12MP camera phone shootout: Xperia S vs Nokia N8

by XB on 13th February 2012

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Xperia-SThe Sony Xperia S has already gone had to head-to-head with the some of the best smartphones on the market, but Dial-a-Phone has now pegged it against what many regard to be the best camera smartphone on the market – the Nokia N8. The Nokia N8 has a 12MP camera sensor, so it seems a fairer fight than previous showdowns given the Xperia S’ 12MP Exmor R sensor (not that mega pixels are everything.)

The Dial-a-Phone team crowned the Xperia S the winner due to its “excellent colour saturation and impressive low-light capability”. They also said that the image output is of a consistently high quality. The Nokia N8 was docked points for its macro setting and slow standby-to-picture time, although it does have that xenon flash which is unsurpassed for indoor shots. The comparison was somewhat disappointing in that they didn’t provide links to the raw images, we can only go by the downscaled images embedded in the post. However, they also posted a video that you can check out below.

Via Dial-a-Phone.

Thanks Dacha!

  • Anonymous

    the cool thing is, Xperia s good or bad news is hitting the web hard… finally an xperia is going somewhere :) good job Sony, that’s the best advertisement and its free :)

  • 4×4 lover

    sorry but I never doubt the sony  (ericsson?) have the best quality camera but the rest of the  spec  can be improved  something like “xperia 4×4”  with  quad core processor  would be nice  release in May ! 

  • 4×4 lover

    with ics  which is  4 as well  

  • Raul_Reis

    This site is totally biased and Without Credibility Less!It is simply impossible Xperia S Higher By Nokia NSeries N8, This Account For It With A Range Optical Low, Low Image Sensor and Infinitely Inferior A Flash!The Xperia is not even S Better Than the IPhone Perhaps 4S In Relation To N8!P.S: Sony Must learn a lot from Nokia in the category Photography and Video!And More In addition to the Nokia 808 in Feb. We will!Sony Understand the Jaz You Long Time When the subject is Photography!

  • Anonymous

    What on earth are you saying I have no idea what you said. 

    btw the camera in the iphone is made by Sony.

  • mohammed

    i miss old camera phones like c905 and k850i :( 

  • 1:49 he did not fully focus the N8 in the macro shot. Boo!

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  • KF

    WOW!!! a brand new sony xperia s hardly defeat a 2 yo ageing Nokia N8!!! be happy sony fans :P

  • Juniper2hill

    I dont care if Nokia has the best camera and king of that category on their aged N8,i do care that Xperia S has better design and features and most importantly Android on its OS which more attractive than boring Symbian (I am an ex-5800 user),and for Nokia fanboys,if u dont like this site bcoz its biased,why do u bother to visit?

  • Hazzatron

    I don’t and cannot agree with you. It’s not necessarily all about the additions on the camera, let’s remember that the Nokia N8 did come out more than a year ago, so technology is bound to better. The camera on the iPhone 4S is basic, yes they’ve included new backside illumination, yes there are more sensors, but there is no way it beats the Xperia S. 

    Sony haven’t got a lot to learn from Nokia, have you  not heard of the Sony compact camera?!

    I personally think it’s a very good article, but agree that full images would have been nice!

  • Cem Akdemir

    To be honest, as i see  in the video Xperia S images are a bit pinkish. Hopefully in the final version, the contrast will be higher too. 

  • Anonymous

    Its indoor & night time photos that we need a comparison on to see if the N8 Xenon flash is better than a R sensor & LED flash.???

  • Raul_Reis

    You’re wrong !The camera of the IPhone 4S is not Sony !What is done is by Sony (IMAGE SENSOR) !The optical assembly of the IPhone 4S is made by (LARGAN PRECISION) and Flash Led by (PHILLIPS) !For the camera IPhone 4S is considered manufactured by Sony, absolutely all components would be manufactured by the same and not only the image sensor !So my friend, very quiet at this time !

  • Raul_Reis

    My Dear …No use an image sensor backlight if it is miniscule!There is no point opening a focal generous (2.4 mm) is the optical assembly is plastic!By just having an image sensor and a miniscule plastic optical assembly that line xperia 2011 (included Xperia Arc S, Xperia Arc and Xperia Neo) have a digital camera so bad!The iPhone 4S is better than any phone in the Sony item image and video, because its backlit image sensor is larger and its optical assembly is glass!Understand the big difference?And I say neither Sony nor Samsung, neither Apple nor absolutely no company achieved even after two years of official announcement, match the picture quality offered by N8!The N8 has set optical wide-angle Carl Zeiss neutral density filter (nobody has great optical quality), the N8 has an image sensor 4 times larger than any other image sensor integrated into a cell phone and finally the N8 has a flash of truth!So it is simply impossible at the time that any cell has superior picture quality to the N8, at least in theory!And another, this site does not provide download link for the analysis of the images used in the test, which takes full credit for the same comparison may have been manipulated and other digital camera on both devices may have been configured so wrong!I cheer and long for Sony to recover the greatness that was in his line cyber shot, but when I trust more on Samsung to overcome Nokia, at least when it comes to image and video!

  • Raul_Reis

    This comparison was totally biased and has no credibility !I’d rather wait for the staff ESATO and GSMARENA to form my opinion !!!!

  • Raul_Reis

    The last major item in Sony image were ELM, HAZEL and C901 !back to Sony to manufacture equipment with this quality, go back to being a consumer brand, before I’d rather opt for a Galaxy S III or Nokia 808 Pureview !

  • Anonymous

    Yeah whatever…..its still made by Sony…

  • bogar

    go home ,you nokia fanboy,and enjoy the nokia made senzor and nokia made Carl Zeiss lens ,what you have in nokia phones,originally 100 procent made by nokia,or am i wrang?

