Who plans to upgrade to the Xperia S?

by XB on 9th February 2012

in Xperia S

Xperia SIn around a month’s time we will see the first Sony branded Xperia smartphone launch – the Sony Xperia S. This new Sony flagship has some great features going for it including a 4.3-inch HD resolution display, dual-core processor, 12MP Exmor R camera with 1080p video recording, HDMI, NFC, 720p front facing camera and a unique design.

There is no doubt that all of these features are a worthy update over the Xperia arc, especially the sorely missed front facing camera. However, twelve months is an eternity in the smartphone industry. Things move very quickly and there is currently talk of quad-core smartphones making an appearance at MWC later this month.

We just wanted to get an idea of how many of you plan to upgrade to the Sony Xperia S? Who is moving from an older Xperia (say an X10 or arc) to the Xperia S. Or if you are due an upgrade but are looking elsewhere, what does Sony need to do to win you back? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Do you plan on upgrading to a Sony Xperia S?

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  • I can chose between the ION and the XS but I will go with the XS. The ION will have poor battery life based on the WhitePaper because of the larger screen and LTE.
    Basically the only difference between the two is the screen size and LTE. 

  • This gonna be my first smartphone :)

  • Hojurek

    I sold out my SE Xperia Arc, and now im waiting for Xperia S!!! :-)

  • Either the SXPS or the Nokia Lumia 800. It all depends on which one I can get in white first.

  • Malcolm Odita

    Same! Sold an Arc, won the PLAY in a twitter competition and preordered the S.

  • Tornike Khomeriki

    The only scenario I’d be upgrading to Xperia S from my X10 in would be if I get a new job this Spring, and I’d rate that at 50%.

  • Add1hunter

    Upgrading my X10, and would only be getting an 18 month contract, so that I can get a quad core 4G phone around the time that 4G comes to the UK

  • Madsham

    Update my fone each year, late in the year, have Arc S now but I will get an Xperia S later in the year,

  • i’m planning to wait for MWC to decide i want a quad core phone from Sony so that it i would upgrade from my Xperia Arc to something way more cooler :P

  • sumegh

    I am eagerly waiting for SONY XPERIA S…

  • Mustafa Farooq

    Sony doesnt need to win me back, it already had me when i owned the K810i my first SE phone, and i am hoping the Xperia S will be my first  Smartphone as well, but i am so confused, to get the arc s or the xperia s, or which one to get first and wait to buy the other, duh if i had the cash i’d get both, the arc’s design just cant be ignored, its undeniably beautiful,but no front facing camera the only thing missing, but the Xperia s’s features almost the perfect combination, i say almost cuz from what i have read about there being a non-removable battery and no sd slot, but hey i dont know about that stuff, i have never owned a smartphone……..

  • Maxxis

    The price is important to me ! 

  • Nope, not buying it. It’s to much brick-shaped, and for now too expensive. Maybe if users are positive about it and it costs €300 in december like the Arc, but I hope Sony comes up with a true Xperia Neo sucessor, with 720p screen, at least 8MP camera, and dual core processor. And lower price than the Xperia S

  • Lars

    Already ordered my new Xperia S, white. :-)

  • jaamgans

    No – Sony are slowly getting there, but there design/features are still not quite right yet.

    While I love the line idea and the design looks great, but there are the buttons at the bottom!!!! This is wrong ICS doesn’t need buttons and shouldn’t have any per honeycomb – its great having the buttons on the screen as when they are not required they can be made to disappear. All need is power and volume buttons.

  • Steveshd

    Same here. Depending on announcements at MWC I may or may not upgrade from Arc to Sony S. I think I will…

  • lk

    No removable battery = No upgrade for me. 

  • Robert Caldecott

    I’ve only had my Arc S since December (and I love it BTW) but having seen a few demos of this phone on YouTube I’m sorely tempted to sell the Arc S on eBay and pay the extra for an S.

    But my wife would kill me.

  • Azmie73

    Sony should add the traditional video call function into their android  phone so that people call make video call without additional apps… because of this I have choose another brand last year… I was a SE user from K700 until P1i… if sony can do this, i will surely choose sony…

  • Chris

    I voted yes, but I’ll actually be getting the Ion.

