SE quietly announces MK200 kit: Monitor Headphones and music cable

by XB on 1st February 2012

in Accessories

Sony MK200Sony (Ericsson) has quietly announced a new Smart Extra accessory for Xperia smartphones called the MK200 Music Lover’s Kit. The package includes Sony Monitor Headphones (MH830) with call handling ability and the MC100 music cable.

The monitor headphones are a closed type and have a 30mm driver. It includes a microphone, call answer key and 3.5 mm jack to swap headphones. There’s no word on availability or price at this time.

Sony MK200

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Smegness

    Ooh exciting – I’m surprised they aren’t just simply SONY branded
    But I think I still want a pair nonetheless !

  • Smegness

     I really SHOULD proof read
    That should say I am NOT surprised


  • Alwyn8157

    Perfect! Just what I want.

  • Anonymous

    These will not work on the 2011 portfolio unfortunately as SE is using a different jack for their 2012 lineup

  • Chaoschaud

    Where did you gt the info from?

  • Anonymous

    Nope it will, just look at the compatible phones in the products page, you will see all 2011 phones, plus some 2010 also ( like X8 and X10 mini’s ), But they might change that thing as it doesn’t list any new 2012 phones (yet)

  • Olid_pertn

    Where can I get in Indonesia ?

  • the hell boy

    When r dese arrivin india?????
    I wnt somthin compatible to my xperia

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