Some more pictures of that Windows Phone Sony Ericsson prototype

by XB on 20th January 2012

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SEWP7_4New pictures of a Sony Ericsson Xperia running Windows Phone have popped up again. The last bunch of pictures from a few days ago looked like they were from the same photo shoot back in March 2011, however the pictures below are from a completely separate time. How recently they were taken though is questionable.

The pictures show a QWERTY Xperia handset with black front and white back running WP7 (or maybe WP7.5). The tipster said that the handset is running beta Windows Phone software and works without any bugs. As we said previously, we believe that this is an old prototype and would be very surprised to see Sony adopt Windows Phone, at least in 2012. See the pictures below.

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson

Windows Phone Sony Ericsson


  • II

    Dont want to ellaborate…however this is not gonna happen. Prototype from last year. One clue….it not the 2012 designlanguage….nuff said

  • Anonymous

    Android is much better. Leave stupid Wp7 for dieing Nokia.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Looks  kinda crappy   #I’m Just Saying

  • Samuel Serafim

    “Leave Wp7 for Nokia.”

    Agreed, but maybe Sony wants to release some WP7 phones only as an exchange for some benefit really rewarding. Without benefits with microsoft, not worth. Im my opinion, wp7 will fail sure.

  • Lol

    please stop! please no windows phones xD just stay on android, it’s just the best os for phones… :)

  • Yes! Good news, Android rocks but Windows is better. More personalisations!

  • Cssf09

    would drive a nail in the coffin for Sony! Let him only Nokia WP7

  • i’m a gamer

    what the f*** !!

    me too

    leave the Fu*** windows phone for FU** NOKIA

    oh my god , why you want to use WP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    just tell us the reason ????????????????????????????????

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • Rasto

    What makes you think that WP is stupid? Have you spent some time with WP7 phone? As I read from reviews, WP7 is much more optimised (smoother and with better reactions due to proper HW acceleration). It can be easily seen on the specs – Android phones are twice (or more) as powerful as windows phones, but they’re still not as smooth as WPs nor Apple (no, I’m not an apple fan (just to avoid fanboys fights), I have android and am happy with it and I’m not gonna change it for another os anytime soon).
    Microsoft isn’t a company who would (recently) a create crappy software and WP7 is an awesome OS. Also I would not leave Nokia out of game. It has excellent hardware and partnership with MS will provide competitive OS. Also the new symbians aren’t the worst out there, although the Ovi Store sucks, but it is more than enough for budget smartphones.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Looks like X10 MP.

  • Ciara Harris

    XBOX Live on Sony’s SmartPhone, oh fuck! fuck you bitch! I swear now i can’t take it, that’s so shameless.

  • Maybe it was suppossed to be the successor of the X1/X2, giving them a better change in the business world?

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  • Rog

    Jolie. Old :-)

  • look at SE latest earning report. look at Sony a whole company (rating down). XD

    SE was so wrong it went to WP7 late and sticking on Android for so long. 

  • Anonymous

    Glad they binned it. WP7 is truely horrible. The only people saying otherwise are Nokia and Microsoft.

  • The Sony Chinese Fan

    I heard that RIM will open to licensing its new QNX operating system to other smartphone or tablet manufacturers. At least i think QNX is much better that Windown Phone. QNX is very awesome and it will be perfect if this OS’s in Sony devices. 

  • that the problem.. half as powerfull hardware but selling at the same price!!!

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