Xperia SmartTags demoed in action [Video]

by XB on 17th January 2012

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Xperia SmartTagsThe new Sony Xperia S and Xperia ion will both come with NFC (Near field communication) technology. In some countries this can be used as a mobile payment system i.e. swipe your phone to pay for a drink for example. However, it can also be used in other ways such as Sony’s introduction of Xperia SmartTags.

These are simple NFC tags that can be read by the phone to perform a particular task. For example you could have a tag on your bedside that when swiped will turn data off (to conserve battery) and open your alarm. Or you could have another in your car that will turn on GPS. If you want to see how this works in practice, check out the videos below.

The videos show that the new Xperia models will have a special NFC widget, where each SmartTag can be given its own name (Bedroom, Car, Office etc) and be customised to set off whichever functions you want. It looks simple in practice and could be a genuinely useful feature. This sounds like a great feature and as long as Sony prices these Xperia SmartTags reasonably, we can see them selling well.

  • I like the idea. It’s not going to succeed though as most people wont pay $30 for a tag and I don’t like the idea f always having NFC on. They should have been smarter and made a dedicated button on the side that enables NFC while pressed.

    In reality, I wont keep my NFC running all the time (battery+security issues) so to use it I’ll need to get into the phone, enable NFC then scan then disable. Might as well just use another profiling app.

  • My good idea : give us them free in Xperia S’ box. Thank you Sony. :-p

  • Mo

    There will be some bundled in the phones. Xperia S will have more than the smaller ones, but they will bundle some.
    ~4 for Xp. S

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  • Maxim4211

     How is this any better than adding an icon on the home screen to do the action?

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