  • Anonymous

    because ION is probably working in russian networks, I will upgrade to ION (metal cover, big display, microsd & 1900 mah play the role)

  • Rene Pedroso

    I have owned (and still have them) the X1, X10, arc and arc S. I will be picking up the S.

  • cemre

    THE issue with s isnt the removeble batter its the 17.00 mah battery biggest issue on smart phpones is the not enough juice i would have bought this device if it had bigger battery at least 3.000 after arc 1500 mah want enough to run 480p screen dual core 720 p with 17000 mah not enough plus quad core stupid there isnt much games dual core needed so its just silly

  • I like my X10, but I think it’s time for a new one.

    X10 – the first Sony Ericsson Smartphone
    X S – the first Sony Smartphone

  • G Spaff

    this is by far the best phone for 2012, suck on that iphone

  • David J Hilton

    I’ll be planning to when my contract is up this summer, that’s if it is coming to Three.

  • David J Hilton

    I had the X10 for over a year, but the motherboard packed in just before Christmas so I got a nearly Xperia Ray to see me to the end of my contract.

    In truth, I feel the Ray is vastly superior as it feels more responsive.

    But it will have to make way for the Xperia S because I just want it!

  • i’m a gamer

    i’m a gamer , why should i upgrade to a android phone , i and all gamers need GAME-phone . i personally don’t want to upgrade my xperia play …
    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • Kapil

    SE had X1 and X2 before X10 which were smartphones, although they were not android based like the X10.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for the Xperia Play II.

    If there is no Xperia Play II by June then I will upgrade from my current Xperia Play to the best Sony phone out then.

  • Anonymous

    The more cores the better the battery life.

  • Anonymous

    not true in practice

  • Michaux

    my contract is up this summer. I currently have the iPhone 4 like everybody and their brother. I’m leery of Android but ready to make the switch with ICS, and I absolutely love the Xperia S design/specs. It will be a tough transition at first, and I’ll miss the cloud synching between iPhone and iPad…but I’m over Apple and their ridiculous monopoly. I want to see Sony regain their cutting edge. Hopefully the new CEO can steer Sony out of their funk. I also plan to purchase a PS Vita. If only all Sony devices could sync together with a common software…

  • Anonymous

    waiting for the mwc, whats mint all about?  had this had LTE i would have been decided long time ago… hesitant now 

  • Anonymous

    xperia s vs wife mhhhhh……..!?

  • Mtekman95

    well i dont have an Xperia now, but i plan on buying Xperia S as my next phone. I currently use Samsung i8910, which sucks! No support from Samsung whatsoever!..The fact that Sony has a great support (as far as i am concerned, even if not great, better than many of its competitors) and all the other unique features -such as 720p front facing camera, bravia engine, unique design, exmor r sensor, play station certificate and other features attract me to Sony. However, it having dual core -rather than a quad core, and the lack of micro sd slot bothers me..Also, a amoled -or super amoled screen could have been better, but thats not a huge thing..Xperia ION with an Xperia S design would be awesome!, add quad-core processor to that and its the pefrect phone!..But still loving the Xperia S, if it was overpriced, i wouldnt have think of buying it, but i think its price is perfect so, it makes up for disadvantages..

  • Jimat Onaka

    recently got xperia play as my 1st smartphone, loving it so far. so, not will be upgrading to a new phone this year

  • 4gwe

    If they announce something better for summer/autumn, I might wait. Otherwise, I’m getting the S, probably as soon as it gets here in Canada. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    well, maype Xperia P will be the answer to your wishes.

  • Dannypan81

    i own 1st SE xperia winmo  phone, X1.
    i own the 1st SE xperia android phone X10.
    i will own the 1st SONY xperia android phone xperia S.

  • Cholek3

    My X10 just packed in, USB port snapped, but possibly will be able to repair it. I am due to upgrade on the 18th of Feb. Coming back from holiday on 23rd and on the 1st of March I will be round 30 years old, so it will be a nice birthday gift. Good excuse for wife to get XS.

  • Anonymous

    Care to explain?

  • Wat_ever

    no micro sd card slot dealer breaker for me

  • Anonymous

    Try Media Go dude ;)

  • Hansip87

    Still loving my Xperia Ray here (especially after some modification) :) waiting for ICS to see the situation. If it’s smooth as silk, i don’t think i will upgrade for a while, unlike my experience with Xperia X10 mini pro which is severely limited in specs even GB is not officially supported.

