Sony launches DOT SWITCH universal remote Android app

by XB on 21st February 2012

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DOT SWITCHOver a month ago, we brought you details of a Sony teaser campaign surrounding a new feature called DOT SWITCH. At the time we figured it was probably some kind of universal remote app. Sony Japan has now released more details on DOT SWITCH on this flash website as well as launching an Android application.

From what we can tell, DOT SWITCH does appear to be an app used to control a TV or PC. There will also be a special live show (MAKE TV) on 6 March 2012 that will take advantage of the DOT SWITCH app. As the website is Flash based we couldn’t decipher much else, but if there’s anyone out there that can reveal more details please let us know in the comments below. We tried downloading the app ourselves but it was listed as incompatible with all of our Xperia devices, this means it must only be compatible with the Japanese Xperia handsets.





  • the Truth must be said



  • Hisham

    I’ve downloaded the app on my arc, but it’s in Japanese!!

  • Ocean12

    yes for sure, it will need IR supported devices to send and recieve data, only jabeneses still use this feature in phones.

  • Xperia S rulez

    I know that Sony’s Japanese but that’s ridiculous to make phones or servises only for Japan? What the hell Sony wants to show? That Japan is the best country ? I’m going to choose Samsung if I will hear another good phone/service that’s only in Japan!

  • Sony just has a way bigger foothold in Japan, and Japan has a lot of technology that simply isn’t in use in Europe/the US. 1Seg for example, for mobile TV. Or NFC, which Japan has been using for years and years for payments. Or universal IR on phones. They’re just way ahead.

  • jex

    nice sony is making more valuable appications where other brand has nothing to offer. I hope Sony will reclaim the mobile lead this year and hoping they will have good profits for new xperia nxt phones

  • No number 6 xD

  • Cssf09

    only available in Japan!

  • Rene Pedroso


  • Mountain

    Just installed it, but I could say, its pointless.  It is a 3 stage game that icludes pressing a button.  It has nothing to do with IR, in fact, it could only control the PC.

    On the last section, it asked us to watch TBS on 6th March, 0:55am

    I wonder what that is.

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  • Ddcekdb

    Sony is jap shit. Buy American you damn commy!

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