Which rumoured ‘feature’ from 2012 Xperia range is worrying you the most?

by XB on 4th January 2012

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micro-SIM Xperia There is just under a week now until Sony Ericsson unveils its new 2012 Xperia range, along with a new flagship. We’ve been reporting on a number of rumours about these new handsets for a few months now, both from the wider web as well as our own sources.

Whilst the specs on the higher-end phones sounds really exciting including 720p resolution displays, dual-core processors and 12MP/13MP Exmor R camera sensors there are other features that probably won’t sit well with consumers. For example, the Sony Ericsson LT26i Nozomi is believed to come with a non-removable battery, internal storage with no memory card support and micro-SIM.

The reasons why these may not be desirable are obvious. A sealed battery means that you probably cannot use third-party solutions, no spare batteries for long trips and no way to reset the device when modding. No memory card support means that you cannot transfer content from existing SD cards nor can you take advantage of falling prices for the larger memory card capacities. Lastly, micro-SIM support means it will be a pain to change SIMs between phones.

Remember, all of the above are rumours for now and we will find out exactly what is inside the next Sony Ericsson range on Monday 9th January 2012. However, we wanted to turn the question to our readers – which of these three features will annoy you the most if they turn out to be true? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments below.

Which rumoured ‘feature’ from 2012 Xperia range is worrying you the most?

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  • I would not like to say goodbye to my 32gb microSD card

  • Mighty Reds

    I have seen and played with a Nozomi and yes it’d 12mp camera and yes no se card and yes Micro sim but the screen is amazing and I want one.

  • Personally the Micro-SIM bothers be the least and the no microSD bothers me the most :p

    Reason being that, well, i doubt that i’ll swap my SIM card around a lot anyway so it shouldnt bother me a lot, if at all.

    Secondly the sealed battery is a downside but I can easily live with it, considering i dont do any modding.

    And finally the lack of microSD card support sucks the most for me because i’d definitely prefer to be able to switch and use multiple different SD cards :(

    Just my personal opinion :]

  • Wat_ever

    why do they take away the sd card extra storage?….maybe i get a samsung galaxy 3…

  • Wat_ever

    how does it stand up during the day with daylight on the screen?

  • linuxx

    Personally I would hate not being able to change the battery. I don’t have any problems with my current battery on my X10, but I certainly want to have the option of changing it if things start to get ugly.
    I couldn’t care less about the micro-SIM, since I don’t switch my SIM cards often; and also I don’t mind the lack of an SD card support – I find the 8 or 16 GB sufficient.

  • Alexander Amos

    What’s really worrying me is that they would take away Swipe. I thought it was a brilliant addition, and even though I have no evidence to suggest its going I have a gut feeling that its for the chop..

    Somebody clarify!!

  • I’m upset if any of the above happen

    The micro-sim is a pain if you have a pay monthly sim and you have to wait for the other sim, also sometimes you need numbers of old sims from other peoples dead phones, just a pain really

    The lack of changeable battery would be annoying especially if you play games a lot and your not near a computer or camping/travelling

    The most annoying is the lack of micro-sd the size of games/media is growing more and more and could be troublesome for a new phone, if no micro-sd card was on the xperia play you would be able to play any good games

  • Felipe Pimenta

    If you are camping, why you would play games on your phone? I would enjoy the nature and pay attention where I step. I would turn airplane mode on (as, normally, there is no signal in those areas, at least in Brazil).

  • Cock

    My upgrade for my old X10 comes up in two weeks.  Wait to see what happens with CES.  But if it’s draconian bullshit, I’ll probably settle for a nice glossy white Samsung Note and after four SE phones, bye!

  • Javy

    Time to see other options. Motorola, HTC and Samsung are teasing me with newer and better devices.

  • Fc1112

    16G SD????????????????

  • Anonymous

    You mean Motorola with their sealed in batteries, Samsung with their no memory card options, or HTC and their uglier than sin phones?

  • they will keep swipe… that weas mentioned a few days ago on SE product blog

  • Anonymous

    microSIM is okay, it will save space for more features or smaller device…

    The thing that worrying me most is lack of microSD, I just can’t live with that specially if the internal memory structure is awkward ( like Galaxy Nexus = no Mass Storage USB mode ), it will be less worrying if it has large ROM ( at least 1.5GB available to the user ) and separated internal user memory ( 16 and 32GB )… but I don’t think SE will go for this kind of memory structure…The best memory structure I’ve seen is the one Galaxy S2 have, large RAM (2GB), large ROM (1.8GB available to the users app), large internal user memory (16GB and 32GB) and microSD slot that is mounted as a folder inside the internal user memory… and in front of all that, the phone still support USB-OTG Mass Storage !!The embedded battery is not that flexible, most users today have two batteries to switch between as smartphone’s  has short battery live specially for active users… so if a company wanted to save space by using embedded/non-replaceable batteries, they should have some sort of external dock/accessory port ( other than standard microUSB/microHDMI or MHL enabled microUSB port ) that can be used to connect not just the phone to the dock ( with charging, USB and audio connections and even for HDMI out ) but even to handle 3rd party accessory like a back cover with embedded battery.

