UK retailer Clove offers best value Xperia S pre-order

by XB on 15th February 2012

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Clove Xperia SClove is currently offering the best UK sim-free pre-order deal for the Sony Xperia S that we’ve come across. It is offering both black and white variants of the handset for £429.60 plus delivery. This pretty much equals the best price on the UK market, but Clove is going over and above this by also including four Xperia SmartTags (worth £20) as well as a £10 voucher to be used on any Sony (Ericsson) branded accessory. Clove confirmed that it is expecting stock in early March and if you are outside the UK, you’ll be glad to know they ship worldwide.

If you plan on buying the handset on contract then have listed the pre-order prices of the Xpera S across various UK mobile networks. It looks like the cheapest plan is offered by O2 who will charge £21.50 per month for a 24 month contract and a ‘free‘ Xperia S that will give you 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB data per month.

  • Anonymous

    Clove can go to hell as far as I’m concerned..  Their handling of the Asus Transformer Prime means they lost me as a customer forever….

  • Cholek3 says phone is available in Vodafone, but I thought Vodafone said/never mentioned Xepria S will be in their offer. How is that?

  • Anonymous

    i am just going to laugh, SONY is about to confuse every one… who ever is set to buy Xperia S will soon be confused once they see what SONY will announce in the Spanish Mobile Conference.  prime example how a company shoots it self in the foot….  please xperia S, but wait don’t buy it cause we will announce something better. lol

  • Cholek3

     What are you on about? I don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    what i am saying is, if you are set in your head to buy Xperia S, would you still buy it even if Sony at the world mobile conference announced that there will be a better phone coming soon?  for example an announcement like “Xperia Mint is set to come out lets say sometime in June” not that i know what they will announce!  

    if you answer “no i will not buy Xperia S and instead will wait for that new announced phone”.  then SONY shot them self in the foot.  

    the conference is still set before Xperia S is released….. get it?   and we all know Xperia S is NOT the flag ship for this year…..

  • Cholek3

     Where did you get this information from? What makes you think that? I am pretty sure Xperia S is this year flagship model.

  • Sakrateno

    There was a chart couple of weeks ago that includes a list of all the phone code names with praises of SONY’s this year product line (or maybe not all) anyhow, there is a phone code named – MINT which was the most expensive of them all so…supposedly the MINT is going to be a flagship.

  • Anonymous

    Xperia S is the flag ship yet the ION is better?, ION got everything S has but add LTE to the ion!  believe me Xperia S is not the flagship phone nor the ION.  <—– remember this?   look at the prices, what is MINT I?  you see why i say they are shooting them self in the foot?

  • Juniper2hill

    As far as i know,Sony will release middle end phone at MWC (Tapioca and Urushi),which below Xperia S and for Mint,i think maybe that’s a TABLET NOT A PHONE,successor to Sony Tablet P n S,given its high price,that’s all just my 2 cent though,

  • Anonymous

    yes, we still dont know!  there is also the hayabusa more expansive than the S… so Xperia S def not the flagship.  but we dont know if they are windows or anything else.  all we know is, World mobile confrence is going to be interesting for SONY.  i want to see how they are going to pull things off

  • Anonymous

    could be, we are left with haybusa then….?  still more expansive than the S

  • Cholek3

     And I am just saying by reading xda, person close to Sony said, Hayabusa is similar to ION, but design is very different. If it comes out in september like chart says, I don’t want to wait, because there always be something better in next few months. And higher price does not mean better specs, could be i.e. same specs, but bigger screen or LTE. I don’t need LTE, as it is not supported yet in many countries. For last 2 years Sony was releasing flagship phones in March and it is same this year. And you will see, at MWC they will annouce mid-range phones, succesor of Neo V and/or Ray, same as they have done last year.

  • Anonymous

    again, the point was GOD FORBID, if SONY announces a better phone than the ION at MWC i am just going to laugh and sony would have shot them selves in the foot ,,,,thats all.  i am with you mate not against you, we just don’t agree on what is the flagship phone on this year.  but i hope hayabusa is announced, as the mint is too far out, i am willing to wait and save the money instead of throwing it on the Xperia ION (not that the ION is a bad phone or anything :)).  just like buying the ARC in may then buying it again in September bc it became ARC S lol 

  • Diostracane

    dio stra cane e fottuto ladro di bestiame!

  • BiJi

    it seems the Haybusa  is the ION global version, my opinion though…

  • MrP

    It’s also worth noting that if you are an international customer then you won’t have to pay VAT.  I’m in Australia and you don’t even have to pay import duty on anything under $1000.  Glad I ordered mine a few days ago from Clove!  387 GBP / $570 AUD delivered.

  • Wkapteijn

    “If you are a business and have an eligible EU VAT number then please enter this here.

    Once this number has been validated, VAT will not be charged.”

    How a you not paying VAT if you are not a business? I live in Belgium and it shows that i have to pay VAT according to that website..

  • Beppe

     che succede? news x noi italiani al riguardo? sai qlc riguardo la VAT? riusciamo a non pagarla dall’italia o serve una P.IVA valida EU? grazie

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