Fast Capture demoed on Xperia ion, beats Galaxy Nexus

by XB on 14th January 2012

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Xperia Fast CaptureOne of the big marketing points that Sony has been talking about its new smartphones is Fast Capture. Sony claims that you can take a picture from standby in just 1.5 seconds on both the Xperia ion and Xperia S. This was put into practice by the Phandroid team, who decided to put the Xperia ion up against the Galaxy Nexus to see which handset could snap a picture the quickest.

Galaxy Nexus runs Android 4.0 ICS, which features camera optimisations including zero shutter lag. However, this was still not enough to beat the Xperia ion, which was markedly quicker. Check out the video showdown below.

Via Phandroid.

  • Dont mess with XPERIA !!  :D
    way to go ION !!!

  • Warmgun32

    X P E R I A 

  • tymodmyt

    It would be better if they showed the pictures they had taken and compared the quality. So that we could make sure that they are not blurry at the expense of speed.

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  • looks like my arc…… Greaaaaatttt phone

  • even my X10 can beats Galaxy Nexus with fast capture photos :D 

  • anon

    Fingerprint magnet?

  • Guess

    I thought the zero-shutter-lag was referring to the shot to shot lag?
    Is there any video comparing shot to shot time between Galaxy Nexus and Xperia S?

  • Anonymous

    In this case, the Galaxy Nexus will easily win. However, as Zero Shutter Lag appears to be a feature of ICS, hopefully it will also appear in the Xperia line-up once upgraded.

  • Jex

    it looks like the HD Reality Display is better than Super Amoled HD display.

    Nice one Sony!

  • Dex

    Want it so much but I just bought Xperia Pro 3 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    it won’t be released just yet and you’ll have to wait for the ICS and probably some errors that would be greeting early adopters! :> And the next Xperia should be a lot better!!! Just bough an XPERIA RAY. So yeah! :<

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