Official Xperia S ‘Cosmic Flow’ live wallpaper leaks – works on 2011 Xperia models

by XB on 29th January 2012

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Xperia Cosmic Flow WallpaperThe groovy new Xperia live wallpaper most commonly seen on the Sony Xperia S has leaked. There wallpaper, called Cosmic Flow, is available in six colours (Cosmic, Ruby, Gold, Amethyst, Silk and Emerald) and the wallpaper responds to touch. We downloaded and used it with no problem on the Xperia arc, although it does appear to be a bit laggy.

We don’t know if there is a leaked system ROM dump somewhere, we guess there has to be if the live wallpaper has leaked. Therefore expect other bits from the new Xperia software to surface sooner rather than later. You can download the apk yourself here.

Xperia Cosmic Flow

Xperia Cosmic Flow

Xperia Cosmic Flow

Thanks Rob!

  • That is SO sexy, putting it on my Arc and leaving it there until I have my Xperia S!

  • Miguel Távora

    How can I install this in my Xpera arc S?

  • Fast mirror:

    feel free to add to the news post!

  • Looks quit good1

  • boomer

    Just installed it on my Xperia Neo V, runs very smooth surprisingly!!! 

  • Rammstone

    This is cool. But I’m gonna wait so I don’t get sick of it before I get m Xperia S :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s running at about 3/5 frames per second on my PLAY. :(

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  • R Pedroso

    Go to on your arc S and download the apk from there. It will be under Live Wallpapers when the download is complete and installed

  • R Pedroso

    No lag on the arc S

  • fit great with my Arc S, no lag at all, thx XB!

  • Angelmorales

    Nice, it works perfect on my Arc s!

  • i’m a gamer

    oh my god !!!!!!!!!!

    now , my xperia play is very very sexy !

    i’m sure that just sony can make sexy wallpaper like that , just what is on ps3 , psp and now on xpria phones.

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperi aplay

  • shadow

    he he my ray is looking like a mini “S”  after this . only new ICONS r missing. works great without any problem.

  • Sojvarghese

    Very sexy

  • sitabesoindami

    Works perfectly on my Arc S :-) thanks much!

  • linuxx

    Force Closes on my X10 with CyanogenMod. Can’t even preview the wallpaper.

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  • Alwyn8157

    Works fine on the Xperia Play. Moltes gracies.

  • Savour

    Successfully installed and working fine in my mini pro..

  • Asad Mulla

    I appreciate what you guys are saying but its just a wallpaper. I dont understand the hype.

  • Thanks, good guy Greg.

  • Andy

    Thanks for sharing the link, i have download it. It is nice & working fine on m Xperia ray.   ;D

  • Danyck2

    Ok on Xperia Play 

  • guest

    sorry … where should i put after d/l the apk ?

  • Guest KKY

    How can I install this in my Xpera arc S after d/l ?

  • Kun Tommy

    please upload to mediafire :( help me

  • Rune Christiansen

    Yeah, My Mini works just fine as well, no lag it seems. Donno about the battery though, will get back on that…

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  • – just use that link :)

  • thank you )

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if some kind person were to leak some for the lovely widgets that we were shown in the Hands On videos. :grin:

  • Turu

    Indeed, It even works on my xperia x10 mini pro (with latest Mini CM7 ). 

  • Craig

    Fine on Xperia Play r800i, No lag, been using it for hours now, Thanks.

  • will it work on x10 mini pro running Android 2.1?

  • it LAGS on my Xperia Neo!

  • Cruzmssle

    LOVE YOU GUYS! I’ve been looking for this since I first saw the Xperia S ad!

  • ant

    It’s only for the 2011 Xperia models..
    X10, X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8 are 2010 Xperia models..

  • Damodara Kovie

    If you are on the xperia x10, try the FXP 105 CM7.2 rom. It works just fine!

  • Damodara Kovie

    Au contraire! It works fine on my FXP 105 CM7! Not sure what he could have done wrong… I just installed like any other app, and set it as my wallpaper. No problems whatsoever.

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  • Anonymous

  • jst open the APK file and install it! basic stuff!

  • Raibbl

    Great on xperia pro thanks !!

  • i just noticed that light blue one is not in the option… ?

  • Sraka_989

    kto? wyt?umaczy jak to zainstalowa? bo wgl nie ogarniam ;/ ;( 

  • mortuus82

    lags like shit on htc desire.. shame :(


    I want to put this on my galaxy s2, and i dont have it rooted, how would i go about putting this live wallpaper on my phone, would i have to root it or what?

  • Works Amazingly on my Arc :D

  • Hehan Madushanka

    my phone is xperia arc s
    i just copied to memory card but its not working 
    To where i should copy this file ?

  • An96a_lnc

    Run it with application installer

  • Pradyumnnanu

    thnkzz guyzzz…….i wanted it n nw i hv it on mah  xperia Arc

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  • Maca

    I have xperia arc and it doesnt work t says the application cosmic flow -process.comsonyericsson.cosmicflow- has stopped unexpectedly. please try again :S

  • Srcka

    How??? On mine does not? :(

  • Lara

    On mine doesnt :(

  • Htetlinnhtike

    Xperia arc s is very good phone

  • Gaz J H

    Why don’t they do cosmic flow in red? Red and black go very well together, it would look better than most the other colours, as a male I think the blue one looks great as would red. I think someone needs firing! Surely they should come in all colours that you could possibly download

  • kunal

    you got any solution to that ? same goes with my xperia x10 ! :(

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  • Chillie Beans

    this is avaliable in Live with walkman?

  • Shehab Skull

    one of the best live wallpapers I have ever seen <3 <3 OLD days .. but not working on XZ5 any more :(

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