Select PSP games heading to PlayStation Certified devices

by XB on 24th January 2012

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esrbIt looks like we could start to see certain PSP games heading to the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY and other PlayStation Certified devices. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is currently listing several PSP titles as “PlayStation Certified.”

The games listed include Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Daxter, Uncharted, ModNation Racers, Motorstorm, Wipeout HD and flOw among others. There’s no detail on when we may see these titles, we may see them turning up on the PlayStation Suite which is due to be released in the coming months.

Via PlayStation Lifestyle.

Thanks Ambrose!

  • Felipe Pimenta

    ModNation Racers would be epic on Xperia Play/S.

  • xdomino996

    Great idea Sony. Want to play? Buy Xperia

  • Anonymous

    Uncharted, ModNation Racers, Motorstorm and Wipeout HD are all just tables for Pinball Heros, and not actually there original games. :(

  • Ambrose? WHO STOLE MY NAME? ( :P )

  • Rune Christiansen

    Uhm, what? tables?

  • Rune Christiansen

    Does this mean that those games will be playable on the next gen xperia phones? and that they have added proper touch controls for the phones without the physical buttons(all)?

  • Anonymous

    Me, lol. Sorry dude, blame me mam and dad. :p

  • Anonymous

    Yea unfortunately. Uncharted and Wipeout HD(not Fusion and Pulse) never came out on the PSP. 

  • Asad Mulla

    Amazing, I commented on the sony ericsson google+ page about how the current psone games dont match up to smartphone optimized games and tht PSP games would be much better then psone games a few weeks ago and now where getting PSP games. (not that its me they listened to but)

  • i’m a gamer

    yeah   yeah   yeah  YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

    now we can say that we have xperia play , we have psp phone . psp games are muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better that ps1 .

    finally sony did that !!!!!!
    all gaqmer shoul buy a xperia play !!

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :D

  • Lolyoulol

    and not actually their* original games. :(”
    “Pinball Heroes”FIXED.

  • Lolyoulol

    BlueScorp91 – Please go back to middle school and learn proper spelling and grammar, OK? Thanks. Bye.

  • Lolyoulol

    Don’t be jealous Apple fanboy. You stick with your crummy iTunes apps, then. While we Sony lovers get to enjoy the REAL games. Long live PlayStation. :)

  • Nextil

    Would love to see Patapon added.

  • Anonymous

    I hope FF Agito, that was originally intended for mobile devices, is coming over…

  • marcus orwén

    would love to see locoroco on the xperia play sometime. but have to wait to see if it will ever happen.

  • Android333

    More power on our S.E.X Play…

  • Rune Christiansen

    OH tableTs :D Yeah ok, then.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    How old are you?

  • Jeffsonpontes

    And Patapon too!

  • Anonymous

    You sad little person.

  • M Mxyzptlk

    Wipeout HD on my Play? Bring it on :)

  • Should get dissidia / MGS.

  • Richardo Powel

    i lost my sony Xperia last week and i am really upset about it :( thanks for the post.3D virtual world kids.

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