  •      In order(least to unacceptable) of disappointment would be as follows: micro sim, no micro SD card and the ***deal breaker*** would a sealed battery. Let me explain, no sd card would suck but there are options options you have to “prioritize” your data (apps, videos, pics, and music).  You would still be able to delete the content to make way for new data or PC backup it via USB cable(cut and paste to the hard drive). 

    Now on to the absolute DEALBREAKER  ***SEALED BATTERY*** NO third-party solutions,  NO WAY to reset the device when modding (how many times have your heard the device from tech support to pull the battery for 30 seconds when you have a problem????), yes these are obvious but the NO spare battery is most dear to me.  WHY???? you ask, well im a proud x10 owner(bought unlocked overseas and used on tmo USA) and i love this phone sure it has its quirks and the lack of android updates was not a hardware issue the true X10 users will back me up on this one.  The Most complained about feature of ANY smart phone ANYWHWHERE is **Poor Battery performance** OK programs what should you do????


    well i did and i use a USB micro battery charger EP900

    No more anchored to a wall socket, better battery life span, no more having to adjust your settings to conserve battery power (use that push email/bluetooth/wifi/brightscreen/3g or 4g as much as you want), no more having to work about breaking your micro USB connector from constant connection/usage.  For myself and others that paid full market price w/o any insurance plan or means of repairing the hardware, if this did happen how would be able to update the phone or move data to a PC from the phone………OH WAIT we wont have to worry about that cause the phone would be DEAD no way to charge the sealed battery if the USB Connecter is damaged.  (kudos to nokia n8 to include a micro usb connector AND a 2mm Charging connector, on a sealed battery design)

    (*quirk alert* Broken USB connector sony design makes this unrepairable so ive read) and the most important to any heavy user like myself is NO INTERUPTIONS in user service.  

    Once you experience life with 2 batteries YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK, battery getting low no prob just pop in the fresh fully charged one

  • Guest

    all three are not positive for any future mobile phone so they must be discontinued before it affect their sales!

  • Recursive

    All the reasons above is just a few reasons why i hate crApple.

  • i’m a gamer

    oh mu god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on xperia play 2 , we needd more storage , why no micro SD ???
    why non removeable battery ????

    when the phone hangs , ehat should we do ?????????????????

    why micro SIM ??

    please sony , PLEASE , think about game improvement on xperia play . PLEASE GOD OF WAR – RESISTANCE – UNCHARTED ….


    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • Asad Mulla

    I would say all of the above but then Sealed battery, My battery life is quite good so I think I can manage with that. No SD. USB to go would allow you to transfer from a flash drive so you can overlook it but its not ideal. Micro sim, I see you have a picture of an adaptor so converting back should not be an issue. Also alot of my friends and falily have Iphones so one of them invested in a £5 sim cutter and so no worries there.

  • Anonymous

    Sealed battery = No buy.

    I never bought a replacement battery but if I wouldn’t be able to do a hard reset by taking out the battery kills it for me. 

    Lack of MicroSD card doesn’t bother me as long as the internal memory is big enough (probably will never take out the 32GB card out of my Ray).

    Micro-SIM is a unnecessarity IMO but I don’t know if it will bother me in the long turn.

  • boosook

    Guys, there is a technical explanation for the removal of the SD card: in Android4 it will not be possible to mount a removable card as a usb disk, the only way to access files will be via MTP protocol. This has a technical explanation as well: the current situation where the SD card must be unmounted when connecting the phone to the PC is not desirable as the OS on the phone will suddendly have a missing disk… try to install google+ on the sd card and it will crash each time you connect your phone to the computer. The use of MTP protocol allows the phone to keep the card always mounted, so applications and data will be available even when the phone is connected to the computer.
    This means that there is less need for a removable memory storage.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to try and look at the advantages of each, if there are any…

    micro-SIM: well not a lot really, the Sim holder component is the same size with both the only thing is if other manufactures adopt this then otherwise they would be left behind so we will see. Maybe they also want to attract iPhone users looking to upgrade?

