the superuser request. Any solution to this??

  • Syab02

    i did all steps untill reach step 5- linksd2 -give me message second partition not found ,no sd card present…pls help

  • Jalal Khan15

    Mtweg: ive xperia ray n im on ics is there any way to root ics version and then make it available for this operation of link2sd??

  • Kesavanp77

     Have you tried taking the SD card out and putting into the computer? Try that and see, it should recognise your card.

  • Kesavanp77

     Unlocking bootloader doesn’t cause any problem for the phone, only for Sony OTA upgrades.

  • Kesavanp77

     Do you have the Superuser app installed? Try installing that first and see.

  • MarsuBleu

     Hi, I followed all the steps without any problem. Then when trying to use Link2SD at step 5, the phone was not recognizing the SD card anymore. Since then, no way to even access the SD! How can I reformat it to start over?
    Please help !

  • Hi,
    The tutorial is well documented, but I ran into an issue after step 4.
    Everything went well, but after the reboot at the end of step 4, the phone would not recognize the SD card anymore…
    Link2SD considers I don’t have an SD card! like the phone…

    Is there any way to reformat the card to get it recognized again?

    Thank you

  • Kesavanp77

     If your SD card has been partitioned, it is hard to undo this on the PC/laptop. However the easiest way is by  going to ‘Settings>Storage>Erase SD card’. This will wipe out your partition.
    I suggest the next time when you are partitioning, take the card out of the phone and inset directly into your laptop/PC. Also try to use a different partition wizard. I had problem with Mini Tool partition Wizard. I used a program called Wondershare Disk Manager.
    This makes the partition but when you create a new(secondary) partition, you must subtract the amount you want to keep as secondary partition, i.e if you want to have a 2GB secondary partition on a 16 GB card, you must create it as 14 GB partition. Hope this helps.

  • does it mean that i have to root first my phone before i can use the Link2SD ??is there any application that the features are the same with Link2SD but no need of rooting ?im afraid on rooting my phone.thanks :)

  • Kesavanp77

    Moderators >> Why a lot of posts are being deleted?

  • kunri

    I followed every instruction word  by word for Xperia Ray. Like some users I was unable to get to Link2SD screen where is shows superuser request. Most responses for this type of error suggest “you need to root”. Well that was the first step as shown in this guide. What next?

    Furthermore after the procedure Google Playstore Facebook etc stopped connecting. No application connects to internet except browser. Any suggestions?

  • kunri

    Make sure your new partition is set to Primary.

  • I followed this tutorial step by step and it really worked perfectly! I am now enjoying my phone more because of larger memory. Thanks!

  • dark hacker

    u shout root use super one click 1st…couse this for root user only

  • Ashmeed

    facing the same problem!

  • why all the questions?….if you have root and follow the instructions (use the images as a guide as well if yer dumb like me) PROPERLY then you should have no problems….if however you are plain stupid and cant follow BASIC instructions then don’t bother as you will encounter problems of your own making, thankyou to the writer of this guide for the simplistic, easy to follow instructions I now have more space on my xperia play which is exactly what I wanted, you are a star…thanks mate

  • Kash

    You don’t have to be that harsh with your comment. I didn’t work for me too, but my problem was with the partition program. And best part is my comments, to help others have been deleted after I post them!

  • Andy Bowen

    I followed the above instructions and everything seemed perfect apart from the phone now only recognises the second partition. It shows my total space available as 1gb (the 2nd partition size) and states no second partition found. Can someone please help me out. Xperia X10i. Thanks

  • Andy Bowen

    I followed the above instructions and everything seemed perfect apart from the phone now only recognises the second partition. It shows my total space available as 1gb (the 2nd partition size) and states no second partition found. Can someone please help me out. Xperia X10i. Thanks

  • Deepak

    I am having xperia mini pro SK17i with ICS 4.0.4 ….431 version…i rooted my device using xda forum…that flashing kernel to neo 4.0.3 & then use DoomLoRD tool…& reflashing to original kernel…..& then installed link2sd & transfered my app from internal to 2nd partition….everyhting is working fine….only 1 problem i am facing is Random Auto shutdown…and most probably it is happening while using Link2SD….plss help me…pls to fix it….

  • Kash

    Maybe you should go back to Android 2.3.4 and test, to see if phone will shutdown. If it doesn’t then you know what the problem is, but it’s a strange problem.

