White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S – which takes your fancy?

by XB on 19th January 2012

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Xperia S Xperia arc SThe white version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S is probably one of the prettiest smartphones we’ve encountered. The colour suits the handset perfectly, with its sleek curves and concave glossy back. We did wonder how Sony planned to top the design of the Xperia arc with its 2012 range and the result is a wild departure from the 2011 models.

Sony introduced the Iconic Identity design with the Xperia S, a boxier design with transparent notification strip housing the antenna. The Xperia S will come in both black and white colours, the latter more attractive to our eyes. However, on seeing the following pictures of a white Xperia S against a white Xperia arc S, we were left pondering which was the nicer handset. For our money, the arc S still wins. It’s just a classier timeless design in our opinion. Which one takes your fancy (regardless of specs)?

Which handset is nicer?

  • White Xperia S (55%, 1,101 Votes)
  • White Xperia arc S (45%, 902 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,003

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White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S

White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S

White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S

White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S

White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S

White Xperia S or white Xperia arc S

Pictures via ePrice.

  • Anonymous

    For me, the Arc S because it is whiter ( plus the sexiness ;) ) and the Xperia S because it is all white all around.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Both, but i will buy a next gen Xperia device, so Xperia S wins. But The sides from Xperia Arc S are freaking sexy.

  • I prefer the Xperia S, I love the minimalist approach. The fake chrome on the Arc S makes it look a bit dull in my opinion. I still think the Blue gradient Arc is the best-looking phone SE has made so far.

  • Chaud

    Arc S for me.Here’s hoping that Sony will make a Xperia Arc HD for the international market :-)

  • I wish there is a black Xperia S.

  • Alexandru Ghetaru

    arc s looks much better, the xperia s design is boring and who did it had no imagination

  • Pavel Kubes

    Design of Xperia arc S is better, but true is that I would prefer Xperia S due to hw and the design of Xperia S is not also bad.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Arc S is the most beautiful…

    I think the light on screen in S stole some votes from arc s. :D

  • Cockles

    Silver Arc FTW!!

  • Lol

    Although I want a Xperia S, I have to admit that Arc looks better. I own it and think that Xperia S won’t look as nice as Arc but who cares? :P both are nice, but Xperia S has a bigger screen, better hardware, etc ;)

  • Jenge

    Well read again, there is a black and white model available.

  • Rare_air

    Sooo hard to choose! I like the s front and back, but the side of the arc s is to die for!

  • Anonymous

    Personally i’m more in favor of the Arc’s design. Its so beautiful it’s almost perfect. Less maybe the power switch that could have been shifted to the side of the screen for easier 1 hand unlocking.

    Kinda off toppic but, come to think about it. Is there an android app that allows unlocking of the device by double tapping the screen like on the N9? Double tap to wake the screen then slide to unlock.

  • Anonymous

    Xperia Arc S design=win!
    Xperia S material=win!

    I think they should make a bigger ray. :)

  • Asad Mulla

    I always thought the Arc looked better but when you put them side by side like you have above I have changed my mind. Now I think Xperia S looks better.

  • Anonymous

    Arc design + S materials + removable battery + SD + Tactile buttons + normal SIM + better camera + spec bump = WIN.

    Why does SE always want to take one step forward, two steps back in almost everything it does?

  • Mazhar Shaikh

    Dude MY Arc S got a crack today. wonder how. I have been reading about it. Not even a month old. Same place near the proximity sensor.. 0 marks on material.

  • Erik Wieser

    Sony will make a phone which will be looking quite similiar to the arc but with same specs as the xperia s and with a huge 4.55 inch screen, codename of this phone is (LT29i) Hayabusa. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait for this phone until September ’12..
    Has been posted here yesterday i think:

  • Wael Faddah

    its i guess hit or miss phone, ARC S has a unique design, only for the elite and refine in taste.  xperia s is just big,,, i think the arc s is better, but the hardware makes a difference 

  • Angel Morales

    They are both elegant phone, and they are both SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arc S is sexy while S is simplistic… both are awesome :D

  • Anonymous

    Xperia Arc S with Transparent Element + Good build Quality = Samsung and Apple Death.

  • Karl Kristoffer Fernandez

    Arc S in terms of design and S for it’s excellent performance like no other! :D

  • Anonymous

    Xperia Arc S in terms of design and Xperia S in it’s excellent performance, like no other! :D

  • Anonymous

    there is

  • Karl Kristoffer Fernandez


  • Anonymous

    September ’12 is too long of a wait for me….

  • Anonymous

    What colour does your Arc S have? Any clue why this crack appeared?
    Since in the xda developer forum someone posted a picture of the underlying metal which also showed a crack I guess that too much heat extends the metal and consequently the plastic…which gives in…

  • Tyler


  • Mazhar Shaikh

    Na mate…It cant be because of heat. I never let it get heated or play games on it. Its white color. ANd the crack is black.looks soo bad.,.gets easily spotted. So sad..not even a month i bought a brand new one. I wont get a resale value also to it now. My understanding says that it happens because of bad design.
    Normally screens dont have any plastic around it on the top. See any other phone. Its full glass on top.
    Glass can handle much more pressure than plastic. But when the pressure reaches the boundary of the glass where the plastic starts, plastic cant sustain that pressure for a long time and gives in.
    it cracks mostly near the proximity sensor, because thats the place MOST prone to a crack because there is a hole for the sensor between the plastic.

    Thats my logic to it. 

  • Mazhar Shaikh

    Add a Dual Core Processor too.. Only then..

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…I´ve had a W960i and though it did have a plastic frame around the screen it didn´t get broken.
    Perhaps the plastic is too weak because of the sensor´s placement, as you state. Otherwise, a colleague has the original arc (which is more likely to get cracks) and handles the device very roughly – it fell down on unnumbered occasions and it doesn´t have any crack! So I really don´t understand why this happens and why SE wasn´t able to get things right with the arc S…

  • Xperia S is the first white phone I like.

  • Anonymous

    I Loved the Front of the Arcs S as it has more white part and love the Xperia S for the rest. :P
    The Screen of Xperia S looks Awesome!

  • M_X_02

    Good ol’ X10 still wins

  • Ab

    i have one of thw white Xperia arc s. its sooo elegant

  • Kar??yakaHepSiker

    Donan?msal olarak Xperia S, tasar?mda ise Arc S siker beyler, da??l?n!

  • iiandskater

    Xperia Arc S body with Xperia S specs within !!

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