Xperia PLAY hits 200 optimised games – how many have you downloaded? [Poll]

by XB on 21st December 2011

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Xperia PLAY gamesEarlier this month, Sony Ericsson hit the milestone of having 200 optimised game titles available for the Xperia PLAY. This is quite impressive given that the Xperia PLAY is a very unique device in the Android eco-system and considering that there were just 60 Xperia PLAY optimised games back in March.

The latest Xperia PLAY optimised titles include Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation [on Gameloft’s shop only] and Sprinkle. Then you have some of the blockbusters from EA such as FIFA 12 and Dead Space amongst others that are currently free for Xperia PLAY owners. Given the number of titles now available, we just wanted to get an idea of how many titles Xperia PLAY owners have downloaded (free or paid). Cast your vote in the poll below.

How many Xperia PLAY optimised games have you downloaded?

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  • You do realize that modern combat 3 is listed in the marketplace as not compatible with xperia play and it’s not on gamelofts wap shop???!!!!

    I dont know why no one will bring this up but it is indeed crappy

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good point – we don’t know why they’ve restricted it to Gameloft’s shop only. We’ll take out the Android Market link above as it’s misleading. Let’s hope it comes to the Android Market at some point soon.

  • Suf75

    Thanks for the article. I love my Xperia Play. But I thought they would work hard on releasing ice cream 4.0 for Xperia Play more quicker.

  • i’m a GAMER

    i wish sony look at this page !
    i download most of games for  xperia play , but still don’t know , really don’t know why sony didn’t made any exclusive game for xperia play !!!!!!!!
    just look at modern combat 3 , it’s xperia play optimized now ! the graphic is great… means that xperia play can support hug games….

    but WHY , WHY sony ? where is god of war ? resistance ? little big planet ? locoroco ? patapon …..


    WHY ???????????????????????????????????????????

  • NONE, on sony platform.
    After Sony PS3 Linux fiasco, and Sony CD malware, Sony lost my trust.
    Who knows when Sony will abandon Android platform, just like it did with Linux.

    Can Sony executives promise never to abandon android?

    NO ! because it is a business decision to promote their phones through android, nothing more. And when the promotion is done, Sony will drop Android, and likely file a lawsuit against all who rooted/hacked their phones, or installed other Android versions.

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