  • Neil Hagley

    im having the same problem a little help please

  • Laura

    Hi, I have a mini pro, started following instructions and didn’t get past 3d the rooting program couldn’t access my phone, checked I’d done all the steps to that point and tried again. Still no joy – any suggestions?

  • I cannot see the pic f this statement “If you see this pop-up below, just press ‘Yes’ to continue.” in mine its says cannot create a new partition on this removable disk…plaese help me

  • Thank you very much for this guide, even though im not using experia, it helped me alot. now i can install many apps. =)

  • Ramesh

    the method worked great…but now i regret making a partition of 800MB…now m thinking of making it a block 1GB…so is there any way that i can delete the previous partition and make a new 1 gig partiton…

  • Ramesh


  • tel

    im done thanks you it works! :)

  • da!

    Awsome! Thank you for this info and thanks to Link2SD too.
    It took a while to get it right on a ICS, but finally got it. This is a “phone” saver!

  • verano

    Perfect guide. I followed it for my cheap IDEOS 8150, and perfect.
    Thanks for sharing

  • kyle hoell

    plz plz help i was doing this and i got up and my phone came off the usb and now if i put an sd card in it it wont say its there i have the xperia play r800x i even tried another sd card and it still wont work

  • pao

    can this method work on my updated firmware? ST15i ICS 4.1.b.0.431 i run the but i think it didn’t install anything. i cannot find my card on the mini tool. please help..

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  • Hi ! This metod is working in 2.3.6 version ?

  • Rico

    Is it possible to re-partition my SD card without erasing any apps, etc?? I have 0.98 GB on the 2nd partition, but over 6 GB showing for SD card. I’d like to readjust that.

  • huggy


  • when i press create link after that gives me error apk:i/o error … what should i do????????

  • adi

    same problem with me,any solution for this?

  • adi

    from which site can i get superuser app?

  • Kash

    @ adi – You can download superuser on Play store
    @ adi – Also for this problem you wrote(

    Hi, I just partitioned my SD card. When I open the Link2SD app, it did
    prompt me to select the file system of the SD card’s second partion,
    however, after I select FAT32/FAT16, Link2SD could not gain root access,
    there’s no pop-up of indicating me to select “Allow” on the Superuser
    Request. Now wot do I do. Please help, thank you…)>>>>Full Format the SD card and try again, but using another program. I used a Program called Wondershare Disc Manager. Hope it helps

  • Envin Heyence

    best way to safely root your phone, download SuperOneClick in ur PC, connect ur phone, open SuperOneClick.exe, click root. Done….Simple… I have done..

  • chandan

    hello my arc s is not detecting sd card ….when i put the card in the reader it shows 6 gb space available out of 8 gb…please help


    What If I want to Root Xperia Pico Dual (ST21i2) i.e. V 4.0.4 !!!!


    I understood and performed all the steps but unable to ROOT my Xperia Pico Dual (ST21i2) having Android 4.0.4
    Please help

  • soraandrie

    Why “Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit “cant be work with xperia ray ICS build 4.1.B.0.587?
    now i cant move those google app to my SD now ? anyone cant help or link for extra apps ?

  • mzbeg

    Hi, I have Samsung GT-S7562 Duos and would like to try the above. As am a complete novice in this field, would this ‘Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit’ and other software you mentioned in the above aritcal be suitable for my phone ?

  • aa

    same problem ,,, I have htc explorer and i have created a second partition from minitool but after restarting HTC explorer my SD card is not recognize. Please tell me what is the solution. I plug my set into computer but it only show CHARGE ONLY .

  • Danish Ahmad

    Dear, Superuser is the first application which get installed automatically after successfully rooting your android mobiles… So please kindly check whether you have rooted your mobile yet or not!

  • aler

    you must set both partition as primary

  • Fizz

    use this one …. its work for me ..

  • Mohan Palan

    I did all the steps you mentioned but while running batch file I got the message which I posted below. I am using Sony ericsson w8 series.

  • poe

    It’s not work at all for Arc S 4.0.4

  • angan

    how do i know if it’s installed on the new partition we made? I mean after selecting Create link, it doesn’t give you the option to put it in the new partition.

  • Red

    Getting Failure: Segmentation Fault error

  • Rahul


    I have Xperia Neo V (2012) running official ICS. Will these steps work? What are the precautions I should take before following those instructions? will the warranty be voided after this procedure?


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  • Johanna

    I’m trying to link a Zony Xperia J but it only wants to link with the internal memory of 2GB instead of the external SD card, suggestions?

