Xperia smartphones had second highest Android market share in Q4 2011

by XB on 22nd February 2012

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Respected mobile consultant, Tomi Ahonen, released his annual take on the smartphone industry last week including market share numbers for calendar 2011 as well as Q4. He covered pretty much the whole smartphone market including who the big smartphone vendors were, what operating system was the most popular as well as some indication of manufacturer market share within the Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

The numbers show that Sony (Ericsson)’s market share grew by over two percentage points from 3.2 percent in 2010 to 5.5 percent in 2011. This puts Sony Mobile in sixth position (up one place from last year) overall behind the likes of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, RIM and HTC. A very respectable result in our eyes.

However, it was the Q4 numbers that perked our interest. The Android market shares for Q4 2011 put Sony Mobile in second place with a 12 percent share, marginally ahead of HTC at 11 percent. Samsung remains far and away in front though with 41 percent, highlighting their dominance. Despite this, Sony’s second place in Q4 bodes well. There are some cracking handsets due to launch in H1 2012 including the Xperia S and Xperia ion, and more to be announced on Sunday at MWC.

We very much see 2012 as a transition year for Sony Mobile and it will be very interesting to see where the company stands as it enters 2013. By the end of the year we should have a firm idea how Sony plans to leverage its IP and how well it is integrating the smartphone brand with the rest of its portfolio.

Via TomiAhonen Consulting 2012.

Thanks jdavidsson!

  • Lionelhattu

    Well I am buying the Xperia S so count me in on those percents! Pre-order for the win!

  • Rene Pedroso

    They will be number one when they get there four screen concept in line with Sony Entertainment Network, Playstation Suite & ICS. hey will offer something no other brand can match. looking forward to an exciting 2012

  • I reported this about 10 days ago. From, a different source. 

  • Anonymous

    More good new are coming …

    Stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they just didn’t publish the article until now…

  • Anonymous

    Sony, listen to us more and you shall make more money.  i promise 

  • Steve No Blow Jobz

    41% rofl! will take sony years to get there and they never will. For god’s sake, they don’t even have a good tablet that does not feel like a cheapass chinese plastic knockoff! 

  • Anonymous

    This is surprising!  So Xperia was performing quite strongly even with the news that the JV was coming to an end.

    The King is Dead!  Long live the King!  Ha ha.  Good luck Sony Mobile.  Nice to have you back after all these years.

  • Shanefalco

    Sony e. in 2010 had 4 smartphone android (3.2% of market android)…in 2011 sony e. had 10 android smartphone (5.5%)…the growed is very low…samsung, lg and htc are the best android brand!!! New models htc (huawei and lg) will have android 4.0 pre installed…sony 2012 models will have gingerbread 2.3.7 and update its in may or june. :( Bad choose from sony!

  • Marciofrasano

    i don’t like the phones from LG and motorola.

    sony and samsung are the best androids brands.

    the xperia 2010 lineup was horrible, but they have improved a lot

  • Anonymous

    Not really…they will be updated at April or May….

    And tell me again when are the other 4.0 phones launching? ;) either June or July

  • Guest

    You cannot judge by percentage alone as the denominator used was a large number. Smartphone sales are booming.

  • Anonymous

    lets admit it, who is interested in a quad 4.7 screen LG X3 vs dual Xperia S…. Xperia S for me, the LG X3 is Godzilla Gigantic.  

    SONY will HAVE A GOOD YEAR THIS YEAR especially with the weird sizes other companies making.  size does matter.  a mustang is more powerful bigger than a BMW M3… but the M3’s got style if you know what i mean 

  • owl

    writing from singapore and this is definitely the trend here. among android phones, samsung’s most popular, followed by SE. in fact, around the holiday seasons, samsung SGS2 ran out of stock in many telcos. guess which model ran out next.

    yes. the arc/S.

    come to think of it, HTC has rather low market share around here.

  • Shanefalco

    read in the site sony mobile when xperia s update to android 4.0…in this site had write second quarter 2012…from may to august. ;) New product htc (lg, huawei) arrive in the shops in april with android 4.0.3. Bye

  • Momoro 01

    i agree

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Vita is actually considered a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Joint Venture, Sorry. :)

  • Anonymous

     Q2 is april – june and ICS for xperia S should come march/april

  • Samuel Serafim

    Im buying Xperia Mini Pro, count me too.

  • Jerry53

    bought a xperia mini and my dad bought an xperia arc last year fantastic phones till the 
    4.0.2.A.0.62 firmware came and screwed up our battery lives luckily my dad did not update to that particular firmware

  • Excellent performance by Sony in the 4th quarter, 2011 and this is all happening after divorcing Ericsson. Sony just needed a right OS for their smart phones now they get in shape of Android. They have excellent phone hardware with advanced technology in Audio and Video. They are using excellent processors and GPUs in their middle and lower end mobile phones which no other mobile vendor dares to use. Considering the fact that HTC is not interested to cater lower end mobile market and as per their Taiwanese CEO, HTC will concentrate on higher end devices. A Big mistake!, While Samsung design team ‘s no more innovative designs. Guys mark my word Sony will rise again. look at their latest gadgets; Xperia U, Miro, Go, S, P, Tipo, Tipo Dual and many more about to be announced.

  • Romancebosater

    I beleive that Sony will never get to the to players level UNLESS thet revise their models design and specs.. Sony was misstake to think that bringing in new design puts them in a different market corner BUT in reality the consumer today is only focused toward iPhone and Galaxy design-like – In fact The major reason for Samsung to get a better market share is necause they have made designs that are very much like the iPhone – also they curvy corners are nicer that the sharp corners of Xperia !! Look at HTC that are also same design as Galaxy !! It’s never shame to emitate other models as long as those are the models that our respectful consumer would like to see and prefer !! Sony needs to be very carefull about this !!!

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