A more in depth Xperia S unboxing [Video]

by XB on 21st February 2012

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Xperia S UnboxedWe brought you the first unboxing of the Sony Xperia S a few days back, however it was a brief affair with no hands-on time with the handset switched on. SoyaCincau also recently unboxed the handset and has given a more in-depth look at the handset. This includes two unboxing videos with a total run time of around 19 minutes that are well worth checking out.

SoyaCincau confirm that they have a retail version of the Xperia S that is destined to hit their home town of Malaysia shortly. Thankfully, they noticed improvements over the prototype they handled in January. They found that the build quality and “mesmerizing” display really stood out. They even went as far as saying that the display is the best on offer on any Android handset right now. See the unboxing videos below.

Via SoyaCincau.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Hisham

    I sent it to you.
    So, you are welcome :)

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    i’m from Malaysia..but i never seen this phone for so far, nice phone..SE market in Malaysia too slow and the price too expensive..

  • What a lag when scrolling through the menus?

  • Just watched again. Came to the assumption that you should see a doctor

  • I want mine noooow!!!
    Oh well… hopefully only 2 more weeks of waiting… :)

  • Malaysia Boleh! (Y)

  • its not even out yet due to early March.

  • owl

    2nd video, 2:20 — SMC to continue using liquid energy logo?! awesome!

  • Shourov 08

    my mind is blown away!!!i fucking want this phone!!!

  • Xda-developerslover

    whrere? i have been asking in Carphonewarehouse in GB they said that it gonna be there at 6-7 March with the price tag of £430 as a sim free that have been confirm by the manager  so in the o2 or other should be between £400 – 420 depend  

  • Cssf09

    realized that the box does not say more at the bottom SonyEricsson? :/

  • Beginning with the 5:11 minute look through the eyes! 

  • didnt i post this on your facebook about 24 hours ago

  • Max

    The white xperia s should be completely white in the area around the screen like the white iphone is.  There’s too much black in the white xperia.

  • Rune Christiansen

    They don’t like “two prone chargers”? Does he mean there’s no ground connector or what? 

  • Anonymous

    Nice, really glad they kept the SE logo on back cover a touch of nastalga.

  • Manuj

    Unique SONY….. Not copying Anyone…:)

  • Ground

    There’s no ground..

  • angel morales

    Cant wait for this to come out im getting both the white and black ones!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • angel morales

    All i have to say is wow! fast capture, beautiful screen, everything is great. Definitely an iphone and galaxy killer!

  • A more basic unboxing of the Xperia S

    My first time doing an unboxing vid of any kind, so pardon me XP


  • Definitely buying this Sony but I’m wondering about the glass type is it 
    Asahi Glass ” Dragontail ” ???

  • Boon Pin Yap

    My god, I don’t get it why some people just so stubborn sticking to a “what-they-give, what-you-use” iPhone. Samsung is something that I hate too. They just don’t see the wonders of Android, the design of Sony/SE.

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