  • Hi, got serious problem here. After rooting and restarting phone, some apps disappeared. I thought, ok, will download them again, since there weren’t many. Then, when I linked all my apps to the SD card and restarted the phone again, ALL my apps (except the very necessary functions like phone, contacts, calendar included in the phone) were gone. GONE. I don’t even have Play Store. I checked SD card,

  • nHazMukHtaR

    works on Xperia J??

  • nHazMukHtaR

    I’ve run the RUNME.bat but the result says “No such file or directory”.
    help pleaseeee!!!

  • nHazMukHtaR

    I’ve run RUNME.bat but the result says “No such file or directory”..
    any solution please???

  • nHazMukHtaR

    I’m using Xperia J..

  • I’m having problems rooting my Xperia Arc… Worked fine with my Xperia J… Any ideas?

  • What do I do wrong if I get this?

  • J0z31991

    i have speed problems running some games i have an xperia play and a kingston 32gb class 4 sd card i made a fat32 28gb partition and the second one ext3 1gb, the problem is that i cant run properly some games as modern combat 4 and wildblood and i dont know if it is because i made an ext3 partition instead of a fat32 :S pleace help me

  • if you already have the superuser app then you experience that try downloading superSU. It is like the superuser app. I have the same problem before ut after downloading that it finally works perfectly for me. :)

  • megazer0

    Perfect Crystal Clear instructions..worked lyk a charm for me..Many thanks..
    The Rooting MUST be successful,if so it will install SuperUser,else without it, i dont think it will work..

  • sylvian kahane

    I have XPERIA LT 18 and I got the followin when trying to root it

    — STARTING —-
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    — creating temporary directory
    mkdir failed for tmp, File exists
    — cleaning
    rm failed for *, No such file or directory
    — symlinking tmp directory
    failed on ‘/data/local/tmp’ – Permission denied
    link failed File exists
    — Rebooting
    if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
    disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
    toggle “USB DEBUGGING” (first disable it then enable it)
    — enabling emulator hack
    /system/bin/sh: cannot create /data/local.prop: Permission denied
    — Rebooting
    if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
    disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
    toggle “USB DEBUGGING” (first disable it then enable it)
    — pushing busybox
    797 KB/s (1075144 bytes in 1.316s)
    — correcting permissions
    — remounting /system
    mount: permission denied (are you root?)
    — checking free space on /system
    14 KB/s (439 bytes in 0.029s)
    — Free space on /system : 46364 bytes
    — no cleanup required
    — copying busybox to /system/xbin/
    /system/xbin/busybox: cannot open for write: Read-only file system
    — correcting ownership
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
    — correcting permissions
    Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
    — installing busybox
    /system/bin/sh: /system/xbin/busybox: not found
    — pushing SU binary
    failed to copy ‘filessu’ to ‘/system/bin/su’: Read-only file system
    — correcting ownership
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    — correcting permissions
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    — correcting symlinks
    rm failed for /system/xbin/su, Read-only file system
    link failed Read-only file system
    — pushing Superuser app
    failed to copy ‘filesSuperuser.apk’ to ‘/system/app/./Superuser.apk’: Read-only
    file system
    — cleaning
    rm failed for /data/local.prop, No such file or directory
    rm failed for /data/local/tmp, Permission denied
    failed on ‘/data/local/tmp.bak’ – No such file or directory
    — rebooting
    ALL DONE!!!
    Press any key to continue . . .

    It seems that nothing got done.

  • Velden1

    Works great on my Xperia Ray!

  • adam

    what happen to the partition if i flash new rom after that?

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  • NoobDroid

    IT WORKED ! (Ok, It took me a week to figure out just the right settings and to remember to reboot a couple of times) WOW – THANK YOU Uber Droid geeks! My cheap Optimus V is now as powerful as an expensive one.

  • piyush Verma

    nothing works at alll on stock rom…. sleepless night dooing the process again n again for my htc wildfire s on stock rom now….but this suuuuucks….doesnt work at all…. when i do create link it creates a link but the message Linked to SD card comes in orange and not in RED….so all i have again is 9.54 MB of space on my internal memory……can somebody please help ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • mihir

    is this work on experia j

  • Kevin

    How to boot sony xperia pro and wat is the use of the ADB drivers?

  • Rafael

    When I open the app for the first time I’m not asked to select the format of the secondo partition, therefore it’s not recognized… Whats should I do?

