HTC to introduce PlayStation Certified devices later this year?

by XB on 14th February 2012

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HTC PS Suite
In an interesting piece of news, Pocket-Lint is reporting that HTC will launch its own PlayStation Certified smartphone and/or tablets in 2012. This will give it access to PS One classics and the PlayStation Suite later in the year. You may be asking why we are reporting HTC news on the Xperia Blog? Well the news is significant for the success of the PlayStation Suite, plus it was always part of Sony’s plan to introduce the PS Suite across different manufacturers.

The more devices that can access this walled garden of PlayStation content (at least we assume it will be closed) the greater chance it has of success. Of course the downside for Sony, is that for the gaming fans amongst you, there’ll be no need to purchase a Sony handset. Sony are most likely hedging their bets, any potential loss in handset sales being made up in PlayStation content purchases.

The main PlayStation Certified devices on the market right now are the Xperia PLAY, PlayStation Vita, Sony Tablet P, Sony Tablet S and the Xperia arc and Xperia acro in Japan. We expect that most Xperia devices launched this year will be PlayStation Certified, alongside the Xperia S and Xperia ion.

  • Majo358

    HTC sucks

  • Anonymous

    Finally SONY is thinking outside the SONY… 

  • htc blows


  • not cool, Sony… NOT COOL. 

  • hmmmmmmm…… PlayStation without Sony.  lolzz

  • Anonymous


  • Mtekman95

    Actually this might be a good idea, at least they will get some money from purchase of PlayStation Suite titles..But i think there might be some exclusive features and games for PlayStation Certified Sony devices, but i doubth that..

  • jex

    no way! PS Suite should be exclusive to Sony. so that other fanboys fo other brand will get jealous of Xperia Phones features and extra contents.
    Sony Please make this content exclusive to SONY brand

  • XYZ

    I don’t really understand why this is considered bad. Unless you’re a fanboy of Sony (Ericssoon).
    Not everyone likes Sony’s Android skin and so they’ll buy one they do like. Having PS Suite be relatively open across Android (and *gasp* iOS) will be extremely profitable for Sony in the long run, because it means they, through no extrenuous effort, have expanded their user base by quite a considerable amount.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Again, Sony just don’t get it

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony is giving access to other manufacturers and their long time customers still do not have PS Suite or Certification on the arc or arc S

  • Aoi Girl

    i think it all depend on how they use this PS Suite. they may turn attention and apps to their new OS.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Actually they are not. The reason why Sony has not taken the lead in the market is because they do not know how to build a strong foundation. Their products do not last because of this. Take care of your home first then spread out. The Xperia S, Ion and Vita isn’t even out yet and they are outsourcing the product 

  • FluxZero

    Getting wider adoption of PlayStation certified devices can only mean good things for the service.

    That is both for the
    consumer, with a larger range of titles being developed.

    And for Sony with licencing
    royalties and developing the PlayStation brand within the mobile gaming

  • I don’t think thats a good idea considering the fact that Sony is behind HTC in terms of sales and is in the fourth  4th in terms of rank mobile makers in the world today.  Sony should exclude this feature only to Sony products if they want to really hit the market.

  • Think smart

    Playstation has always been exclusivly for Sony, so I believe it should be this way.

    I mean think about it, we already have android and it runs on most phones today, so why not make Sony unique? Why not give a reason for others to buy your products? Sharing is good but sometimes you must have an identity. And spreading PS to other phones is just absurd.

    Let alone it still didn’t prove that it works with Sony phones so why even share it with other? I don’t know how Sony thinks, but I hope they don’t continue hurting themselves by such rushed desicions.


    Only Sony Xperia phones should be PS certified. Most manufacturers have adopted Android. PS certified is a key factor in differentiating Xperia phones from other Android phones. Would HTC make their Sense interface available for all phones? Don’t do it Sony!

  • Marklesterlmorales

    big no,no.. i want my xperia play the only one that is ps suit!!! dump that htc..

  • Anonymous

    Last year, Kaz Hirai said that they have plans on licensing to make other brand PS Certified.  This is very likely to happen.

  • i’m a gamer


    good politic sony !!

    but please FIRST , think about your xperia play, THEN think about htc,samsung…

    it’s long time that sony promised to launch playstation exclusive games and psp games , but nothing happened !!

    we are xperia owner ,we are gamer , we need psp and spny’s exclusive games , we need god of war, uncharted , little big plnet , resistance , silent hill , locoroco ,metal gear ….

    we need to feel that we have PSP phone.

    so , please first make us happy
    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • unk

    If sony phones and htc have PlayStation certifiedd, i believe many people would rather but htc phones than sony phone ,bcos htc phone is more popular than sony.

  • Sam

    Sony is more popular. Its one of the most popular companies of all time. 

  • sjoerd

    Can it get to the Xperia Ray? I really really want PlayStation content on my ray!

  • Makkhay

    xperia arc s is not ertified for playstation yet..wth

  • think smart

    Sony is a worldwide brand known for their excellence in gaming! Please Sony don’t be stupid enough to make every other android phone in the market playstation certified.

    This will only harm the Play Station brand.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what is with all the hate?  People just want to have exclusivity to hold it over others?

    Isn’t this what Sony said they were going to do from the very start?  I personally have been waiting for Sony to follow through on this promise for a long time, and I think it will ensure a long and successful future for the PS Suite and help attract content.  One of the reasons I have not gotten a Play yet is because Sony had not followed through with this, and it seemed unclear if they were really going to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Sense is just a User interface, the PS Suite has content that Sony wants to sell.

  • Why would you want to put this on HTC devices?  Don’t people know that they don’t work.  :D :D  Playstation content should be exclusive to Sony but saying that… Sony make iPod docks and not even ones for their own Walkmans.  I wish Sony would stop being such a hypocrite.

  • Dr Ismaelzulali

    first of all the real PS certified phone right now is only xperia play n there’only 10 PS games most of them suck focus on improving of first instead of making stupid plans

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