Xperia acro HD and Xperia NX promo videos

by XB on 17th January 2012

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Xperia acro HDThose in Japan who want to get a closer look at the Xperia acro HD and Xperia NX may want to check out the promo videos attached below. They’re full of funky sound effects and graphics, giving some nice close-ups of each device and covers pretty much all of the main features of each handset.

The Xperia acro HD is quite an attractive device to our eyes and a good alternative for those that are not warming to Sony’s new Iconic Identity design in the Xperia NX (same as the Xperia S). The acro HD is also more fully featured than the NX, coming with a microSD card slot, TV Tuner and infrared port. See all three videos below.

  • xdomino996

    Arco HD will have its European varieties?

  • Ley

    No, I think. acro HD has lots of features only available in Japan, such as osaifu( Japanese cell phone wallet system).

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice but will PO 5 have english auto-correcting?
    I have having to change to a completely different keyboard when switching between English and Japanese because the Japanese keyboards don’t do any auto-correcting at al.

  • Anonymous

    Sony FeliCa used for osaifu 
    keitai  ( keita=mobile, saifu=wallet) should be supported as a subset of NFC found in some android devices. Basically, FeliCa’s tag types are found in Android’s NFC so other devices should theoretically support keitai osaifu.

    (My real question is whether osaifu keitai  / sony FeliCa equipped devices support the rest of the NFC types)

    It seems like they have focused on a few points that are very important to the Japanese market:
    – Waterproofing
    – iR for beaming contacts, etc between nearly all other phones in Japan except for foreign smartphones
    – Sony FeliCa which is useful for a lot more than just osaifu keitai such as POS systems for point cards, coupons for popular retailers like McDonalds, etc
    – One-Seg digital terrestrial broadcast TV tuner (although from some statistics i’ve seen, this isn’t really as sought after a feature as one would hope considering the huge amount of work and great technology that went into developing it)

    Aside from one-seg, the rest of the world could use the other points if they don’t have them already (but I doubt there is much demand for it.. with the exception of waterproofing because that is my favourite point by far)

  • Japan gets to have a lot of features as compared to the rest of the market.

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  • Guest

    It will be great if the Acro HD will be available worldwide.
    But definitely not, it will affect the sales of the Xperia S, which is their worldwide flagship phone.

  • Asad Mulla

    arco makes S look rubbish

  • Rune Christiansen

    Yeah, I’d much rather have this, than the S. It has even more features and they get to have a phone without needless things, like a giant stripe across the phone…. oooh so shiney, NOT :)

  • Anonymous

    Cant Sony just make a ARC HD for the international market?

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