  • Rafael

    nevermind… solved it ^^

  • pillari.roopu

    the apps i moved ‘Linked -> SD Card’ in orange font insted of red color is it ok :D

  • Shahid Yaqoob

    worked well on my samsung galaxy y duos :) :D

  • nCUP Aja

    How about Xperia P, I want to partisi too, tnx for help!!!
    send to my email :

  • zak

    is this works with xperia z

  • paRadox craZies

    can my Xperia J with jelly Bean do this?

  • riley

    The same thing happened with me, no biggie. It’s because we are using the newer version of root explorer, simple.

  • Ermo

    I have the some problem. My software version is .587.
    Any help?

  • Naveed

    when i start minitool and look for disk 2 …its not showing disk 2 infact its showing :* on the partition what should i do …help me plz

  • Naveed

    My set is xperia play

  • Naveed

    i open link2sd and choose fat32 after that the superuser request didint
    perform anything………………….please help

  • omar rafi

    for the people who have problem with their memory card recognition

    ther is a way all you have to do is to put your memory card into another phone or just connect to to your pc

    then after its connected open mini tool partion and delete both of the partions and then create the only remaining partition select it as primary and select NTFS not fat32 and then click ok after this process id done put your memory card into your phone and turn on your phone after it turns on youll se a blank sd denotion on the status bar

    go to settings>storage>Erase SD card after that youll have access to your memory card from your phone!

  • Mar

    What did you do? I’m also experiencing the same problem, huhu. it would say in the storage info that SD 2nd partition is unmounted

  • slowpoke
  • *Dick You Right!®

    How to root samsung replenish????

  • yogesh

    i have same problem plez help me

  • slvr

    work good in my xperia x8

  • Abhishek Kumar Maurya

    Is rooting my xperia neo v 2011 edition gingerbred is SAFE??…..i heard rooting can BRICK my cell….please help me with correct procedure for rooting guys!!!!!…

  • gr8ful

    This rocked!

  • patrick

    i try to connect my phone and open minitool partition but i cant see my sd card i also try to refresh it plss help…

  • Nicho

    wow, this is great, worked on me, thanks a lot :)

  • Hasan Ismahel

    Hi will this work on galaxy s3 mini Gt-i8190 ?

  • Deepak Eapen

    The guide is indeed very clear and well explained, thanks a lot , but would this work on Xperia Neo V running on 4.0.4, Build – 4.1.B.0.587 ?

  • Deepak Eapen

    Thanks mate, this guide is absolutely AWWWESOME ! I just completed my rooting (But for rooting I used the following guide as I am using an Xperia Neo V with ICS 4.1.B.0.587) and partition and it worked like a charm. I cannot believe it. Now I am no longer clamped down by the internal memory size.

    ATTENTION Xperia Users (For ROOTING):
    If any of you guys are using Xperia smart phones running on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3, 4.0.4) (4.1.B.0.587 4.1.B.0.431 4.1.A.0.562) then you must refer to this guide ( for rooting and then come back to this guide for partition steps.

    Thanks once again, God bless !!!

  • Alaythia Tee

    disc 2 did not show up!!!! help.thanks my phone model is neo l

  • Vijay Raghav

    Super…very good compiling and instructions!! Thanks for your time and patience.

  • james

    can you help me this one ? i was stock in this part :(

  • Peyman

    it`s not work for xperia m dual

  • Geoff Skews

    Just tried this and all worked up to allow superuser access – mine doesn’t offer the option – now what :-(

  • Vasilena

    Enormous thank you =)

  • KEN


  • Misaki-chii

    is this working on Xperia Acri Is11s?? i’m not too familiar with those adt drivers.. please help me!! :3

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  • Angelo

    thank you for your help. now I don’t have to pay just to root my phone. :))

  • Z3DG3

    thank u soooooo much!!!! although takes me time to do this but it’s worth it!!!!

  • ???? ???? ?????

    wont be that easy for 32G sd card and 64G…. I tried once and sd card got busted as keeping trying to make 2nd partition formated as FAT32 sized 10G….ive tried gparted how ever unsuccessful at this moment.

    *because my motive is to put everything in sd card rather in internal memory.

    for 16G and 32G maybe shouldnt be a big problem, as window itself cant formate FAT32 larger than 32G….

