Sony planning £15m UK marketing campaign for Xperia S

by XB on 10th February 2012

in Xperia S

Sony Xperia SSony Mobile Communications is planning to spend up to £15 million marketing the Xperia S in the first three months of launch according to Mobile. The mass-market campaign will include TV, cinema and billboard advertisements.

The Xperia S will be the first Sony-branded Xperia smartphone to launch following the buyout of Ericsson from the Sony Ericsson joint venture. The campaign is believed to leverage Sony’s ‘four screen’ strategy, highlighting the crossover of Sony’s televisions, tablets and laptops with the new Xperia. All major UK carriers bar Vodafone will carry the Sony Xperia S on launch.

  • Alwyn8157

    Great stuff! It’s a winner.

  •  That should help a lot with the sales.
    I am not in the UK but I have only seen 2 xperia play commercials in the US last year.
    Both of those were from AT&T and Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    Free on contract (299SEK) here in Sweden or 4495SEK if you want an unlocked carrier free version.

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  • Anonymous

    HAHA, please give some ads on tv here in the Philippines on the local channels lika ABS-CBN and GMA or TV5 so  that everyone will know that Sony has a new product :D

  • Basri

    Dear Sony,please release more ads in Malaysia..coz there has a lot of people want something new technology from Sony in their country..they dont know Sony is far better than Samsung..Samsung is THE KING OF COPYCAT till now..

  • Shanefalco

    Sony should be used this money for optimizing software and for use better materials.

  • Aoi Girl

    Sony you idiot!!! you must have done this long ago. these days marketing is the most important thing.just look at Samsung, they even have a dedicated advertising agency! they make crappy phones but they advertise them a lot & everywhere, even in developing countries. everywhere i go i see their damned ads, but i cant see a single Sony ad. that’s why they sell more. marketing is the key to a successful business these days. how would you sale your products to people while they dont even know they exists…..
    Sony MUST own a dedicated ADVERTISING AGENCY for itself if it wants to come out of its financial crisis. if i was there i would bash kaz hirai to death so he understand this!! i hope they hear me and do something about this sooner because we all love them and their good product…..

  • Sojvarghese

    In Saudi you advertise as Saudi desnot know your products. All are talking about galaxy.

  • Sajimon611

    Sony please release Xperia S In Indian market without any delay,I am waiting for this !

  • Sajimon611

    It is a humble request to SONY to increase the video camcorder rate from 30fps to 60fps’ Sony Xperia S’. I am waiting for this product for last 6 months.Please make it fast release in India’

  • Somebody

    Don’t get it, do you?
    Good phones + bad advertising = good for customers
    bad advertising = no one buys it = Sony needs to lower prices = cheap

    Samsung: bad phones for a high price
    Sony:      good phones for a low price

    advertising is our enemy ;)

  • Or, a more likely situation for Sony if they had bad advertising would be:

    bad advertising = no one buys it = Sony goes bankrupt / stops making smartphones = we dont get anymore awesome Sony smartphones :[

    Conclusion: advertising sucks but at least we get to keep on getting new sony smartphones? :D

  • Aoi Girl

    Sony can be competitive in price even with advertising. so your conclusion is wrong…

    how would people by a low price phone when they dont know about it? so advertising is necessary…

    and even if a limited number of people buy those phones, it will not give enough money to the company to make better phones….

    plus the most important thing about Sony’s products are their quality and technology not price…..

    so advertising is necessary ;)

  • Wildthing

    samsung have the best smartphone android, perfect display, perfect optimization software (fast and fluid) and best camera and good materials and fast tecnical assistence. The future of tvcolor is amoled and not lcd tft. ;) Sony zzZ…why sony dont use oled in the smartphones ??? use it in psvita!

  • Somebody

    Perfect optimization? The dual-core SGSII is only 10% faster in web-browsing than the single core ARC S, now that’s what i call optimization…

    At the bottom of the page, there are 3 nice benchmark results, the Xperia S isn’t even out (it may be even faster when it arrives), but it still beats the galaxy note, galaxy s2 and the galaxy nexus. It’s almost twice as fast at web-browsing than than the SGSII, that’s real optimization. 

    PS: “bad advertising=bankrupt” Sony earns his money elsewhere so he can only, let’s say “surrender” from the smartphone war which he wont do even if he wont became the primary android phone maker in 2012, its enough if 2012 will be more profitable than 2011 and Sony will continue his work, but more profitable doesn’t mean they have to enjoy popularity like Samsung does.

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