Watch how fast the Xperia S can continuously shoot pictures

by XB on 29th January 2012

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Xperia S Fast CaptureOne of the big features of the upcoming Sony Xperia S will be the capabilities of its 12MP Exmor R camera. We’ve already seen how well its Fast Capture system works in practice i.e. the ability to shoot a picture from standby in 1.5 seconds. What we haven’t seen is the shutter lag when shooting photos.

The 23-second video below gives us some idea. It shows the Xperia S in continuous shooting mode. Whilst it is not as quick as the zero shutter lag seen on the Galaxy Nexus, it’s still pretty impressive considering the higher pixel count (12MP versus 5MP camera for the Galaxy Nexus).

  • Spamemich

    I need it.

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  • THIS is much nicer than this stupid no-lag-shutter from Galaxy Nexus…
    what lag do we have here? 0.1 or 0.2s?? yeah ok it seems to be slower but the Xperia at least FINISHES the focusing of objects…
    the Galaxy Nexusjust shoots no matter if the continous autofocus has done his job or not… so if you don’t wait there, the picture will not be sharp so i’ts useless… if you shoot with the XS it just focuses once and if you dont change the distance to the object you have also no shutter lag for further pictures…

  • Mhyke

    The Zero Shutter Lag is one feature of ICS, so if Xperia S got ICS I think it also have Zero Shutter Lag?

  • Apa Mau

    I thought there’s suppose to be a camera button to press the shutter..?

  • Anonymous

    Dose the Xperia S have a Mechanical Shutter? Or is it the same with the iphone?

  • Malodita

    It’s a specific feature of the Galaxy Nexus. Because it’s hardware dependant

  • Boyzrulz52

    does this xperia s also has picture compression issue ?

  • Fidel

    Isn’t it Kumquat? Loooks abit small in hands..

  • Killing Spree

    great quality.

  • Tarekali

    and that teddy should have epilepsy right about now…..

  • there is no “issue”…
    compare the pictures between Arc with 1MB size with the iPhone 4S with 3MB sizes and you will see that picture quality is BETTER on Xperia Arc….

    the arc hast just a very good Compression Algorythm… it is NOT too strong it just makes tha fast image capture possible

  • it has also a mechanical button

  • Anonymous

    Look after your Android devices 
    5 million devices could be infected by Android

  • someone

    That is NOT a continuous shoot. When you press and hold the shutter button, THAT is what we call a continuous shoot. The continuous shoot is the one you see in HTC One X or in Galaxy S III.

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