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  • Bruce

    Thanks a lot for this guide!
    I just upgraded my Arc S to KitKat and your guide solved my space-issue! :-)

  • Sijt

    i have problems with connecting my Htc Wildfire S to the computer. It has cynagogenmod CM 10.1 on it and is rooted. Is there another way of connecting my phone or can i just connect the SD card to my computer?
    Please help

  • Sijt

    I followed the instructions and made a partition on my SD card. My phone’s music is in a folder in the sd card and my phone can’t find the music please help.
    I have a Htc Wildfire S. Can i also use the app without having the sd card partitioned or can i move my music elswhere?? HEELP


    Hi.. i partitioned my sd card as 1GB and 6GB after that when lonk2sd ask me for select file system of second partition then i select fat32/fat16.. after that my cell get reboot but.. only SONY occurred again and again.. device will not get booted.. please help me…
    my cell is already rooted .. supersu also give root privileges ti link2sd,…. ANY ONE HELP ME PLEASE

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  • Dhruva

    Gives me error code 4 always. :

  • Pingback: How To: Permanently Get More Memory in HTC Chacha and Fix the Dialer Problem |

  • kalai vanan

    do we have to move the app to sd card after linking??

  • arnav bhanot

    worked for me for sony Xperia-C2305..

  • arnav bhanot

    but my applications are lagging or not responding ! what can be done about that !

  • Roy

    Everything went well , How ever after I partioned the Memory card to two primary partitions ( 10GB 4GB ) , and rebooted my device .. It goes into a boot Loop …

    Xperia M – 4.2.2 – Rooted.

  • jp

    It took me ages to do this. Here’s what I did.
    When using mini tool drag the bar from the left to the right. Create three partitions 1swap, 1ext2 and 1Fat32. Make sure that the partitions are listed in minitool with the swap file at the top, ext next and fat32 at the bottom. This should work ok. can make the swap partition tiny.,

  • lolol

    Superb guide, thanks! I had few problems but managed to solve thim with the comments/solutions bellow!

    (the mirdoSD was first not recognized by the toolkit, i also needed to root the superaccount)

  • Dontsy

    I downloaded PC Companion when I got my phone in October. It is now JULY and I keep getting an out of memory message when I try to update apps. So I found you site. Not helpful at all. Downloaded the Mini Tool Partition Wizard and after that your instructions stink!!!

    I opened the settings but there is no Applications???? did you mean APPS. After playing around I found a place to turn on USB debugging but nothing happened and no where could I find something that said anything about enabling Unknown Sources. It has been a total waste of my day and I am somewhat upset. Swore I would never buy another Sony product but got a deal on the Xperia j from MTS and have regretted it for a few months. Now this!

    Please get yourself an Xperia J ST26a and try following your own instructions. If you get them to work, Please email me with the correct way to do this work around.

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  • abdul

    sony xperia sp keeps booting i.e after the xperia logo…..can any1 give a hand!…advance thanks…..

  • Simon

    Hi! I tried to do this with my ARC S, android 2.3.4 and build 4.0.2.A.0.62.. It dosent seem like the rooting works ? Everytime i run the .bat file, ut just closes when it says “rebooting..”.. I never got the message that rooting is done.. And after making a new partition on my SD card, neither mye phone or my computer detects the SD card anymore.. Help plz ?

  • art

    stuck in a boot loop, xperia m dual, 4.3

  • vanhyde

    can it be done for Xperia M rooted with towelroot(+remountbootfix) ?

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  • TOm

    I used this method successfully for Xperia M dual C2500, but there was a problem along the way. In step 5, the message about restarting the phone appeared, but before I could press the OK button, the phone restarted on its pwn. Then it got into a boot loop: would only boot fpr a few seconds, showing the “Sony” screen, and then “Xperia” screen, reboot, repeat ad infinitum. When I removed the sd card, the phone booted normally.

    I was able to solve the problem by

    1. Installing and running init.d Toggler according to the instructions by Holmes.Sherlock:

    2. Using the definitive root Remount-Reboot fix by [NUT] at
    Note that this is in the Xperia Z forum, but worked for Xperia M dual.

  • TOm

    see above

  • TOm

    Also worth mentioning I have Android 4.2.2

  • cig84

    Hi TOm, did you follow all the procedure provides by Holmes.Sherlock from the beginning or did you just install and run init.d after you remove the SD card because of the bootlooping?

  • erick

    sony xperia v user.. after selecting fat 32 then reboot… and i got boot loop.. why is that?

  • Yasindu

    Excellent post!! I managed my xperia mini with this tips and Link2SD pulled down “there is insufficient storage on the device” error on my phone.

