Verizon planning a 4G LTE version of the Xperia PLAY?

by XB on 13th December 2011

in Xperia PLAY

verizon-xperia-play-4gVerizon may soon be preparing to release a 4G LTE version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY according to a leaked internal registration document. The document says that training for the Xperia PLAY 4G took place on the 12th December with a further day on 14th of December.

AT&T already offers its own Xperia PLAY 4G which is compatible with AT&T’s 21MBps HSPA+ 4G network, so maybe Verizon are trying to get parity with AT&T. It will be interesting to see if there is anything new about this Xperia PLAY other than LTE support. It also shows that the Xperia PLAY is likely to have a long shelf-live given its unique positioning in the market.


Via Android Central.

Thanks Guddu!

  • if they put in a better processor at the same time, it will be more desirable. 

  • i’m GAMER

    hey guys , this phone is powerful bull still do not received any sony’s exclusive game !
    no need to a new xperia play !

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • Anonymous

    I actually think we need a new Xperia Play. I pretty sure you just recently got your Xperia Play and you don’t want any buyers remorse. 

    I’m not saying it has to be a dual core phone but atleast something a bit more powerful and maybe a better screen. I’d also like to see a slimmer profile, I mean there are many keyboard phones that are thinner. 

    I hope this is a new model I will be lining up to buy it if is.

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