Sony considering Vita operating system for future smartphones?

by XB on 13th February 2012

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VitaThe PlayStation Vita is due to be launched in western markets towards the end of this month and Kazuo Hirai (Sony President & CEO-elect) has been making some interesting comments about the scalability of its operating system. He has hinted that Sony is exploring the use of the Vita OS in future tablets and/or smartphones according to a report from AV Watch.

The company wants consumers to view the platform as a mobile platform first and gaming platform second. Whilst Sony isn’t admitting that they are actively toying with the idea, they confirmed that the Vita OS has been built with “expandability in mind”.

There are plenty of reasons why the company might want to abandon its efforts on the Android space to focus on a proprietary OS. The Android eco-system is an incredibly competitive market. Sony (Ericsson) has a small market share compared against the bigger giants such as Samsung and HTC.

Differentiating your Android offering is key to winning this game and we’d argue that Sony Mobile are doing a great job here especially in terms of the frequency of updates and adding extra features into the software stack over and above the core Android offering. However, it may not be enough if it really wants to grow profits, especially given the razor-tight margins many Android manufacturers face.

Despite this, we just can’t see Sony abandoning Android any time soon. Sony has a loyal following, which should grow if the company commits to providing users both timely and worthy software updates. The current focus will be making sure the PlayStation Suite is released on PlayStation Certified Android devices in the next few months, which would also provide another key differentiator in the Android space.

We expect the Vita OS may be used as a back-up plan or even for a dedicated gaming smartphone at some point (the Xperia PLAY 2?) but apart from that we would hope Sony concentrates on porting Vita apps to Android, rather than trying to do it the other way around.

Via The Verge.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this isn’t true.  This is not a direction I want Sony to go…

    Keep their Xperias on Android and make an Android compatibility layer for the Vita OS….

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony needs to assure that all of their devices (Tablets, Xperia, PS3, PSP, Vita, Bravia TV, PC etc…) are all able to share content. I rented a movie on Video Unlimited on my Tablet S but could not watch it on my Xperia arc S or my Sony Bravia TV. I would have to purchase for each device separately. SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) should not work like this. My understanding is with SEN that if you purchase on one device it should spread across all your devices that support SEN. Sony need to hire people that really understand the concept of collaboration, sharing, one user interface etc…

  • Anonymous

    i dont know, is it because i hit 30 i am not interested in even reading about vita, or games on smart phones are just simpler and revolve around the idea fun and not sophistication 

  • Anonymous

    Personally i don’t see whatever OS they have on the VITA as a viable smartphone OS. I’ve had a PSP for 6 years now and have recently played with a display unit. I wasn’t impress…

  • jex

    i like the idea and i hope it is true. Vita OS is quite promising, i played around the demo unit of vita here in Dubai i was so impressed with the user inferface very smooth and indeed its promising, but i dont like the circle icons on the menu they should come up with better design in the future upgrades or to implement it in other devices. I dont see future in android, everything is not stable with that OS all the features are all hype and buggy. I use android because of Sony but if sony decide to leave android ill go with them because i dont like the android.

  • XYZ

    Vita’s OS may run as a skin for Android, which could be interesting. Its not bad.

  • Idex

    This would be a horrible idea. I wouldn’t mind if they do their own Linux OS which supports the Android package system, but anything else will make Sony smartphones totally unattractive because it would not have any software and I do not see many developers starting to develop for Vita OS just so it runs on Sony phones unless Sony gains a cult following like Apple which I do not see (and do not want) happening.

  • Sojvarghese

    Sony don’t go that way as Samsung has nada os but it has no popularity.if you make vita os alone you will be out from the best phone maker.l don’t like to hear that news. If you makes smartphone according to market movement you will be the next apple.

  • Anonymous

    Vita in Dubai? Can you please tell me where did you find it?

  • jex

    jumbo electronic in mall of emirates

  • Aoi Girl

    oh my god this is a great news. it was my dream always T_T….
    go for it Sony. you must have your own OS with exclusive content like apple. that’s the only way you can win this race. you have lots of exclusive content specially in gaming category. this OS can rock!and one other thing! they must be all exclusive! exclusive apps exclusive games exclusive functionalities. and i think these must be apart from android phones. for example they can keep this new nx series with android and make a new series or continue arc design with Vita OS. oh my god this would be fantastic and with a good marketing it would be great….