  • Yasindu

    “You need to use a non-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your second partition in order to link app’s private data files. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT) does not support UNIX file ownership or permissions and will cause a security breakdown of app’s private files. Link2SD Plus can move app’s private data files if you have a non-FAT partition.” captured from

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  • Hedy Krid


  • Mrk

    I have successfully partitioned my sd and my phone is rooted. Link to sd asks for the type of partition, when i give fat 32 my phone asks superuser request. After allowing my phone gets restarted but it goes on booting and it never ends but when i remove my sd my phone returns to the normal state. My phone is xperia M(c2004) android 4.3

  • Aryan Tripathi

    while rooting, when i press the key, it says waiting for device

    i have witched on my debugging and install apps from unknown sources. i have connected my sony xperia m to my pc but still it says Waiting for device

  • SGS Venkatesh

    Partitioned using Link2SD. I created a 2GB FAT32 primary partition and 12.7 GB FAT32 primary partition. 2GB for linking my apps and 12.7 GB for my personal media files. Now I am no way being able to access my 12.7 GB partition. Any help is greatly appreciated. @disqus_lVZbevv5mi:disqus

  • Roberto Pagnotta

    link2sd is a cheat. And you who make such guides are accomplices. basically you can do almost nothing if you don t pay for the plus version, because the free version doesn t allow you to link to sd the most important stuff. the rest of the work you can do it as well with the android “move to sd” function. basically this programm is a scam, because you should know you have to pay for it BEFORE you root your device, invalidating your warranty, and spend money like me for a fucking sd adapter because you have to split your sd and the mini tool doesn t see it through the phone’s usb connection. So this is basically a fraud to force people to buy that fucking 2 $ sofware without a choice, because once you did all that work for rooting and partitioning your sd then you MUST use that fucking link2sd. Incredible,…disgusting… criminal

  • computermacgyver

    Depending on how you rooted your phone, you may end up with a boot loop after adding the link2sd mount scripts. Don’t panic. Power down the phone (taking out the battery if necessary), remove the SD card, and the phone will boot fine. The trick is to then edit the 11link2sd mount script and make sure that /sbin/ric is stopped/killed before the mount starts. To accomplish this, I added the following at the beginning of the /system/etc/init.d/11link2sd file:

    su busybox mount -o remount,rw /
    su busybox chmod 644 /sbin/ric
    su busybox mount -o remount,ro /
    su busybox pkill -f /sbin/ric
    su busybox ps | busybox grep “/sbin/ric” | busybox wc -l >> $LOG

    This seems to occur when the bootloader is still locked (depends on how your phone was rooted).


    no i managed to do it 4 free without an adapter and i am using an old phone with small internal memory i just had to change usb mode from mtp to mass storage for minitool to detect it .If your phone has native move to sd maybe u didnt need to partition in the first place i can move any downloaded game or app… i get the feeling that you might be a keyboard warrior who didnt think things through b4 rooting and if you have a new phone under warranty why the fuck would u root it anyway next time u should maybe read up on the pros and cons b4 making a major decision concerning your operating system and really 2 bucks isnt too bad for the hours of developing the apps FUCKING TROLLS…..disgusting…. criminal

  • Roberto Pagnotta

    FUCK OFF YOU BAG OF BULLSHIT! the native move to sd doesn t free enough space to make a difference. After i installed link2sd it fucked my smartphone. Now it s slower then ever. Also youCAN NOT move the biggest files unless you buy the Plus version, so basically the free version do quite the same job as the native ‘moe to sd’ application of android. YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. The web is full of shit like you.

  • Grae

    I have a 32 GB SD card and had it partitioned as 16 GB EXT3 and 16GB FAT32.
    My Xperia M4 Aqua only has 8GB built in storage.

    I have been using Link2SD for some time but I am still getting the notification that my storage is running low. Am I doing it wrong? Should I be linking to second partition instead of the first?

  • Thai Hong

    HI, i am having a problem , I have rooted my phone using Kingroot and it was successfully ! But after few minutes or I just restart my phone or trying other app ( LINE, FB) then the phone become not rooted == . How come? Then I go to check with the Android root checker, it said your device is not rooted but just now after successfully rooted I go to check it’s said your device is already rooted . How come it is not stable ? It is not fully root ?? My phone is HTC Desire 816.

    I rooted my phone then I trying the Link2SD app on my phone, but after it restart , then the phone become not rooted and I have to root it again and again== Today I already root for 50++ times == WTF?

  • Yura

    Great job! Thanks so much! Do you have any solution for the MTK processors?
    I have the same problem on my tablet PC with the MTK processor.

  • dan komis

    my niga lots has changed since 2011, and theres all kinds of obstacles now with the newer versions of android

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