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by XB on 29th December 2011

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Xperia range2011 is about to draw to a close and whilst we’re excited to see what 2012 will bring, it’s also a chance to reflect on the year gone by. It has been a busy year for Sony Ericsson, releasing nine different Xperia handsets (eleven if you include the Xperia arc S and Xperia neo V). Each of these handsets serve a different segment of the market and one handset in particular, the Xperia PLAY, created a new one altogether. SE’s flagship Xperia arc handset will go down as a classic in mobile design in and the Xperia neo was a wonderful all-rounder.

Then you have the Xperia mini family for those that go against the ‘bigger is better’ mantra and the Xperia active for the sporty types. The Xperia ray arrived later in the year, a chic handset with superb pixel density and features. The Xperia pro probably launched a little too late to be widely distributed, which was a shame as it was high on many people’s wish lists when it was announced. Lastly you have the Xperia acro, a best seller in Japan, marrying the design of the arc with some extra features that are important to the Japanese public.

Choosing a ‘winner’ out of all these handsets is not easy as everyone’s needs are different and the diverse 2011 Xperia range mean there is a smartphone for almost everyone. However, if we were to pick our favourite, it would probably be the Xperia neo. This may surprise some given the competition in the form of the luscious Xperia arc and the unique Xperia PLAY.

Considering that the original 8MP Xperia neo carried all of the features of the Xperia arc but also added a front-facing camera and arguably a more ergonomic design (it certainly sat easier in our hand than the Xperia arc) meant it pipped the Xperia arc for us. The Xperia neo is neither the prettiest phone nor one that has super-high specs, but for the price, we thought it offered great value for money. Perhaps Sony Ericsson thought the same, which is why they gimped the phone for the neo V release and gave it a 5MP camera instead. Despite this, the neo V remains a well-built handset and should be high on your list if you don’t need the larger touchscreen (and design) of the Xperia arc.

Anyway, please vote for your favourite Xperia model of 2011. We’d also love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

What was the best Xperia model released in 2011, in your opinion?

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  • ZyxeLa

    Arc of course… Sexy phone B-)

  • Anonymous

    Although this voting system is not very accurate, however, I would like to clarify why I believe the xperia play is the best xperia of 2011.
    First of all, most carriers in the world picked the xperia play over the Arc, and this included 2 major carriers in the States ( Verizon – at&t)

    Also, the Arc even though great and stylish but it didn’t stand against strong competitors like the Sensation and GS2. On the other hand, the Play was in a different league because not only that it had great specs but it had a full game pad which made it distinguished not only among the xperia 2011 line but in the whole android community.

    In the meantime both the play and Arc will be upgraded to ICS but don’t forget that the play will also get access to the PS store since it’s play station certified, another advantage the play gets over the Arc.

    For all the reasons above I believe that the play wins the best xperia handset on 2011.

    Please feel free to challenge my opinion and provide me with enough evidence to believe that the Arc is the winner, because I would be interested in knowing what you guys think as well.

    Cheers :D

  • Anonymous

    I disagree :)

    The arc not only is thin and looks and feels amazing but it has a screen which is amazingly bright and has a crisp screen (reality display) and of a size just right (4.2″) It also has an 8MP Exmor-r camera which takes amazing shots as well as great HD video. These are two areas where this phone triumphs the play in my opinion. I do admire the play however as it is a great piece of hardware and praise SE for managing to successfully create a whole new category with its own eco system, but the price and launch, the poor camera and screen ruled over the advantage of having a game pad and is ultimately why I chose the arc and think its the best xperia of 2011

  • Anonymous

    well, about the PLAY’s screen.

    It’s also bright and crisp but SE made the auto-brightness  so aggressive to conserve battery life, most reviewers thought the screen is dim. but after 2.3.4 update were you can disable the auto-brightness. it is really crisp and bright. 
    Also BRAVIA MOBILE ENGINE was ported to the PLAY

  • Jan

    Also HDMI out is winning factor. Im still on X10 with stock 2.3 but i would like to buy Xperia Play.

  • Bob H

    Using google Chrome … I see the poll results but no button to vote with.

  • Anonymous

    My friend thanks for your fast reply :)

    However, the main advantages that you claimed the Arc bested the play are also available on the neo/pro/ray so these great features ( Bravia screen + 8 mp Exmor R technology) are not exclusive for the Arc right?

    So again, The play is unique and one of a kind and that’s the main reason most of the carriers worldwide including the folks in the US picked it over the Arc.


  • joe

    imho the xperia ray has been a big big surprise: so tiny so powerful. good job SE!

  • Guest

    Xperia arc is the only phone with  No Air Gap Display, which makes the images and colours much crisper than other Xperia models

  • Asad Mulla

    Yeh I think so too. I have an arc for myself but got the RAY for the missus

  • amey

    xperia mini pro for sure……. ;-)

  • Herdica
  • angel morales

    Xperia Arc s!!!


  • Xperia PLAY , best all in 1 entertainment phone

  • Yeah, many has mistaken about the CPU + RAM in Play, they thought it same as all Xperia 2011 line, Snapdragon 1ghz + adreno 205 + 512mb RAM. But im not blame them, blame it to SE why they not promote Play was built in expensive Elpida Dual Channel DDR2 RAM that make it performance and battery better than other on same chipset. 

    Thats why, Xperia Play can running game smoother than other same chipset phone.

  • Some people who owning Xperia Ray claim that Xperia Ray have ‘no air gap’ display too.

  • Argiriano

    Absolutely agree – Ray was surprise, a pretty good one, and it is a pretty good device. :)

  • CK

    The Ray would be nice if they included HDMI, Big fail.. Why can’t SE release a phone with all the features anyone could posibly want.. oh thats right, they did.. the Neo! 8mp Exmor-R sensor, front facing camera, HDMI, Bravia screen. RIP Neo .. you were the top of the line (until they dumped you for the Neo V) 

  • Asad Mulla

    855 votes so far. thats impressive.

  • Xahid

    Agree with you, Neo is the Winner for me :)
    and I got one :D

  • Zaryab

    stupid poll

     Xperia playy  by miless

  • joe

    I’m one of those people :-)

  • owl

    haha! actually, considering the xperia play is a (with emulator) PS1, PSP, NES, GB, GBC, GBA, N64 and several other consoles combined with proper gaming keys, it’s a wonder it didn’t sell better.

  • cocky

    I most likely to buy an arc for myself but ray got my voted

  • tymodmyt

    Ray is the best.

  • testadeferro

    xperias are all similar, one has big screen but no front camera, the other has this but fails in that, I vote for neo, It+s by far the best allrounder from the xperias.

  • Asfd

    I have Arc S but Ray is no.1

  • jason cappello

    I have a neo but i believe the arc is better, though ive only used it once.
    I think the neo is a phone that shouldve never been, the pro and neo shouldve been one device

  • Rajkumarthapar

    Arc S is the best

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