Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype pictured again

by XB on 17th January 2012

in Rumours

SE_WP7_1Back in March 2011, we came across the first images of a prototype Sony Ericsson device running the Windows Phone platform. Sony Ericsson has consistently said that it is watching Windows Phone with interest, but plans no WP7 phones at this stage.

However, some more images of this prototype device has been uncovered by To be honest, the pictures look like they belong to the same batch of photos from March 2011 and we’re not sure that they’re anything new. We do wonder whether Sony is legitimately looking at Windows Phone right now, especially after betting heavily on Android. Never say never, but we’d be very surprised if Sony releases any Windows Phone devices in 2012.

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype


Thanks Mark and ammar!

  • lee

    Android FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tarekali

    It’ll be a good idea to have some phones that run windows, I don’t know if they can have window phones and android phones at the same time or do they need to stick to one operating system?
    Anyway, since Windows 8 is coming out soon with it’s new features and stuff, I would like to have a phone which can work with the new operating system if that feature exist, connect it up to the TV and run commands through the kinect using your voice such as calling someone. “kinect, call Steve” or something like that…(just trying to think a bit ahead here, sorry)

  • Ppmanguin

    Looks like crap, no hardware design so it’s obviously in early development phase.
    Probably just some generic prototype housing with WP7 keys. 

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  • Lol

    fuck this shit! android and nothing else ;)

  • Dafuq

    looks like an xperia x10 at the top

  • daniel elias – Fazel

    damn on windows, SE please continue with android. 

  • boosook

    What’s in the second picture, a blue screen of death? :)

  • Motherboard1996

    That are MINE images, and yes THIS IS NEW PHONE.

  • Pl21821

    Sony Ericsson’s launcher is better than Metro UI intt my opinion. And WP7 lacks support for so many features that make the upcoming Xperia line up so great – 1280×720 displays, Bravia engine, PS Store, HDMI out, DLNA, smart tags etc. It also can not support Japan specific features such as 1-seg, oseifu keitai.
    I’d be really surprised if Sony produced a WP7 Xperia.

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  • The design looks pretty nice! It’s a nice and sleek handset. The Ericsson phones are durable and that’s what I like about them the most.

  • FedeSegovia

    Windows? i going to see a samsung :(

  • phr certification guide

    Nice phones. I guess sony mobile phones are good devices to use. Bt phone shown in this picture for them iam not sure that they’re anything new.

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