Current Xperia software already has a number of Android 4.0 ICS features

by XB on 30th December 2011

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Android ICS homeMost Sony Ericsson Xperia owners are eagerly anticipating the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update which will commence in March 2012 for certain handsets. We expect another big Android 2.3 Gingerbread update before ICS that will bring some new features, although timing remains unknown.

Sony Ericsson recently took the opportunity to remind users that while ICS will be a worthwhile update, there are a number of ICS features that are already part of Xperia software. This includes the ability to uninstall apps directly from the app tray, take screenshots, panoramic camera sweep, adding folders on the home screen to group apps/shortcuts as well as favourite apps that remain on all home screens.

We think that Sony Ericsson has done a good job with its software customisations and look forward to see what else they have in store. What other features would you like SE to support in future updates? Personally we’d like wider video codec support as well as native USB OTG support. What would be on your wish list? Let us know in the comments below.

Via SE Product Blog.

  • Rammstone

    I would like a “Reboot” button also. The only thing I miss from having CM7. Far from a big deal, but its just a nice feature

  • Smart66machine66

    So late
    Other brands have released now

  • Mattjenkins1674

    DivX support would be epic.
    I think SE has done a superb job with this Software track. So many ICS features already in my arc S.

  • ADD Phone tracking, Phone Locking & remote wipe off over the WEB…. its a MUST

  • Wfaddah

    blu tooth does not transmit song name to my radio. Motorola and Samsung have no problems there. More focus there please

  • Mo

    have released what?

  • Hisham

    Reboot option, change the song by holding the volume buttons ( same as my old k770 ), run the camera when the screen is off, ability to move the applications to sd card, and speed dial.

  • Algnerd

    a full codec (flv, avi, mp4, mkv….)

  • Anonymous

    smart dialing, Search the calendar, Full codec

  • Diarmuid O’Brien

    My wish list? Simple, that we have the option to install vanilla android. Will be May until I get ICS. This is rubbish, no matter what way it’s spun.

  • Manitoualpha

    Is the X10 going to be included in the ICS update?

  • Sam

    I would like;
    Ability to create folders in the app tray(AS A MUST)
    Less photo compression
    Security options(add a pin to access messaging and phone dialler)
    Slightly changed/upgraded lockscreen

  • Sam

    Applications can already be moved to SD Card

  • Jenge

    All X10 series devices will no longer recieve major updates due to hardware limitations. Suggest rooting and using link2sd which is the only other outstanding feature which still could work on your X10*

  • 1. Less photo compression
    2. Group contacts
    3. Ability to change the network name of the phone (more an Android than xperia feature)
    4. DivX support

    Did I say ”less photo compression”???

  • Asad Mulla

    I personally dont like the “whats in the folder” in the favourite bar on the home screens it looks tacky. I prefered the just a folder. looked neater. as was with the older firmwares

  • Datu Usman

    as somebody already stated here. LESS or not photo compression or at least give it as an option in the camera app. Camera360 (free off of android market for the christmas period) is the best alternative. Images turn out sharper and crisper with image file size around 2 – 4mb. Must try it out Xperia owners til Sony decide to fix this. If they decide to fix this. Otherwise a great line of phones for 2011. If there will be another major Gingerbread update before ICS then we welcome that with open arms! But one thing I will say, I absolutely love how Sony Ericsson turned over after the X10 disaster :)

  • Rene Pedroso

    Remote Play for PS3

  • Asad Mulla

    Location Free, I bought that but what a wait of money it turned out to be, no support after p990i and win XP so now totally useless. had potential.

  • Ddrfanatic

    To be able to set the amount of calendar data I want stored in my phone, rather than the default 3 months or so presently.

  • Kshitij Bhandari

    Two things that can add to the user experience.
    1. A dedicated video player that supports wider video CODECS
    2. A file manager

  • Feim2

    what does NATIVE usb on the go mean?

  • Anonymous

    Means hardware supported not just software emulated.

  • Anonymous

    Remove timescape, facebook on xperia, and many things I seriously do not need. At least enable us to be able to uninstall them instead of flashing. Enable folders on the app menu

  • Golapoma

    1. Advanced message information (be able to see when message was sent from tower)
    2. Reboot
    3. Music player reads album art of each song in album NOT only one for all songs in album(AS A MUST)

  • israelian

    Improved battery life would be much appreciated.

  • Malenimalenic

    USB OTG support pleasee!!!

  • M4dj

    I would like to see the option to set the ISO sensity while taking the photo. Also scenes on photo camera are missing (night, portrait, beach…), improvements to the night photos and photos taken where there is no strong light because the camera makes photos with a greater iso while some older SE phones take better photos and lower ISO sensity while taking the same same picture.

  • Please, please, please smart dialing and speed dial… it’s still a PHONE by the way.. soo inconvenient to search in contacts, click the icon, then click the call button…

  • M4dj

    Enable the option to remove the following applications and link shortcuts:
    –  timescape, facebook,
    – get games,
    – music & videos 
    – get apps
    – games & apps,
    – games by popcap, store

    this are only taking up space….

  • M4dj

    my mistake. There is an option for choosing scenes like night, beach, portrait….

  • M4dj

    You can make a contact like shortcut and put the ico on the main screen. You can also make a folder and put in there your favorite contacts. Very handy feature.
    Under the contacts menu you can also set your favorite contact seperately from the main contacts (this apear as “stared” on google account.

