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by XB on 12th December 2011

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Xperia new Gingerbread UXPWe were sent a screen capture of Sony Ericsson’s new Gingerbread UXP (the UX platform is the strategic framework for the core of Sony Ericsson’s portfolio) over the weekend. Interestingly the picture has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, the same as the rumoured Sony Ericsson Nozomi – further evidence that this 2012 flagship will launch with Android Gingerbread.

The single image itself doesn’t give too much away. It shows the Android home screen using a new font for the clock widget. The small rectangles at the top of the screen on current firmware, showing which of the five home screens you are on, have been replaced by circles. Also the border around the four sticky icons at the bottom has been removed. The UI also matches that seen on the leaked Nozomi images from earlier today.

It is therefore looking more and more likely that Sony Ericsson has redesigned some elements of its Android Gingerbread firmware and that this will launch prior to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in H1 2012. We reported on new eDream6 firmware over the weekend. At the time we were wondering what had happened to eDream5, so maybe this is it? Given the date on the image below, could this new firmware be rolling out as soon as early January (along with a Nozomi release)? It shouldn’t be as farfetched as it sounds given all of the recent evidence.

Xperia new Gingerbread UXP

Thanks X-Leaker!

  • Looks more like a circle than a rectangle to me :p

  • Jan

    finally live wallpaper from SE? :)

  • yea. they said that the rectangles were replaced with circles.

  • Anonymous

    He just said it was a C-I-R-C-L-E!!!!!!!  -_-

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t look live to me though!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about live wallpaper for android, but they did have one for the vivaz and the satio, if i’m not mistaken. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZmqCYgMD5E

  • Rooshan

    NOPES, I used a bullshit satio. It doesn’t hav it… I added it by a CFW. It’s cool though

  • Mario

    now this is something that i do like :)

  • Mario

    isn’t 9 january the launch of CES? i bet we’ll be getting android 2.3.5 at the start of CES with new devices from SE launched.. the 4.0 will then have to come in march.

  • Bob

    where can i find that wallpaper above for xperia arc?

  • Anonymous

    If the Nozomi were to be released on January than it would be awesome to have this new UI, but if they plan to release it on March then don’t you believe it would be much better to release it with ICS? Because if the Nozomi will be released with Gingerbread, I’m just getting the feeling that it may take a long long time until we the 2011 xperia owners taste ICS.

    I like the UI, but the sooner the better, because think about it, knowing s/e they will release the phone in March and other regions may get it on May or even later, so I hope the company doesn’t ruin our excitement by lagging behind again, specially since they stepped up the updating game in 2011 :)


  • Not live Wallpapers, but just basic flash based background ( seriously, just a simple SWF with some variables passed between the phone and the swf like the sensors data to move the wallpaper )

    It was in Vivaz only, Satio did not have that even thought Satio was supposed to be more high-end phone !!So some guys hacked things together then found a way to enable that Vivaz home UI to Satio with almost same features… the stock Satio home UI didn’t have even the ability to change the 5 tabs it has, but Vivas has this feature, porting the UI added this functionality… it was strange as both support that UI and even some elements/files of Vivaz home UI was in Satio already but not used.. and later SE concentrated more on Vivaz and forgotted Satio !!

  • Ilja Govenko

    I wonder… will X10i get this UXP update?

  • Cssf09

    I love :) 

  • Datu Usman

    Dear Xperia Blog. Another FW version was certified on PTCRB for Xperia Arc. Can you possibly find out what country this might be for? HW VersionSW VersionRequest TypeDate CertifiedA4.0.2.A.0.61ECODec 12, 2011

  • i’m GAMER

    a new good new – againa :)

    thank you SE , we waiting to see ICS on xperia series , specially on xperia play


    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • Anonymous

    There is a better screenshot on the Nozomi leak pics.

    Personally, I think SE’s current Gingerbread skin looks prettier.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if my 6 year old K850 will get this as well :P

    I mean come on bro enough with this X10 thing!

    The phone is getting old, and seriously you can’t expect the phone to get updated for ever.

  • Anonymous

    Officially, probably not. Though you can always look for unofficial ways to do so.

  • Jan

    on my stock W995 there was “live wallpapers” (swf) with moving sensors too. New xperia should have live wallpaper similar to background in xmb of ps3

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  • jason cappello

    ICS should come preinstalled with Nozomi

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