Xperia S: Which colour are you going for, black or white?

by XB on 14th February 2012

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Xperia S Black and WhiteThere is now just under three weeks until the Sony Xperia S launches and for those who have already decided that this will be their next handset, there is another important decision many will have to make. Do I go for a black Xperia S or a white one?

We’re on the fence on this one. Initially we were all over the white, but now are leaning towards black. Which colour are you going for? Let us know in the poll and comments below. If you want a closer look at each colour, check out our gallery for the Xperia S.

Xperia S: Which colour are you going for?

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  • Anonymous

    White is seeexy!  :)

  • It’s a tough choice but I’ll go for black one. Black is always in and looks cool. White is maybe nicer but it is bit too girlish, imo. (I had white X10 and all the girls were saying that looks cool and neat etc.)

  • Dean

    Black will better unleash the transparent line on the bottom.

  • Hisham

    I cant decide until I see them

  • I was gonna go for the white one, but then I found out that they’re T-Mobile exclusive for the first month in my country, so now I’m gonna go for black. Let’s just hope it’s true what they say: “once you go black, you never go back” :P

  • Sojvarghese

    Black is nice

  • Cholek3

    Definitely black, even anti stain feature won’t change my mind.:)

  • Black for sure. It’s more stylish and Sony like. I’m pretty sure white one is made just for being an alternative option, because people like to have options, but most of people will go for black. Besides it’s just look nicer and “full” 

  • Diostronzo

    dio merdaiolo

  • MrP

    Just pre-ordered my black Xperia S from Clove.  They’re throwing in 4 smart tags with each order which convinced me to go for it!

  • Heet345

    it’s the first phone that i like very much also in white.

  • Anonymous

    Black’s always a safe colour. I’d very much like to go with the white one though something within me don’t trust that anti-stain feature… Keep feeling like it’d turn yellowish after 1 year’s usage.. :(

  • Cssf09


  • Hojurek

    white is very nice, but i wanna get black :—)

  • Atlas

    If I was going to get it I would go black, white is just prone to getting dirty and it fades into an ugly grey after about a year.

  • Black

  • DRuNKeN MaSTeR

    After a white X10 I’d only buy another white phone. On the black back ( :) ) you see scratches and fingerprints way worse than on the white.

  • Eric091571

    just choice white!!!

  • Toondw

    Gone for the white, just for a change

  • Faalhaas

    White just to be original

  • Rolandvg0908

    Going for black it makes the transparant bar stand out more

  • Kenneth Vicku

    good choice

  • Davewood44

    No, changed my mind, black is better as it fits the screen software better. On watching a few video’s the black melts into the screen in use.

  • White is nicer

  • Kaiten Gaara

    black all the way 

  • Kumar3429595

    weell….black colour will unleash the white transparent band …..soi would go for black….and will suggest u to go for it…

  • Silencia

    The white one really looks nice to see from the back but when its facing you, the screen seems to be bordered. With the black one, the screen when turned off seems as if its bigger or limitless if I may say. Just my personal opinion so I’m going for the black :)


    Id go 4 de black cuz it looks cleaner and i like de colur black

  • Naphe

    White Rockxx!! ?

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