  • Gareth Williams

    For anyone looking for a stock but lite version of android then you can do no better than Arconium 5.5 

    I have been using for a few weeks and its awesome, no lag, no bloatware, just a super quick Arc (s) 


  • Widgets in statusbar
    Smart dialing
    and maybe folders in app tray..

  • joe

    I agree for removing:

    video unlimited
    buy games
    game & apps

    imho all useless app

  • Sam

    -Folders in app tray(WE NEED)
    -I would also like for you to add features to the camera such as black and white, cartoon, fish-eye etc, very fun but simple features we would appreciate

  • cowpoos

    Arrange, make folders and sort photos in gallery on xperia ray

  • i’m a gamer

    -we really would like to have new play station pocket that can enable us to play PS2 and psp games (( oh god , pleeeaaaaaasssseee…))

    -also play sony’s exclusive games on xperia play. i suggest to sony, just test is , if you make god of war-little big planet- resistance- uncharted… on xperia play , your benefit will increase tree times !!!

    -a new and very customizable lock screen , sony in bigger than htc and they should have special lock screen ((for example , htc have exclusive lock screen …))

    -now we can easily pot “bravia engine” and ” 3 D camera” on xperia play. so it can be very very good for SE to port it on stock rom for xperia play (( on next update ))

    -we need more home screen , beside , it can be appreciated to increase this option(( up to 7 screen . this feature is already created on xda-developers ))

    – we hope that sony make very very special update for xperia play to improve graphics quality and power. as we all know , sony can do it , just look at what they have done on psp . with minimum cpu,it can run god of war !!!!

    -now, there is many tweaks on xda-developers for xperia play , just search for that and add theme on next update to improve the performance …

    in the end , it’s really really appreciated , if we can play ps2 , psp and sony’s exclusive games on our beautiful xperia play

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • Mohammad Ali

    I think ICS need a more powerful music and video player first music player can be better. the one that exists is very good but it can be better.
    -I think music player need a repeat function for each audio track (repeat 1)
    -It was really nice if we could bookmark a part of song that we can listen to that part repeatedly
    -showing music lyrics is another thing
    -better equalizer than this one.
    The other thing is video player that is very simple and it should have these things:
    – supporting more video formats like : avi,mkv
    -Supporting subtitles for videos and a function for syncing it
    (I mean something like mx video player in android market but better than that)
    Finally We expect best things from Sony.something that make us believe….

  • Lorikarte

    1) Pls first keep xperia arc launcher in memory. Screen refresh and waiting folder icons loading very bad
    experience. We dont forget Launcher is main software of phone. When we play games or make something and
    turn back main screen launcher always refresh icons long time. Folder icons much more loading time.
    2) Pls more focus e-mail software. Pls add “select all mail” option in trash. How can we select 100 mail in trash. One by one? I think se workers dont use their phone. And all storage in internal memory. Your phone internal memory low and Why dont you add option all mail data can save external storage?
    3) Pls add folder view option in music player.
    Sorry for everyone I am little ungry. I wait wait wait se. I think se dont read forums, xda or their customers mail.

  • Lorikarte

    We use alternative launcher, use alternative mail, alternative file manager, alternative music player,
    alternative alternative. So why we buy se? Dont answer this is android you have option.
    Now I read they thinking what they add option ics. Pls focus your main softwares are more stability.
    Go launcher do this Se dont. I dont believe. We dont want complex software and add alot of option but pls add
    some option and look samsung ar htc or custom launchers.
    Thank you

  • Isappalir69

    I agree with most commentors here REMOVE THIS USELESS APP:-
    -Music & Videos
    -Games & Application
    -Get App
    -Get Games
    +Plus (thought it was google’s, but noooo.. same crap as the above) 
    -Games by Pop
    So you see there all the same and yes the same what u think it does.
    When you go to market, you’ll see SE dedicated apps or games olso so why bother
    but to me from what i see is same as in the normal market..

  • Anonymous

    This would be a god-send.  No doubt google will get there eventually making the likes of Wavesecure redundant, however, SE would earn major brownie points if they were to make this available to Xperia owners.

  • MG

    Native 3G VIDEOCALLING!!!

  • Brian

    LESS, OR PREFERABLY, NO PHOTO COMPRESSION!!!!!!!! PLEEEEAAAAASE! This completely spoils the otherwise very good camera, which, let’s face it, most people buy SE phones for. We don’t all want to just upload pics to Facebook.

  • Lemonwilly

    The media player plays albums on repeat, which is quite useless when listening to music when you go asleep. Needs to be fixed. The media player on my w910i was better! The media player on the Satio was worse, and on Xperia it’s worse again! Sony needs to address this. Needs full features.

  • Lemonwilly

    Also, the ability to stop apps from starting automatically. Once you kill an app, it should stay dead. Not come back two seconds later. This slows down my handset a fair bit.

  • Argiriano

    Better picture quality (as in the past, with less compression and lower postprocessing) and higher audio output (without loss of audio quality).

  • Babybeki

    Folders in app screen
    Select all option in mail
    Widgets to work if app moved to sd
    The ‘older’ style folers on home screen
    Folders for photos

  • Apoorv Pandey

    Can anybody post a pic taken with xperia ray after ics update?
    i too have the set but in 2.3.4 the pics are highly compressed. just want to see if that is removed in the updat.

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