Xperia S wins fast capture shootout against iPhone 4S, Lumia 800 and Galaxy SII

by XB on 7th February 2012

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ShootoutLegsThe guys at Phones 4u have published a humorous camera shootout between the upcoming Sony Xperia S and three major competitors including the Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II and Nokia Lumia 800. This is not a comparison in the traditional sense i.e. you won’t find camera samples to pore over in detail. However, they compared the practical side of having a camera smartphone in your pocket, namely they tested how quick it takes to shoot a picture from a standing start.

To be fair, we’ve already seen how fast the Xperia S is at capturing a photo from standby and we didn’t think the other phones had a chance. Two of the phones don’t have a dedicated shutter button (Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S) which means they came last. The Xperia S was the clear winner in this test, capturing a photo in 1.8 seconds, just over the 1.5 seconds that Sony quotes.

The Lumia 800 came second pitching both phones into a final duel to see which could produce the best picture from a standing start. The Xperia S came on top here too, with the judges being swayed by the sharp picture and the phone’s Reality Display when viewing the picture on the phone. See the video of the test below.

Via Phones 4u.

Thanks Dacha!

  • That’s good or bad news?? what about the price??

  • Aisback1990

    Where’s my thanks I posted that in the forum this morning

  • Angel morales

    good job sony beating all the crApple iphones and samsung galaxy clone phones out there.

  • Angel morales

    Oh and good job nokia for just being awesome

  • N8

    Somehow i kinda expected the N8 to be Nokia’s representative for this shootout. But then again, the N8 would be more of a cannon then a quick pistol in this battle XD

  • recursive


  • Good Job Sony Really Now apple and Samsung have to think for lacking points 

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  • After about 6 months of emailing and troubleshooting with SE I finally got my X10 handset replaced. But some infernal Indian postal service employee went and stole it while it was on it’s way back to me. Calling me frustrated doesn’t even cut it.

    I give up. I just want the Xperia S now. Bring on March, Mass Effect 3, and the Xperia S.

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  • Blomkungen

    Wow that had to be the shittiest test I have ever seen.

  • boomer

    That is truly awesome, good work Sony and a great comeback, now just sell them phones and make us all proud again! 

    I just hope they bring back the bestpic function on their camera though, that was ingenious and no one has still offered that in the present handsets! 

  • owl

    lol the Xperia S had a black tape (or edited) to cover up the Ericsson word of the SE logo.

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    Makes perfect sense to compare lasts years flaghips with a Sony flapship that has not been released as yet.

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  • APai

    smoked by xperia, hilarious, wonder what the windows phone bunch have to say about it… “smoked by…”

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