  • if no news come out for Xperia Play 2 in the next 6 months then i’ll switch from my Xplay to this sexy

  • Anonymous

    Im gonna keep my arc , because it still haven’t releasing its full potential (ICS).
    But my arc is already bricked :( better go to service center now.

  • R Á V ? ? N D R Á

    I am not going to upgrade… i want to buy… coz its going to be my first smart fone :D

  • got Arc S here, properly will wait for 2013 Xperia seires

  • i want

  • Anonymous

    I have been a Sony Ericsson fan (first Ericsson) since mobilephones (portable) started on the market in the late 80´s early 90´s. Although I´ve tried other brands like Motorola, Nokia I have fast turned back to Ericsson, later Sony Ericsson. For me as a Swede I am very sad that Ericsson left the mobilephone industry and I am currently having a Samsung Galaxy SII and I must say I am very surprised on how good that phone is, I really love it. Before the Samsung I had a Xperia arc and I was satisfied with that before I got the Samsung. The Samsung has colour inside the menu settings (Xperia arc is with only one colour) as one example and it´s fast and has a very good screen. I really hope that the new Sony Xperia S is at least in the same range as the Samsung, then it can be something the only problem is that the mobile world is spinning faster so maybe it will not be enough. It is interesting to know that maybe a better model is coming later this year.

    For me it´s also sad that it´s not longer a SE only Sony so I am not that interested any more, it has opened my eyes for other brands but I will never buy a iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    removable battery, and preferred a micro SD card slot.

  • Anonymous

    +1 Same here… The sony mint will be announced in q4…perhaps i will go for that one…

  • @SaintAry

    Absolutely will!

  • Angel Morales

    cant wait for this phone to come out i dont care the price i just want it!

  • tomo100brt

    I think I am going to upgrade to XPERIA S mostly because of ram. And I don’t think Sony is going to show quad core phone on MWC so I am going for XPERIA S.

  • Sakrateno

    I already sold my Arc and waiting for teh Xperia S…though I still have the doubts about the battery I dont like the build in battery and there is still no feedback or even a proper information. So… yes that the only hold back i have about the Xperia S – built in battery.
    Forget about the micro SIM card you can cut yours or get one from your mobile operator, also the 32 built in memory is completely enough if you need more – there is a USB on the GO so you can attach an external Hard Drive or Flash memory.
    But the freaking battery….darn. 

  • I currently have an Xperia Play…wont buy Xperia S..bit too large for normal usage..lets watch MWC
    i really want another version of Xperia Play(Play S or Play 2) with same internals as Xperia S..Just bring out another phone with a playstation certified gamepad(not those chinese crappy ones)..hope Sony brings out Xperia Play 2..:( or maybe sony brings out Xperia play 2 with mayb quadcore graphics card..which can emulate ps2 games..:) i need to stop dreaming :P

  • i am curious. Why is internal battery so much of put off?
    not that i am against the removable battery. But i have never changed/replaced my battery of X10/arc. and am quite ok with non removable battery.
    the thing which makes me uncertain about this phone is lack of micro SD card. i want to see if it will be detected by ubuntu..

  • gboss

    I’ll switch to a model with a bigger screen. Ie Samsung Galaxy Note…

  • SuperApple

    I like Arc very much, but direct access to camera by pressing just one button is awesome. Never miss a moment again

  • P800 , P900 , P910 and some other Symbian not count as Smartphone ??

  • P800 , P900 , P910 and some other Symbian not count as Smartphone ??

  • I know this is not happening anytime soon but my money still on ION!

  • Jan Pal?o

    Xperia neo – sold
    Xperia S    – ordered

  • bkh

    I’ll wait for the Q4 28nm processor phone.

  • Sakrateno

    My only concern is that you can’t “hard restart” the phone (or at least I don’t know how) when the battery is sealed. So suppose the ICS (or the Gingerbread) freezes or you accidentally brick/bootloop your phone..or to re-calibrate battery..
    I don’t know it’s maybe I just got used to that you can remove your battery and it kinda make me feel better or safer that if by any means battery fails you can get one from local store or ebay and change it but this way you need to go the authorized service to change/repair it.

