Xperia S goes up against iPhone 4S and Nokia N8 in video recording test

by XB on 24th February 2012

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Xperia S videoWe have seen the Sony Xperia S go up against the competition when it comes to still images, yet we haven’t seen too many video recording comparisons. This is where Dutch site Beste Product comes in. They shot 1080p video with the Xperia S and iPhone 4S side-by-side to compare both video footage and audio capture. They also did the same with the Nokia N8, but shot in 720p instead so it was a fair test (the Nokia N8 cannot shoot in 1080p).

Trying to determine a winner in these split-screen scenarios is always quite tricky. The Xperia S seems to show a bit more detail than the iPhone 4S and definitely performs better under low-light conditions. However, the difference in quality wasn’t night and day to our eyes, much like the Nokia N8 comparison. What do you think? Check out both videos below.

  • Pen Pen

    forgot to turn on the image stabilization on xperia s? 

  • When will Xperia S launch in India? What will be the price?

  • may be by april end or may start…30k for sure

  • Tarekali

    I think the xperia s has a blue tinge to it when it was looking at the guy with the window at the back. and what the fudge is up with that door at 1:50 when he was testing the low light, is it blue or grey? Who’s showing the true colour there? Both the N8 and iphone depicts the door as a grey colour but the xperia S sees it as blue?

  • +1, definitely forgot (i hope…)

  • Here’re some of my own video tests using the Xperia S

    For the record, I had image stabilization off, since it’s digital (sue me, I’m a purist) =P

    Indoor conditions night w/ poor lighting 

    Daytime conditions recorded from inside the car @ 1080p 
    Nighttime conditions recorded from inside the car @ 1080p

  • Lewoslav

    There is much better color reporudction by Xperia S. Seems like the phone 4S have by default greater sensitivty (ISO) set. That would also explain the washed out colors. The HDR of iphone 4S is better, but that is a software thing, so i expect that to be included into Xperia S ICS software.

  • Anonymous

    Dynamic range falls a tad short of the N8 but all in all, pretty darn good.

  • the guy is right handed., and his holding the XS with his left hand and his left hand is shaking. that’s why.

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  • resident_cj

    If you have a soundsystem in your car, can u PLEASE turn it loud, because it seems the XS has problems with sound.

  • resident_cj

    I shoot often video at very dark and very loud places.

    I´m Nokia fan …BUT (N8 vs XS)
    .In Case of Video i think the N8 has a greenish tint over the picture. But the picture of the XP S is to bright outside (0:31 at this “house-tower-roof” contrast to sky) , on the other side the XP S has an advantage in darkness through this “overbrightness”.
    Also the bush next to the dustbin seems sharper on the XP S.


    In Case of Audio, turn your Soundsystem a bit louder and listen indoors, at the end the Sony sounds like under water and bubbling with some sidetones. (i hear that often at smartphones that cant regulate the mic sensitivity if its very loud like on concerts and then the sound distorts so you hear only cracking)

    If i have to choose i would prefer the N8, because the Mic must be at a useable Level for me. But for my eye the PICTURE of XP S is DEFINITELY BETTER !

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