New Xperia firmware (4.0.2.A.0.62) rolling out, just a minor update

by XB on 23rd December 2011

in Firmware, Xperia arc, Xperia Neo, Xperia PLAY

Xperia FirmwareA new firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia family is currently rolling out. The 4.0.2.A.0.62 firmware is currently available for the Xperia arc, arc S, neo, neo V and PLAY. The firmware is still based on Android 2.3.4 and it seems that this update is mainly targeted to those in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. If you want to download it then WotanServer is offering free flashing at the moment.

We haven’t come across any changelog, but it appears that this new firmware offers only minor bug fixes. If you do download, just be aware that you won’t be able to root using the zergRush method. The only way around this is by installing the old 4.0.2.A.0.42 stock kernel onto the handset (unlocking your boot loader is not required for installing old stock kernels, this is only needed for custom kernels). See a screenshot below.

Xperia Firmware

Thanks Jose and Suhaib!

  • Jlmcr87

    You can root this firmware if you have an unlocked bootloader. Use this:

  • this new firmware fixes a memory management issue that causes spontaneous reboots on many Xperia devices… there was a wrong configuration in memory manager and this gets fixed right here…

    (was posted on the SE developer forum)

  • joneo

    i have already update my neo to 4.0.A.0.62 using ( Sony Ericsson PC Companion ) but now i’m facing a problem with the phone it freeze for 5 sec and then restart or just reboot itself suddenly ! anyone else have this problem? or any suggestion how to fix it?

  • israelian

    If I updated firmware via Wotan server, Can I still update using SEUS or PC Companion later? 

    Sorry, I’m newbie on this matter.

  • Suf75

    How do I update the phone? I’m in the UK using the r800i. Will it really fix the reboot that happens on my phone. Send me a link where the Developers have officially said it.

    Thanks !

  • Kkscchaos

    for us it will come in week 2 2012 (few posts below the linked one)

  • Suhaib Haidar

    Yup, If your devices is still working with locked BootLoader you’ll be able to update your phone using SEUS and PC Companion, and Update over Air

  • Suhaib Haidar

    Can you help me please in this issue ? (Check the attached picture)
    I’m using FlashTools v0.5.3 with Unlocked bootloader with my LT15i

  • Suf75

    Thanks. So will that be the second week of January 2012 ? cause I really need to update !

    My phone freezes which has me taking the battery out. It’s so frustrating !

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  • Unlocker use for get better uses of iphone and make well to device. Information make it attractive and the best in uses. Sounds make that well and attractive.

  • Nerwinmagda

    Sir, I wish it will HELP about tha rebooting PROBLEM of Xperia NEO V?

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  • Danilo Carvalho

    How I install the old firmware? (4.0.2.A.0.42)

  • great update. Ui improvements rock, and phone is speedy

  • joe

    yesterday I’ve updated my ray. no troubles so far. honestly I cant see any differences but it seems smoother. any chance to see a detailed changelog?

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  • Rohitbopanna

    My Ray worked fine, now after updateing to 4.0.A.0.62  it freeze for 5 sec and then restart or just reboot itself suddenly

  • ram
  • ram

    ya i have the same problem in my ray

  • ki8383ki

    is it possible 4.2 upedatesin xperia x10 …

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  • Grig001

    today I was sitting in my phone,I received that there is a new softaware available,for my neo,4.02.A.0.62,I installed the soft via air,and after that my phone don’t want to start more :( when I tast the button to turn on,is flashing green light just…and nothing more :( :( :( 

  • Chrisoneil

    did you solve the fault

  • Mobilemaser

    yes i have the same problem with my Xperia arc….i am using the android 2.3.3
    and i m gonna update it..

  • Vigorous

    Try to press ‘power button’ + ‘volumn down’.

  • got it OTA and installed yesterday on my Xperia Pro. no problems, but nothing new noticed for now.

  • Michael

    Hi Grig001.. Have you got any solution on your problem yet?
    I have same problem with my Wife’s SE Live with walkman.. Have try to repair it several times without any luck.

  • Derek722

     Is your phone unlocked? I had the same problem and it took me hours to finally fix it. My phone is the xperia ray, so don’t know if it will work for your phone.

    1) use flash tool
    2) flash with Xperia 2011 Range_FreeXperia_ALL.ftf in (flash mode)- just google the name
    3) Make sure you follow the instructions when using flash tool — lots of tutorials online

    ++ IF your phone is unlocked using the software method instead of entering a code, DO NOT update via air or your phone will not turn on ++ I learned the hard way.

  • shitty upgrade, my phone before worked great, fast and quick, now is so slow and the good “old tv” effect when u block the touchpad disappear u.u

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  • Nabeel

     Use Sony Ericsson Update Service to repair the phone ; it normally takes around 20 retries but it eventually works.
    NOTE- NOT Sony Ericsson PC COMPANION

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  • Surya

    My neo v battery is draining really fast in this .62 firmware update. Been hearing that ics upgrade is even worse for the battery. Will reverting back to .42 firmware improve battery life. Please reply.

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