  • Anonymous

    He meant preordered

  • Anonymous

    The amount of yes is surprising

  • Reiko

    I am heavily considering the Xperia S, as it looks sleek and has excellent hardware. It’s good to read the camera is also decent.

    Big minus is the absence of a MicroSD card. Truth be told, it has excellent hardware, but the almost year old Samsung Galaxy SII is almost equal in hardware, save for the 720p screen. Also, with the MWC coming up, I’m wondering whether after a month the Xperia S will still be on top of my list. Regardless, the phone looks sleak though!

  • yep they do ! I had p800 ! great one, so unbreakable and fun :)
    now on x10 I think it’s time for xperia S
    but I can wait …

  • Maybe when I get sick of playing Street Fighters and other CPS2 games on my Xperia Play.

  • Yeah, great gadget p800! i also owned one…
    My story look like this: First phone – Sony CMD-J5 – very nice piece of gear for that time. Then i went into SonyEricsson smartphones: p800 -> p910 -> P1i -> U1i Satio which i still own. 
    Now i have a big dilemma: I’m very pleased by the fact that SONY comes back in business, i am a kinda fan of this brand, I consider Xperia S’ design outstaning, but… unfortunately Amoled displays rule at this moment, and this is the main moment which makes me balance between Sony Xperia S and Samsung’s Galaxy Note…
    Maybe someone can help me decide? ;)

  • So what? 
    From the other side you will have  the “10 minutes charge for 1 hour talk time” option instead, which is doubtingly possible with a removable battery! 


    viewing angles viewing angles viewing angles

    how am i supposed to show HD video on my phone to my friends with bad viewing anglesi really really really wanna buy a sony phone as it has a class of its own

  • Anonymous

    The phones i owned, SONY CMD-Z1 (it was the first phone i ever owned) > t68i > k750 > w800 > m600 ( awesome typer) > P1 (alright) > Xperia x1 (NIGHTMARE, HELL, CRAP, what were they thinking?) > Iphone 3GS (it just worked every time) > Xperia x10 (started as a nightmare, became so much batter after a year) > Xperia Arc (Awesome) > Xperia Ray (awesome but really small, typing was hard) > and now Xperia ARC S (simply the best and sexiest phone i have ever owned)… 

    Next phone is Either the Xperia S, or Sony’s signature phone…. if only Xperia S had 4g, why SONY why did you not do it????????  i hope MWC has shocking news :) 

  • I think you go with your taste more than your brain … the screen, the battery, the buttons, the sim … I see people discuss all day long about that … and in the end they don’t even keep their phone more than a few month …
    I keep my devices and tend to get the best of them, so whatever you choose, you will find it great if you want :) … except if it’s totally broken of course !!

  • Danirp03

    I prefer to wait until MWC because I think that,  will be appear a lot of ICS smartphones… so,I prefer to wait 
    I have a xperia x10 and I want to do a big step with my next mobile, and the xperia arc dont give me that.. maybe the xperia S but I want  to have a lot of options to choose my next mobile

  • Anonymous

    Non-replaceable battery is definitely a deal breaker for me.  My main reason is that I always carry an extra battery with me so that I never have to worry about running out of power, but also Li-ion batteries often tend to degrade in performance.  So it might not be a huge deal at first when the battery is new, but after a year or two if you start having terrible battery life and cannot even carry a spare, the phone will be pretty much useless.

    To me buying a phone with a non-replaceable battery would be like buying a car with non-replaceable tires.

  • My 1ghz, 512 ram, 560p screen phone Sony arc is still waiting for OFFICIAL, PROMISED ICS upgrade…

    They spend more time pushing crappy software on tons of handsets than actually developing said software… Not saying the 2,3,4 Android isn’t stable, responsive, quick and nice-looking… I want 4.0 already…….

  • Roffle

    It’s coming at the end of March / early April (arc S) or end of April / early May (arc).

  • Impatient

    I need a new smartphone urgently. I actually own a BB 9700 (which is nearly dead) and was planning to move to Xperia S.
    Does anybody know the release date in Spain? Is it really worth the waiting or should I check the Xperia Arc S?
    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Wait for xperia S !!!
    But if you really really really really really really really really need a smartphone now .
    Then go for it.

