Sony Mobile’s MWC Press Conference times confirmed; new Xperia handsets planned

by XB on 2nd February 2012

in Rumours

Xperia MWCWe have just received our formal invitation to the Sony Mobile press conference at the MWC trade show in Barcelona later this month. There is not too much to add to the previous early invites that went out in early January. Mark 18.00 CET (17.00 GMT) on Sunday 26 February in your diary as this is when it will be taking place. We expect there to be some kind of live webcast on the day too, although this remains unconfirmed.

Find out what’s new and what’s next!” is the strap line so it’s pretty much a given that we will see some new Xperia handsets being launched. Odds are that the LT22i Nypon (Xperia P), MT27i Pepper and ST25i Kumquat (Xperia U) will make an appearance. Also note the top left of the invitation, “Xperia Sony Smartphone” – perhaps a new logo for Sony’s wholly acquired smartphone business? Who knows, but we expect more details at the end of the month.

Sony MWC

  • Anonymous

    Personally imma kinda hoping for that announcment of the Hayabusa… But i guess they’d need time to let the XS to gain some sales first XD

  • steve

    hope they release something better than the xperia s

  • Shuttarisyed1

    There is an error in the article. Will see some new Xperia handsets being launched. Instead of we will some new Xperia handsets being launched. Please correct it. Thanks

  • session

    Will there be any ICS update demo….?????????

  • kamal singh

    sony please launch mint, the big beast of sony smartphone & do also launch quadcore phones to compete with samsung galaxy s3.

  • hmmmm

  • Anonymous

    Thx for the spot!

  • Make ION global!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mountain

    I have been told that 2 handsets will be available in april, both are being mids.

  • Anonymous

    PLAY HD???????

  • ION looks ugly…

  • Sony S is the flagship till the end of the year…

  • Rogmelo72

    i wish that some of the xperias 2012 line could come is windows OS …tango or apollo or  version…

  • Anonymous

    I like the device´s style, especially the build quality with metal parts…

  •  I agree with you on the build quality but in my opinion the S looks much better. The ION looks like any other android phone. I hate the 4 buttons instead of 3 like all other SE phones.


    OLED screen for heaven’s sake….i want a SONY phone moreover i want an xperia!!
    sick of plastic samsung. i want cyber shot camera technology in my phone. i want HDR. i want exmor sensor….and the list goes on including a quad-core since i have saved for this years phones of MWC

  • Trust me, it’s not ;)

  • Adam Wong

    Xperia S is not the flagship

  • Rune Christiansen

    How do you figure?

  • Lune de Fiel

    Yes Sony Xperia S is the high End model and Flagship at least until “Mint” (scheduled in Autumn but we don’t know what it is, like Samsung Note ?)
    The most expensive model until Mint.
    So perfect.

  • Anonymous

    IF you look at sony 2012 portofolio hayabusa and mint is more expensive than xperia S
    may be its better. :)

  • Anonymous

    Since the prices leaked, everyone has been thinking the HAYABUSA will be Sony’s ultimate Phone offering. What if it eventually turns out to be an updated Tablet?? The Xperia S offers enough I guess.

  • Anonymous

    They can very well just be codenames for Sony’s Tablet offerings in 2012. 

  • MUZE

    “Sony MINT I”

  • ONLY three phones ? in MWC ? aw

  • Anonymous

    If they’d release thier new phones, will the Energy logo be remained or it’ll be removed?

  • Reflexis

    Quadcore is USELESS in smartphones atm. They have only just properly been programmed to use 2 cores, 4 would be a waste of money

  • I work at a major phone retailer in Belgium, and I have my direct connections to people in Sony (Ericsson) :)

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  • Sony maid A “True Black Oled Screen” for 1 of their Cypershot cameras so chances are that we might be getting oled for the new phones

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  • I certainly hope it is not. Because if not, Sony is on the road of doom (again).
    You can’t always lag behind HTC and Samsung. I hope Sony has the strength to close the gap and thake the lead.

  • Lets hope Mint I or/and Hayabusa will be quad core devices (tablets or not, whatever). I would personally like more them to be handsets, preferably Mint I to be world equivalent of Xperia Ion and hayabusa to be Sony’s first quad core ICS handset.
    Fingers crossed!!! 

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  • Profiler270

    Enige specs beschikbaar voor de Mint ?

  • Earlene-15

    yes i think so

  • Earlene-15

    it lok’s good

  • Profiler270

    small detail, even without the “see” everyone  understands dont you think so …?

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