Sony Ericsson reveals few more details on what’s in Xperia ICS update

by XB on 22nd December 2011

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Xperia ICS updateSony Ericsson recently released the Xperia Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) alpha ROM available for public consumption. The SE developers have just published a thank you post for all of the great feedback received since the announcement and also revealed some more details on what this update will include.

Sony Ericsson plans to ship both the vanilla and SE gallery apps, so you can use whichever one you fancy. Other additions include being able to create groups in the list of contacts as well as the text swipe feature that is currently included in the Gingerbread software.

Regarding the alpha ROM, Sony Ericsson is already taking on board what has been said and some of these points are “up for consideration and prioritisation, based on parameters such as relevance, usability, workload, resources and timing.” Hopefully more details will be revealed in due course.

Via SE Developer Blog.

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Fix compression, done.

  • unknown

    I love sony !!!! The best they can do is to give us the stock launcher and their custom launcher so we can choose between the two !

  • Djdeko83

    Sony please put In the OLD TV SHUT DOWN when turn the screenoff in the next update upgrade
    Regards u are the best…

  • Anonymous

    smart dialing please, search the calendar please

  • Asad Mulla

    smart dialing defo and shut down animation as others said

  • Datu Usman

    Sony Ericsson keeping us updated on the ICS update makes it so much easier to wait. I’m glad and really appreciate the fact they are taking feedback and are considering what will be best for the actual UXP and not just dumping a rom on us. It gives us more confidence knowing we will end up with a rom we wanted so thank you :)

  • you mean the CTR effect? yeah I want it back too!

  • Anonymous


  • Anirbanrocksyeah

    CRT effect actually :P not CTR(thats a game)..well i wud be relally obiliged if they give some kind of CTR effect :P btw my Xperia play on 2.3.4 still has that CRT effect :)

  • there is nothing to fix…
    compared to iPhone 4S with the SAME camera sensor it makes the same picture quality… and iPhone 4S pictures are about 3MB/picture….

  • jinga

    I really commend sonyericsson and the administrators of this blog for their relentless effort in trying to establishing trust to the brand.This site is a very important source of information to me,thus as the saying is” IF THE SHEPHERD IS STUCK THE SHEEP WILL SCARTER”,that would have been the case but it did not happen. So,we are saying thank you! and well done!

  • MazARcS

    Xperia Ray has it too. 2.3.4

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