  • FriedEgg

    i have a 32gb card in my x10 looking for a home, no sd slot is not welcome, i also have a spare battery, again, if that isnt swoppable, i will see what else is announced in spain

  • Anonymous

    i hope they give that feature on ics update for arc/other xperia!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see xperia mint/hayabusa first?:)

  • Aoi Girl

    just turn the phone dude ;)
    plus viewing angles are not that bad…

  • Anonymous

    I’m still inlove with my beautiful Ray!!! Very responsive and sexy and probably the most underrated phone from the Xperia 2011 series. I wouldn’t immediately jumped in as I’m still weighing and waiting between an Xperia 2012 phone or the N8 successor!!! 2012 is such brilliant year!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    On a side note, why doesn’t sony just rename their mobile division XPERIA as the name would seem be not going anywhere soon. And a cybershot xperia would be a dreaaam

  • T0410

     I bought my arc a few months ago, I desire to upgrade butt who will upgrade for free. It’s nice that the company get out a new module every few months but we can’t pay every time to have the best phone for some minutes before the next release come.

  • Dnsbrt

    i want a walkman!!! a phone with a universal dock, gps, sony walkman, dual cameras, hd video, …..fuck it im getting an iphone….

  • Hi

    Just purchased my Xperia Neo V so no upgrade for me. However, if Mr Sony wants to send me a freebie I would of course gratefully accept. :-)

  • Belgianfox

    I’ve had a Xperia X10 Mini pro for 2 years, but I’ve switched to a far superior OS and went for the new Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7. No bad word about my X10 Mini pro, I’ve enjoyed it but now I’m on something better

  • they are most likely gonna announce new phones and tablets at MWC so i’m gonna wait until then

  • why isn’t Walkman build into every Sony phone?

  • Ikillkenny007

    First smartphone for me as well.  I was going to get the SEX Arc S but then when I heard about the Sony Xperia S I knew this is the phone for me even though it won’t be out for another month.  Definitely worth the wait!

  • FluxZero

    i currently have an LT15i and yhink ill wait fore the gen after the S to upgrade.. Hopefully it will be quad core

  • Impatient

    I guess I could wait a little more. My concern is that maybe the release date in Spain is later. I have been considering Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy S2, but lately I feel more attracted to Xperia phones. Thank you for your advice.

  • Boon Pin Yap

    My X10 mini: 2nd SE Android Phone

    Xperia S: 2nd Sony Android PhoneYes, I’m upgrading(Xperia Ion is the 1st Sony phone isn’t it?)

  • Gerr

    Well maybe this helps you decide, Xperia will be the best camera phone from now on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BpMQ9DraHY 

  • Zack

    if only sony would release xperia s with ice cream sandwich from day one, only then would i replace my good old arc. . .

  • Lars Bonnichsen

    Denmark. CDON.COM. Price 480€ . Available 6 March.

  • EskeRahn

    How can a poll like this really make sense?
    Wouldn’t the vast majority of people reading it be people interested in it already???
    And this matches what the first 1500 votes show, that 2/3  votes for going for the S.

    By the way the name is just as bad as “Pro”. Since previously used as a suffix for the Arc, you never know if people talking about “S” means “Arc S” or “S”. Similar to “Pro” both used as a suffix and a name….

  • ChristianHJW

    I could only upgrade to a Xperia Pro S, i NEED the keyboard !!

  • Not upgrading since my Xperia arc is less than one year old & I really don’t have the money to replace it… But golly I wish I could. The Xperia S looks SO TEMPTING. Yummy!

  • Marcel1310

    Got the X10, worked like a charm, now I got the Xperia S, wayyy better and faster. One word: awesome!

  • can i get the latest android platform for my xperia s???(jelly bean)

  • Sudhindra Kumar

    I have an Xperia S… Its an amazing smartphone.. It never disappointed me, in terms of Camera, Gaming, Music, Battery life.. It definitely is purchasable even today as a Mid-Range phone.. It definitely fulfilled my requirements. It deserved KitKat(4.4) OS.. I was disappointed when i heard it won’t be getting KitKat.. But SONY could’ve made a lot of users, in fact it is the most sold Xperia phone till date(So no doubts about its capability). Surely SONY still has time to make all the current Xperia users happy and according to me, they still can bring other users to Xperia lineup by this ONE MOVE.. Cheers SONY.. !!!! :D

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