Xperia PLAY games roundup: Week of 30 January 2012

by XB on 6th February 2012

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Dragon's Lair Xperia PLAYApologies for being a day late with the latest games roundup for the Xperia PLAY. The main big news of the week was the release of Reckless Racing 2 onto the Android Market. It doesn’t appear to be fully Xperia PLAY optimised yet, although hopefully that will come at some point soon. We’ve also seen Dragon Lair release on Android Market, fully Xperia PLAY optimised. Click through for all of the main news.

Cup! Cup! Golf3D – CupCupGolf3D! is a 3D golf game which has had some good reviews. The game was recently Xperia PLAY optimised so maybe worth a look if you like golfing games. CupCupGolf3D! is available on the Android Market now for £0.99.

Dragon’s Lair – The cult arcade classic Dragon’s Lair has made its way to Android by developers Digital Leisure Inc. You play as Dirk the Daring on quest to fight Evil Wizard Mordroc and save the princess. The game has been transferred from the original high definition master film. It is fully Xperia PLAY optimised and costs £3.99 on the Android Market.

PlayStation Network to be rebranded as Sony Entertainment Network – This news doesn’t have any direct relevance to the Xperia PLAY, but it’s worth noting that the PlayStation Network will be rebranded as the Sony Entertainment Network. It’s probably a sensible move in our opinion, it basically enables a unified log in for all media and games content. Expect Sony to push this heavily onto Xperia smartphones going forward. SEN already has Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited streaming services, so we maybe we’ll get some kind of ‘Games Unlimited’ all you can eat service at some point too?

Reckless Racing 2 – Polarbit has launched the sequel to the hit Reckless Racing, which the developer says improves on the original in every way. Improvements include better physics and controls, more cars, tracks, global leaderboards and Internet multiplayer mode. Cars can be tuned and tweaked including handling, tires, rims and colours of your cars. It doesn’t appear to be fully Xperia PLAY optimised yet, although hopefully that will come at some point soon. The game will set you back £3.99.

Tiki Kart 3D – Tiki Kart has been Xperia PLAY optimised in the latest version (2.3) of the game. The free game features 8 karts, 15 tracks, three levels of difficulty and as with any good kart game lots of traps to stop your competitors including land mines, fireballs, oil slicks and sticky tar.

  • i’m a gamer

    very good news , thank you so much , but we still waiting for sony’s great games !
    the delay is from sony’ side … i’m sure if samsung or htc or … had experience on games as Sony has  , surely they could use this feature more and more .
    please send my message to sony : ” you can really be #1 , you have loooooooooooot of games , use that and see the wonderful result . samsung and htc and … doesn’t have any game , furthermore doesn’t have any game experience . so use your ability , the xperia play is different , use your games … ”

    ‘m in love with my beautiful xperi play :)

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