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  • Ravi

    means apple makes 4s camera by the help of three . lolz ……

  • Raul_Reis

    Dear … I am not a nokia fan!What I am rather a fan of technology, regardless of manufacturer!And in this technology that I love so much, I have a predilection for devices with a focus on image, so now I own a Nokia N8, because when it comes to cameraphones he is the best, so how could it be the owner of an iPhone 4S, which is the second best in the world when it comes to photography!I ususario Sony for years, but since the spectacular C901 do not buy any appliance brand, because it was the last really good player when it comes to photography! But one thing is undeniable, Sony smartphones are better than any other Nokia smartphone, this point is peaceful, just like today to rival Sony in terms of quality only Samsung and HTC!But it is also undeniable that since the C901, all Sony devices are weak when it comes to image quality and just being a bigot to deny issso!Just as only being a fanatic or even disposed to deny that technology in terms of image and video Noka is better than all others and that the N8 is the king of cameraphones!To overcome the N8, only 808 Pureview or Galaxy S III (given the tradition of Samsung to launch good cameraphones), and they alone any more, because the optical assembly Xperia S has less than N8, image sensor and infinitely less or worse he even has a flash of truth, so only results cheating and being a Sony fan to say the Xperia S is better than the N8!This comparison has no credibility!

  • Raul_Reis

    My dear …For so aggressively ??? Friend was raised only evidenced an opinion on facts!In no time you saw me writing here that the camera of the Nokia N8 is quite the opposite N8’s camera is great for having the pioneering spirit of Carl Zeiss, Toshiba and image guru Damian Dinning, the camera is not the N8 Nokia’s but a conglomerate of several companies!Clarified that, I repeat today in a global analysis, Sony is infinitely better than Nokia, but when it comes to photography and video to Nokia is infinitely superior and this is indeed the rest is bigotry!Only believe that the Xperia S is better than the N8 is sistes credibility as Esato and Gsmarena say, most do not believe in anyone!

  • Raul_Reis

    Xperia S at the moment is just one Xperia Arc with more megapixels, or an image item in denial!

  • Good job Sony Ericsson I mean Sony.  Now if only Sony will graft an optical zoom to this smartphone, say a 14MP, f/2.4, 4x optical add with another 4x digital zoom that would be the day I will invest heavily on a smartphone because right now all the smartphone cameras are not good as digital cameras, period.

  • Raul_Reis

    Calm … It Extamente 12 Days, You Get A Smartphone With These Features Best of What You Want…And the Name of This Is Smartphone Nokia 808 PureView !!!

  • Curaw

    Truth is… The screen of the phone is BAD A bad screen technology its LED-backlit LCD
    and its not good, Poor wieving angles. Super amoled plus is best or IPS screens.LCD IS POOR

    iv seen all screen technology, only super amoled is good, nokias Clear black is as god as amoled.

    BOTTOMLINE: Xperia S has Bad screen with washed out colors.

  • very true my friend and I have both of these phones.

    what are you guys saying about the macro shot?? n8 doesn’t have such thing but it has macro shots so stop bugging about that macro test….1 more thing this I’m not sure if this xperia s here is just a dummy which is not for sell….and lastly my xperia S is way better than my friend’s n8 but they’re both good but xperia S is still better… 

    so please nokia addicts stop being annoying war freaks because you’ll end up dying.sony is better than nokia!!

  • very true my friend and I have both of these phones.
    what are you guys saying about the macro shot?? n8 doesn’t have such thing but it has auto-focus so stop bugging about that macro test….1 more thing this I’m not sure if this xperia s here is just a dummy which is not for sell….and lastly my xperia S is way better than my friend’s n8 but they’re both good but xperia S is still better… 
    so please nokia addicts stop being annoying war freaks because you’ll end up dying.sony is better than nokia!!

  • Prateek569

    he don’t know to take macro shots with nokia n8
    he took the pic wihtout focusing properly …. 
    morever nokia has Pureview 808 having 41 MP … :)

  • KING786


  • Icyxperia

    I’ll definitely choose Xperia S due to best OS,fast capture,ExmorR & overall premium feel.N8 is it’s closest match in still camera. Xperia S has the best in class 1080p video recording. How can you compare a 12 Mpix camera phone with crappy 8 Mpix on others .Pixels does matter when a high quality sensor is used as in Xperia S.
    In low light conditions without flash or in macro I doubt there’s any real competition to Xperia S.

  • Shade

    will visit  Hanley park  2mro do my own comparison

  • Carol

    :)). Oh my GOD, you people are a mob of sheeps. Only cause you here it you believe it:))). You stoopid trolls. You really don’t see that the quality of sony pictures is similar to my old freaqin 2 megapixel nokia 5230?:)). Come on, get a clue!!! And since when is sony better than nokia?:))). TAlking abaut hardware sony is someware beneath the ground in front of nokia. And if you like Android, it is only your preference (android is not sony, and never will be, you can put that crapy system in almoast everything). Android doesn’t make the phone better… I love symbian and i don’t say nokia is better than sony. I say it is better because. IT IS JUST BETTER. Camera, conectivity, sound quality, hardware. That’s it. IT IS BETTER.

  • BlastedFen

    I’ve just switched from the N8 (bad quality control but some handsets v.good) to the Sony Xperia S and I can tell you both as layman and pro photographer that the N8 so obviously demolishes the Sony. The large sensor and Zeiss lens are incomparable. Check out my N8 pics on my website: http://blastedfen.deviantart.com/

  • draganbl

    compare Nokia 808 Pureview (2012) vs Sony xperia S (2012) :P

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