Sony Ericsson LT28i ‘Aoba’ photo sample appears, suggests GSM version of LT28at is on horizon

by XB on 22nd December 2011

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Sony Ericsson LT28i sampleThe Sony Ericsson LT28at ‘Aoba’ has some very exciting specifications if the recent leak is anything to go by. We are talking about a 1.5GHz dual-core chipset, 4.55-inch (720 x 1280) display, 13MP camera and LTE highlighting it is probably destined for AT&T in the United States. This seems to trump the spec-sheet of the Sony Ericsson LT26i Nozomi, which is believed to have a 1.5GHz dual-core chipset, 4.3-inch 720p display and a 12MP camera.

Many people have been questioning whether a GSM version of the Sony Ericsson LT28at is being planned or not. We have already come across a previous benchmark of the LT28i ( the ‘i’ suggesting it will be the GSM version) that suggests it should be the case, however that was a while back. Some more recent evidence in the form of picture sample from the Sony Ericsson LT28i provides much more compelling evidence of a European/Asian release. This is all very well and good, however we do wonder whether 4.55-inches is perhaps just a bit too big for comfortable day-to-day use. What are your thoughts?

Thanks Jonas!

  • Anonymous

    Well, it might be fake, U know that U can edit EXIF info. Actually LT28i is still not on UA-profiles list (my script is checking it almost every day), only LT28at (it’s here if U are interested: ). U can see only ST25 is for Europe and USA. But it all might be changed, let’s see …

  • tymodmyt

    4.55-inches is too big for a smartphone.

  • Asad Mulla

    ive said it many times, 4.2 4.3 max screen size, My Arc is perfect

  • Cain

    depends if it has buttons or not :)

  • Owen

    What you need to remember is this could easily be like the Galaxy Nexus, it has a slightly bigger screen due to the back, home, multi-task buttons appearing on screen!

  • Anonymous

    True, but we always do our fact checks before posting a story. The above picture was taken by Christopher Håkansson who is a Staff Engineer at Sony Ericsson ( We very much doubt he would have faked the EXIF data…

  • Anonymous

    Understood, but U have to post it in article what did U wrote here in comment, after that there would’nt be any other misgiving about reliability of EXIF data :)

    Anyway if it is LT28i, still it’s only prototype. I still think there will be only AT&T version, just simple question: why to have HW very similar, very closely same phones for Europe? My logic says LT26i for EU, LT28at for USA, just my opinion which can be wrong in real.

  • bkh

    Yeah, probably not that different in size to the Xperia Arc if the buttons are on-screen.

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