    No SD support: well this is annoying, but I suppose if the internal memory is decent enough they I you could live without it, It also makes things simpler not having to worry about having different ‘disks’ it is a pain on the arc having low internal memory and having to move apps over etc. The one problem I have with this is that if you (god forbid) drop your phone in water or it breaks, with a SD card you can still save photos or whatever valuable information you had on your phone. Without it, if your phone breaks so does everything with it…

    Lastly the sealed battery: thinking about this, straight away the idea annoys me but thinking about it more I have actually never really bothered to take advantage of having a removable battery on my arc, I suppose I like to have the option though. But I don’t know if I’d miss it that much, I know battery’s deteriorate over time but I don’t think replacing a battery will  be made that much harder having it sealed. The odd screw will have to be removed. But the main advantage I see is that having a sealed battery means no battery cover and the device can be made stronger/sturdier. Lets look at the iPhone as much as I hate it you have to admire its build quality (before someone drops it :P) it doesn’t creak or feel flimsy. I think a phone without removable parts  can be screwed down making it rock hard

  • Anonymous

    Living with my N8 for the past year i’ve kinda got used to the non removable battery part… Honestly the biggest “deal breaker” for me is still the micro-sim. Though non microSD memory card support is also just as huge bad

  • Antonio Kukas

    No MicroSD: I carry my USB OTG adapter everywhere, and my keychain is a USB MicroSD card reader. Also, the phone will have tons of internal storage, so I will have enough storage for my apps, music and other important stuff…

    Micro-SIM: Doesn’t matter to me, adapters are widely available and with them you have beter phone compatibility then with Mini-SIM…

    Sealed battery: No, no, no! With my Arc, I always have a spare battery in my pocket, so I don’t have to worry about how much energy I have left. Unless they find out a way to put in a 4500mAh battery, this would be the reason I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Wael Faddah

    perhaps it would be faster?

  • Wael Faddah

    non of the above, the phone size is what worry’s me 

  • Anonymous

    Hard call because all three of these would probably be deal breakers for me…

  • Andrew Webb

    All 3! I want to vote for all of them. Stop trying to be apple or prepare to lose a lot of customers

  • Anonymous

    sometimes features such as the torch on a phone are useful when camping – this drains the battery like hell. In such situations a phone can be a life-saver in an emergency and hence a spare battery is useful.

  • Anonymous

    MicroSIM is a real PITA. I have several SIM cards for travelling and keep them in my wallet. SIMs are already small enough – there is no need to make them even smaller and even easier to lose. There is no way I am going to cut up all my SIMs just to suit SE and have to use lots of fiddly adapters on top.

  • Anonymous

    That is BS. You are confusing the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4 as a whole which WILL allow you to mount a removable card as a USB Mass Storage Drive. The only reason why this is the case on the Galaxy Nexus is because the Galaxy Nexus is a crippled device which doesn’t have SD card support.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love the ability to upgrade my phone’s storage with SD cards and reuse my old SD cards. My really old SD cards get reused in a microSD reader as a USB drive on my keyring.

    If SE doesn’t include microSD support, then I don’t buy – it’s that simple – SE shouldn’t make such stupid arrogant decisions. If I wanted a crap device, I’d buy a crApple phone – these are very valid reasons why I don’t do so.

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of having much memory space at hand – so I would love to see 8GB + sd card option.
    On the Nokia C7-00 I´ve had 40GB…

  • sri

    why do we need 12 , 13 , 14 mp cameras in mobile ? camera doesn’t improve by just adding mps.
    what I really look is smooth touch, brilliant sound quality for music and plenty of internal and additional microsd support. 

    Otherwise any branded mobile is crap. Just go and buy ipod/iphone for music and video. And any cheap mobile for making calls. But don’t buy sony or sony ericssion

  • Guest

    Felipe… I agree with you fully, but he said “if you play games a lot and your not near a computer OR camping/travelling” – torch function.

  • [quote] 
    If I wanted a crap device, I’d buy a crApple phone – these are very valid reasons why I don’t do so. [/quote] 
    like no flash support, sealed battery, no additional SD card.

  • Guest

    Sealed Battery = Sealed Wallet!
    (for me!)

  • Goren

    What the heck is going on with the 2012 Xperia series? A 12 MP camera could be great but if you lose features like the removable battery or external storage then it doesn’t worth the buy, however If the internal storage would be at least 16 GB it wouldn’t be so bad. I’d stick to 2011 Xperia series as the best both in design and features :)

  • Samuel Serafim

    I want to use any memory card. Any, but I want to use.

  • Sethi Ganesh

    this micro sim is a torture

  • Sethi Ganesh

    Now a days all the service providers should sell micro sim also.

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