Sony Ericsson moving HQ from London to Lund, Sweden

by XB on 20th December 2011

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Sony Ericsson LundFor those thinking that Sony’s acquisition of the Ericsson stake in the Sony Ericsson joint venture would mean a retrenchment back to Japan, think again. Sony Ericsson plans to move its headquarters from London to Lund in Sweden rather than Tokyo.

Sony Ericsson’s office in Lund already has close to 3,000 employees, which is the company’s registered and legal headquarters. It also plans to open a development office in Copenhagen. The sales, marketing and communication functions will remain in London. Sony Ericsson’s Chief Executive Bert Nordberg plans to move to his home town of Malmö, Sweden.

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  • jinga

    if we are to believe the news that the name SE will change to sony by june. how will this news fit in?

  • Fact is fact

    U know what the name may remain the same,
    Who knows?!
    Because what people don’t get is that Sony bought ericsson! Sony didn’t just get seperated with them and ended the relationship! This means Sony will still be working with Ericsson but this time Sony will make all the decisions rather than both of them.
    Big internal memory, sealed batteries, no sd card option all shows that Sony is already in control.

  • Raydemort

    Looks like they acknowledge the strong position they have in the Nordic countries, news couldn’t be better. :) I was afraid the Nordic countries would be “forgotten”, small as we are. 

  • Anonymous

    Sony did NOT buy Ericsson. They bought Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson.

  • Anonymous

    I reckon their name will just change from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications to Sony Mobile Communications and still be registered as a separate company, just as other Sony divisions are registered as separate companies.

  • Well,
    I think Sony Ericsson did good job to change HQ from London to Sweden.
    May they get good result for this??

  • john

    Swedish companies are in general very productive and
    environmentally conscious

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