  • Aoi Girl

    sorry but this is the worst choice! if they make it like a layer on android it would not be such a big deal. it wont differentiate itself so much. it must be an exclusive OS with exclusive content just like iOS. but i think they must keep android too on different range of phones, at least for a while….

  • There are many downsides by using Android/Windows 7 on phones, computers, tablets or TV
    the number 1 reason is obviously restrictions for example that you need to re-buy a game that you have already purchased on the ps-store for your Smartphone/Tablet, and also any UI or hardware changes to Android has to go through Google.
     Number 2 is that you product is not memorable, you would remember if you have had a PS Vita or PS3 but you might not remember if you had a VAIO or Bravia or Xperia, but you would remember if you had a MAC or IPhone.

    I for one say break away from third party, and make you own OS and Ecosystem i would love to be able to purchase a PC/Laptop capable of playing PS3/4 games (And PS Vita OS looks beautiful by the way and I love how fast your able to switch between games) I’m confident that Sony is able to make a PC OS that looks as good as the Vita/XMB OS. 

  • some developers might be annoyed to have to fix a bug that only affects 1 Android device, plus that Sony is great with developers

  • Atlas

    Sony please don’t create your own OS, if you do you may drop lower than you already are. Don’t get me wrong I love Sony and a lot of my electricals are made by Sony, but Android is the leading OS and nothing can top it.

    Sony please stay with Android and climb to the top of the Smartphone ladder.

  • Aoi Girl

    android market is full of competitors. while i agree its good to keep android too (at least in the beginning) but a different OS with exclusive content is the key to long term success. just look at apple they sell more than the whole android phones combined……
    so i think its clear…as its my dream for Sony….

  • Atlas

    Maybe just for 1 or 2 of your phones:)

  • Aoi Girl

    no dude, even Samsung is not beside apple (fully) with its android, so the chance for Sony is almost zero…plus bada is not comparable with a Sony OS. they dont have any innovation plus no special content while Sony can surely challenge apple in content area…
    so yessssssssss VITA OS fight!oh….

  • Aoi Girl

    i’m sure developers will come to Sony OS when they see its market. and cause Sony have the content this OS surely can be successfull if marketing and done well

  • i think it’s nice to see new OS coming to smartphones especially if they attract those well known developers to the OS which will have there high quality apps but before that i hope that Sony
    concentrates on making an Android Device with the latest technology in the market and show
    it as the first phone with that technology and of course with Sony’s beautiful design which i’m sure that it will attract many customers
    to buy it and just like “Rene Pedroso” said in his comment Sony needs to assure that all of their devices (Tablets, Xperia, PS3,
    PSP, Vita, Bravia TV, PC) are all able to share content with each other which it will make a great environment a cross all devices from Sony plus porting Vita apps to Android will help
    growth for Sony and it will attract many customers to it .

  • DJhero

    Terrible idea, another niche OS that’s bound to be incompatible with all sorts of things and then abandoned as people balk at buying their apps *yet again*.  If you went from iPhone or Blackberry to Android (Sony) are you going to buy your apps a 3rd time? Not a chance. Better to buy an Android from a different manufacturer.

    Better to build a “Vita” custom layer with unique design and exclusive content. Sony can easily sell that as “different” despite running Android underneath. We don’t need another duplicate marketplace with more duplicate apps.

    In order to make money, Sony content (film &, music) will still be available on the other platforms, the only differentiator will be games and those are available on PlayStation 3 and the Vita…so why buy a Sony phone at that stage? Just so all your stuff “matches”?

    If the idea is to build marketshare (and it is), that’s a terrible plan.

  • Aoi Girl

    this wont duplicate apps. a new OS will help them to build unique content and experience and new apps, something which is not possible for them right know. with this OS they can make great apps just like apple and maybe even better and it will help them innovate freely.
    plus if there is anything terrible in this market it would be windows phone

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  • greg1806

    i don’t think Sony will port vita OS to android. If they make a gaming device, such as xperia play, it will be wise if they use vita OS with phone capability rather than porting vita to android ecosystem. Too many genius people out there that can porting vita in android to another android device.

  • Roy RanaDeep

    Sony should launch own OS

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