New Sony accessories: SmartWatch, Smart Wireless Headset pro and Xperia SmartTags

by XB on 9th January 2012

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SmartWatchSony has announced three new Sony ‘Smart Extras’ accessories. First of all we have the SmartWatch, the successor to the LiveView, bringing remote Bluetooth access from your Android phone to the SmartWatch microdisplay. The SmartWatch has a 1.3-inch OLED display and measures just 8mm in thickness. Unlike the LiveView it features a 128 x 128 pixel touchscreen, capable of displaying 65,536 colours, defined into 9 distinct touch areas in a 3 × 3 matrix.

It’s good to know that SmartWatch has a vibration function, accelerometer and is both dust and splash proof. Sony says that you can also customise this with any 20mm wristband. The SmartWatch white paper is available to download here.

The Smart Wireless Headset pro is a Bluetooth wireless headset that will allow users to also read text messages, view incoming calls, access the calendar alerts and more. With the phone disconnected it will work as an independent MP3 or radio player. If you’re wondering how this works, the Smart Wireless Headset pro supports microSD and will ship with a 2GB card. Smart Wireless Headset pro uses Bluetooth 3.0 to communicate with the phone and it features a two row display. The white paper is available here.

Lastly there are Xperia SmartTags, using the NFC functionality of the new Xperia phones to change the settings of the handset with a single pass. Once the phone is touched with a SmartTag, it will launch a preconfigured profile inside the phone. For example you may have a SmartTag in your car which will activate a GPS application. Customisation is key here and Sony will allow you to easily customise the tags to make your lives easier.

SmartWatch Pictures





Smart Wireless Headset pro Pictures

Smart Wireless Headset pro

Smart Wireless Headset pro

Smart Wireless Headset pro

Xperia SmartTags Pictures

Xperia SmartTags

Xperia SmartTags

Xperia SmartTags

Xperia SmartTags

Xperia SmartTags

  • Cssf09

    the SmartWatch still has the SonyEricsson logo :)

  • Smart Tags seems interesting. Might be a little cumbersome to use in real life but definitely a novel approach to setting profiles without resorting to having GPS/Wifi etc on. guess it depends how easy it is to activate NFC and  swipe.

  • and will probably cost a 1000 dollars

  • Wael Faddah

    you mean retails, cost will be more ;) sony

  • Anonymous

    videos of each are up on Sony ericssons YouTube page 

  • Anonymous

    hope it cost same!

  • Anonymous

    It seems more useful than the ipod nano 6g
    they better not sell it too expensive! 

  • Ck

    Nice to see Sony already ditching its 2011 and 2010 line up and producing accesories that only support Bluetooth 3.0, of course even the Arc S is only bluetooth 2.1 so the new livewatch wont work with it.. nor will the new BT headset.. this after they still haven’t even been able to get BT 2.1 working properly on the 2011 line.. If I was SE I would give up on BT they obviously suck at it.

  • owl

    i doubt the tags will become successful but i can’t deny, that’s a rather creative use of NFC.

  • loool thats totally wrong!!!
    Bluetooth 3.0 is nothing more than 2.1+EDR in combination with WiFi for faster data transfert…. all these accessories do not have WiFi and will wirk with 2.1 BT profiles as well… so all will wirk also with 2011 Xperias and also the X10!!!

  • 119$ standard price… on market around 100$ at start…

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  • Killing Spree

    Are you a retard it comes w/ sony Xperia S and Ion for free

  • Seriously I have lost any kind of trust on Sony for accessories:
    – I have the LiveView, never worked properly, now is just collecting dust.
    They did one firmware upgrade and did not fix anything. Funny enough the only way to make it working more reliably was to root the phone and do some tweaking.
    – I also have the LiveSound, while quality is pretty good Sony was so smart to think they can have their own standard for the connector. So NO livesound will not work with any normal jack without an adapter and NO you cannot use iphone (or Dr Dre or 99% of iphone compatible earphones) with an xperia phone.
    – The livekey button in the LiveSound works with like 4 or 5 apps in total and even as a camera button is not working since my Ray says “cannot save photo”

    Since I bought my xperia ray I have encountered mostly frustrations. So many illogic, narrow minded choices, and basically zero attention to real customer needs. They have a product blog, you can leave a comment, but if the comment is not nice, no reply.. (and they have max 10-20 comments per post, so not much work)

     I like the Ray, it’s a nice phone, but probably I should have done a smart choice and bought a Galaxy or HTC.
    I mean I know is an object, and I used to really like Sony, but crap, it’s like they are doing everything to make me go towards other brands.

  • Elwoire

    what do you think comes free because i dont think any of these do

  • The82mph

    looks like you can pre order the smartwatch for £79 online.

  • Krishnasy3

    i want the smart watch 

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  • Its a really new concept by sony. Hope it will bring a new market for sony. Nice collection,.

  • Da_lonlee

    awawOoo OwSom…..

  • joe

    dose anyone know if the Smart Wireless Headset Pro is going to work with other OS devises 

  • Rene Pedroso
  •  the smart tag is free with it if you get it earlier!!xperia S

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  • ksl

    How rude to use the word “retard.” Shame on you.

  • roxor

    no.. its nt free wit sony xperia s..
    i js bought yesterday.. nfc tags nor headset comes free with dat

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  • Dell Dakila

    where in Toronto, Canada can we find it? Some stores are out-of-stock.. Please help-

    dell dakila

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