Minecraft – Pocket Edition: Crafting will be introduced in future update

by XB on 13th February 2012

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition is one of the most high profile Xperia PLAY optimised gaming titles on the Android Market. We have just attended a web chat with Mojang’s business developer, Daniel Kaplan who revealed some interesting details about future plans for the title. For those that don’t know, Kaplan is in charge of Minecraft PE and was the first person hired by Notch to be part of the Minecraft team.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition was updated over the weekend to include the long-awaited Survival Mode. However, Kaplan and team aren’t resting on their laurels. Kaplan said that the “next big thing will be prototyping how the crafting system will be, which we don’t know yet”. They are also planning to tweak the touch screen controls, introduce new music and new blocks/mobs. Timing remains the main unknown right now but it’s good to hear the game will be continually supported much like the PC version.

  • Liu

    what a great news

  • Dognrunn

    Omy gosh Im gonna die! Yes! Yes! Yes! C418 at last! Some one just shoot me!

  • Bucklucas5263

    good cause i dont know how to make smooth stone? please make it a quick update so i can make my place look nice

  • Tom

    When is the next update?

  • Tom

    What is c418

  • Walkerd0156

    Good to hear that there bringing out crafting I can’t wait.

  • SpectreNoob

    Can’t wait till crafting is available. Do you think they’ll add creepers?

  • Miteemoestiles2620

    I am currently playing the pocket edition and i have shown my friends. The sooner you guys bring crafting, the sooner you can make money. So you guys may want to hurry before they get impatient. It will be a huge gain on your side.

  • Wyatt Wick

    C418 is who does the Minecraft music

  • Badga Badger4

    Leave them be they’re trying quite hard to get more features included in PE and they don’t need or want any extra pressure

  • HB Piper

    i am 9 and i play mine craft pocket edition i think it would be a good idea to put crafting in mine craft pocket edition 

  • Jonathanmalcorps

    https://www.youtube.com/user/joffe78 my yt channel watch it and love it Pe

  • Geelongcat09

    When are beds coming to minecraft PE

  • Monkeysrule10

    crafting wouldbe awesom! the days are way to short though?!!?1 its like 2 minute days. and beds need tocome to P.E!!! but yes do ur work i’ll update as soon as it comes out~

  • Monkeysrule10

    also, to play wifi connection do u have to have a person with the same game as you  like in the same room, cuz mine doesnt work, it just like says searching for game for hours!!??? hellp!?

  • Loganr28

    Yes , they have to be on the same wifi

  • Owenjones2000

    I would like to see TNT on minecraft pe

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  • john michael

    how can we make smooth stone? i need it.

  • john michael

    is it possible we can ise lava water and tnt in pe soon?

  • John michael

    do you know how to make smooth stone

  • John michael

    what is the new mob on PE?

  • John michael

    when can we get chest because i have lots of stuff and a lot more stuff i need and whats the new mob?

  • John michael

    when is the next update coming i hope theres a chest

  • nathan

    the game is great and all but when will u release chests im tired of sacrificing all my blocks for spaceo

  • nathan

    u smelt cobblestone

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